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Friends With Benefits

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All right, friends, we’ll now consider VRP’s latest effort: How I Met Misha, Episode 2, Friends With Benefits, starring Lilyan Red, Misha Cross and Miguel Zayas.

So, this is an episodic series… and, it raises the question: What do you think of multi-episode VR porn movies?

Recently, we discussed such an offering: with Chad White starring as a rambunctious, stunt cock in NA’s six-part Randy’s Roadstop.

Misha Cross and Lilyan Red in a VR

Oh man, look at these gals!

So, should VR porn go down this episodic road?

Now, this gets tricky, because as gleamed from the teachings of both the Buddha and Mr. Miyagi; VR porn needs balance: between HORNY contexts and plain-and-simple HORNY fuck action. Which is another way of saying, yin and… um… wait for it… yang.

Misha Cross blowjob

Oh me oh my!

Here’s the thing. There ain’t really a right answer to the question. As for me, I tend to prefer juicy set-ups more than an unfolding narrative.

I do believe this Misha series leans more towards the juicy set-up side. Moving along…

Now yesterday, coincidentally, I wrote an article, and I found myself encouraging the BaDoink boys to do an Agent Scully VR—starring Lilyan as Scully—in which she’s getting pounded by Molder and Skinner. And, I ain’t going to lie, Agent Scully gets my man motor purring at dangerously intense levels!

And, interesting coincidence: an hour later I see this Lilyan Red VRP effort. You know, it makes me wonder if…

Oh, nevermind…

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the VRP boys describe their latest effort (lightly-edited):
Misha’s story is about to get hotter. Last time, Miguel Zayas fucked her like a slut. Now, to our delight, Lilyan Red arrives at the pub and joins the cum party.

Give Me A Convenient, Time-Saving tl;dr…

All right, I know you good folks are running late to parties of your own… so, how about a friendly lil summary…

Lilyan Red blowjob

Oh, Lilyan… your turn to suck

How did they close the distance like that on Lilyan’s cowgirl? However you did it… keep on doing it, man! Well done.

Look… VRP delivers every week. There are some releases I like more than others, but in my view, there’s never a dud.

Sure, there’s shortcomings: for instance, the lighting could be better. But, when all variables are considered, dollar-for-dollar: a VRP sub’s pretty damn competitive. Not trying to piss anybody off. Just telling it straight, folks.

And, this VR offers some good face time with Lilyan and Misha… and, it’s pretty horny. And, man… keep filming the cowgirling just like that!

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Lilyan and Misha: Well, you know… does this really need much explanation? It’s Lilyan Red and Misha Cross with the competent stunt cock, Miguel Zayas. So, things are off to a good start here.

Misha more cowgirl in lesbian VR

Oh, gosh

I mean… what can I say that I haven’t already said?

Misha won the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards presented by in conjunction with OcNSFW voting.

Misha’s extremely popular in the VR porn world… and, for good reason. She just seems to have a natural understanding of the medium.

And, Lilyan… I love your face, and I love your… wait for it… beautiful ass with panties pulled to the side!

2. VRP scaling: it felt right here, guys. And, it usually does… the boys have been nailing this since the early days.

3. Close-ups and draping hair: Okay, both Misha and Lilyan managed to stick their faces and lady parts close to the camera for a while. And, this is always a good thing.

There’s a section where Misha practically bops her pink, bumper car against the lens. Only thing I’d add is that for the bumper car close-ups, don’t have the gal hand obscure the view…

There’s also a number of moments when their swinging gal hair tricked my man brain good-and-proper. That’s also something you want to happen.

If you’ve read other reviews on this site, all the positive VRP criticisms hold here as well. When you get down to it, the boys consistently produce a good product. Just being straight with you, folks…

Lilyan Red tight cowgirl

Yea, the cowgirl distance was so tight in the headset. Well done!

The main noteworthy development is VRP found such an intriguing and HORNY WAY to get the cowgirl distance TIGHT! I mean… VRP, KEEP DOING THIS!

You know, yea…

4. Lilyan’s panties: Yep!

If you’re a man… and, your brain is ticking properly… there’s one thing of which I’m certain. You are a … wait for itpanties perv! It’s just part of being a man, man!

I remember even when I was a lil tyke… I was fascinated by the panties ads in the catalogs lying around the house!

Hey, I wasn’t breaking any laws, man! I was just being a little human male who’s following his human male programming!

Lilyan Red panties reverse cowgirl

OMG, I like this!

Every VR porn studio I recommend is worth the bucks. Ain’t no tricks here, man! If I say good stuff about a VR squad… it means they’re legit and worth the quid. You like that rhyme, boys!

But, being honest… dollar-for-dollar, the VRP boys, arguably, throw down the most competitive value in the VR porn world.

Keep rocking it. Enjoy.

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