Natalie Cherie doggy style pose

Natalie Cherie Solo – Review, Pics

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Oh, goodness gracious…today, we’re going to discuss Czech VR’s latest solo effort, starring Natalie Cherie.

Natalie Cherie black dress

Natalie Cherie’s a beauty!

About Natalie… what I’m trying to say is… there are some gals who send your horny meter zooming so high that… your horny meter breaks because it just doesn’t have the horny meter capacity to quantify the hornyness level!

It’s kind of like the old Tom and Jerry cartoons… you know… and, Tom’s really sick, feverish and sweaty. They put the thermometer in his mouth and the red thermometer mercury zooms up-up-and-away as it bursts through the top.

panty play

Oh, I think I’m in love!

Oh, no. I’m doing a lousy job of explaining. Any time you turn to Tom and Jerry to illustrate your point… you’re doing a shitty job of explaining.

Here’s what I’m trying to say. Natalie Cherie’s the type of ponytailed beauty who just want to grab, conquer and fuck hard. She’s the type of gal that’ll bring the animal out of a fella.

All right, let’s settle down a bit here, fellas.

What I’m talking about is Czech VR release #21 starring Natalie Cherie in a solo frigging effort.

Now, this VR is a quick eight minutes, and in some ways it’s easier to critique than others. Let me first tell you the three main factors used in these reviews.

Natalie Cherie down bra and panties


1. The woman: an evaluation of her appearance, performance, passion and anything else that seems relevant (there’s a pretty low bar concerning relevance… fuck, you’ve probably noticed!)

2. The scaling: do things in the video look realistic?

Hi Natalie

Hi Natalie

3. Camera and human positioning: a lot of times this comes down to whether there’s much close-up work.

Close-ups are universally considered to be a good thing.

So, I was saying that this was an easy VR to discuss. Why?

Because, the first two points don’t require much discussion. You see, Natalie Cherie is a skinny, absolutely gorgeous young Czech blondie.

And, CzechVR’s scaling is competent: which is typical for them. I’m not saying it’s perfect. Nobody’s achieving that. But, the Czech boys do it at least as well as anyone.

What else was done right in this Natalie Cherie VR?

1. Natalie Cherie: just look at the pictures!

I’ll tell you what… the Czech VR stable is getting rather formidable. Sure, none of these girls are very famous. Who cares?

Victoria Puppy plays with her pussy

I’ll use any excuse to post a picture of Victoria Puppy!

This is quite a stable the Czech boys have assembled: I mean, Katy Rose, Zena Little, Victoria Puppy, Violetta Pure, Chrissy Curve, Petra, Rita Sinclair

I’ll tell you what… I can easily in good conscience recommend to any red-blooded fella looking for some 3D porn that a Czech VR subscription is worth it.

Natalie Cherie shoves ass out

Shove that ass out, girl!

2. Natalie’s blonde ponytail: You know, what is it about a beautiful, skinny blonde gal with her hair pulled back in a ponytail?

Why does it make this man fella lose his mind?

3. The Black Doggy Style Chair: I see the Czech boys again utilizing their increasingly famous prop…

Natalie Cherie doggy style pose on chair

This is the black doggy style chair!


What could have been improved with this movie?

Natalie double doggy dildo

Natalie double doggy dildo

1. If Czech would have given us two minutes of close-up footage of Natalie’s face, I’d say this effort was brilliant. Really, they got so many things right here… but, there simply wasn’t enough of that face video.

You know, the people want this. It seems like such an easy thing to do. I’ve discussed it here many times.

2. More cowbell… I mean, MORE TEASING: The opening teasing was good. There could me more of this.

You know, the opening with Nattie in a dress… that’s great stuff. Clothed teasing can be very stimulating! I’d like to see A LOT more of this!

Natalie dildo VR

Oh, Nattie baby!

3. More unobstructed, mostly still video footage: all the VR companies should realize that there doesn’t have to be any physical action. That it’s okay—desirable—to just point the camera at the woman and have footage where she’s not doing anything.

4. Here’s a suggestion for Czech VR: just do a close-up on the woman’s face and have her say some stuff in her language for a few minutes. Believe me, people would love this. Trust me on this one.

All right, all things considered… more great footage from Czech VR. And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I wanna pull Natalie’s ponytail !! NOW!!

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