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Penelope, Naomi, Jenny, Anna and Sienna

Let’s do this thing…

Sienna Day pussy as Supergirl

Oh, Supergirl!

Friends, hi… All right, so my hard drive is getting back-logged with VR porn movies.

Naomi Nevena ass

Love and adore Naomi’s ass

And, the way things are going my discount 1000 gig hard drive’s going to be stuffed soon.

What are we doing here?

Today we’ll be looking at movies from—in alphabetical order—BaDoinkVR, CzechVR and Virtual Real Porn.

You’re wondering what gals will be covered… okay:

  • Penelope Cum
  • Naomi Nevena
  • Jenny Simons
  • Anna Polina
  • Sienna Day

What am I using to watch these movies?

All right, all these movies are being reviewed with a Gear VR and Samsung Galaxy S7. I’ve been getting a good experience out of this set-up. If you want to know how to watch VR porns with a Gear VR, read this article. If you’re using a different rig, your mileage may vary.

Sienna Day Anna Polina Superheroes ad

This is Virtual Real Porn’s Superheroes feature starring Sienna and Anna

Now, you’re wondering how I do these reviews.

VR Porn Reviewing Scientific Method:

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: let’s face it. The woman to VR porn is like the coffee beans to Starbucks. Another lousy analogy, man. Hey, It’s now 9:17 A.M., and I’m getting drunker, man! Well, the woman matters… like… A LOT!

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? I mean… if the gal’s head’s the size of a hot air balloon and her funbags are the size of peanuts and her torso is like a giraffe’s neck… oh, man… I’m really messing this up…

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

Naomi Nevena cowgirl vr

Oh, Naomi… love how you cowgirl!

Penelope Cum in Easter Egg Cunt

Penelope Cum blowjob

Suck Penny… suck!

Okay, here’s the thing. Penelope is HOT! I LOVE the skinny body and snug body suit: and, the bunny ears they put on her. You know, it’s interesting the way something sort of silly like the bunny ears on a pretty young gal is—for some mysterious reason—so horny!

The scaling is excellent. This is mostly a cowgirl romp, but there are moments where Penny shoves that pretty face at the camera… and, the highlight is when she pushes her coochie doggy at your man eyes.

This is a good-looking piece of woman, and you get 22 minutes of her. And, man… is she ever the master of making the little coquettish expressions and so forth. Women like that understand the man psychology.

Good stuff. You know, recently BaDoink VR set the standard with their new camera equipment. The truth is it simply produces very high-quality virtual porns. Presently, the best technical quality out there. I’m just being honest, man.

Penelope Cum doggy style ass in bodysuit

Oh, love that ass!

The problem, of course, with setting the standard is that VR porn reviewers (as if that’s a common occupation like accountant or something lol) now have high expectations.

And, somehow this didn’t seem to quite match the visual quality seen in Getting Lucky and Heart Shaped Ass.

I ain’t saying this was crap, man! It looked great. Very damn horny!

Penelope bunny cowgirling

Penelope bunny cowgirling

But, BaDoink VR… this is what happens when you take things to the next level. It’s like when you’ve been eating pizza for a while… really good pizza… but, then you go to a seafood restaurant for the first… oh, never mind!

I want Penelope in VR… NOW!!!

Naomi Nevena in a hardcore VR

Naomi Nevena reverse cowgirl

This girl looks good in a reverse cowgirl..

All right, Naomi, simply put, is BLONDE BEAUTIFUL! Hey, I ain’t lying.

Look at the gal. If you’re an adult fella and you don’t want that … I’d say there’s definitely something terminally malfunctioning in your brain box.

So, the other day we had a HORNY Naomi solo… and, now one can witness the young lady getting her pootanannie plowed.

Czech nails the scale in this: just as always. If there were a criticism, it’d be the scale is just slightly small, but look… the truth is it simply works.

These Czech boys are very consistent in their output. You pretty much know what you’re going to get… and, honestly… it’s always pretty good.

In this one, Naomi teases more, shoves her face and holes at you…and, I really liked the reverse cowgirl footage offered. And, hey… who doesn’t like watching Naomi twat twiddle…

Naomi Nevena masturbating

Naomi diddles her pixie stick

Can we get a VR with both Jenny Simons and Naomi Nevena in some girl-girl action?

I need Naomi in VR!!!

Jenny Simons solo and getting pumped

Jenny Simons cowgirl

Ohhhhhhh, Jenny baby! Love your pretty face and horny stockings!

I missed these Jenny ones the first go-around, but Ms. Simons deserves mention for her solo and fuck VRs. Basically, she’s got the Czech VR Girl look.

What’s the Czech VR Girl look?

  1. Blonde
  2. Pretty
  3. Skinny
  4. European
  5. Young

I’ll tell you what… I like all five things on that list. As in… I like them… A LOT!

Jenny Simons face

Now, that’s a pretty face

In Jenny’s fuck scene, I love her gorgeous face, black stockings, and blonde ponytail.

You just want to get behind her, grab the ponytail and thump… for hours! Her solo VR provides horny fodder.

Only thing I’d say is I’d like to see them point the camera at Jenny’s face for around ten minutes and have her deliver a JOI dialogue. I don’t even care if it’s in English. Maybe it’d be hornier if it weren’t in English. Think about that, Czech VR. Trust me…

I need to pull Jenny’s ponytail… NOW!!!

Anna Polina and Sienna Day in Superheroes

Anna Polina Sienna Day as superheroes in porn movie

I like the looks of these superheroes!

Okay, so I’ve previously written about Anna Polina and Sienna Day. If you’ve made it this far in the article, there’s a good chance you’re probably familiar with them both.

Well, here we have the duo paired-up in a lesbian sorta cosplay effort complete with Supergirl and Catwoman stuff. Pretty horny idea, guys..

And, Sienna’s got a particularly cute box with a bit of fuzz. Tres chic, baby.

Anna Polina with dildo

Hungry for dildo

This Virtual Real Porn offering is a little masterpiece, in my view, because they managed to keep the camera in so tight on these two gals. And, there was A LOT of close-up time spent on their pretty gal faces. This is what the man viewer wants.

VR porn functions very differently from old-fashioned, two-dimensional videos. And, the viewer wants to feel like Anna and Sienna are right there with him. This VR succeeds in that way. And, I highly recommend it.

Give me some Superhero pootang!!! NOW!!!

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