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Checking In With Czech

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April 17, 2016

Last updated: March 6, 2018

Victoria Daniels in panties

Czech VR’s Victoria Daniels is a gal who looks good in panties!

All right, friends, so it’s time to check back in with Czech VR.

You might think the title of this post is sort of lame. No doubt, gentlemen.

But, at the time… I thought it was kind of clever, man!

So, let’s get wacking! Download Blond Beauty Karol Lilien!

Download Goddess Ms. Victoria Daniels!

All right, so we’ll sort of look at some recent Czech releases starring Nicole Vice, Karol Lilien and Victoria Daniels. But, we’ll also discuss other things.

What else will we discuss?

Victoria Daniels doggy style

Victoria Daniels is also a gal who looks Goddamn good down doggy!

Well, we’ll consider some of the Czech VR innovations we’ve seen this first half of April 2016.

And, we’ll consider the direction the Czech boys are going…

And, we’ll consider the meaning of the concept of…the horny

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about.

Gut-level sense of the horny

Karol Lilien doggy dildo

This, my friends is the Czech VR branding. Beautiful, young European gal down doggy in a no-frills setting.

Now, if there’s one thing I like about the Czech boys, they seem to have a real gut-level grasp on branding.

What’s the Czech brand?

I’ll sum that up in a picture (to the left).

I think they, correctly, follow instinct with their production approach. As a pal of mine says, “They do it from the muscle.”

And, that’s the approach that makes sense to me… I call it a gut-level sense of the horny.

What Am I Getting At… Really?

Nicole Vice doggy dildo

With Czech VR you can be sure you’re going to get a doggy dildo! This is a good thing! Ms. Nicole Vice!

On the serious tip, here’s the Czech brand in a few words: put a pretty, European gal in a simple setting and film her with technically-horny, VR skill.

Yep, it’s really that simple.

That’s what I love about these guys.

They deliver just what they promise: every time. You plunk down your coins and you know just what you’re getting…

Download Horny Nicole Vice!!

Czech Innovations

So, with that said… this month it’s become apparent that the Czech boys are taking their dealio and looking to get a bit more creative and technically refined.

We’ve seen this in several ways.

1. They upgraded their cameras. Good move. I’m appreciating the clarity and fluidity. Everyone’s upgrading, which is just what you’d expect in any developing and increasingly competitive industry.

Kara Cherry staircase

Come on up the stairs, Kara…

2. They hit us with some moving camera VR. This was a first, I think… And, while I had mixed feelings about it, I like the attempt, which makes me think it’s a technique that could be further developed and effective if used sparingly.

Here’s the sultry Kara Cherry on the staircase being filmed by a moving VR camera:

Now, this moving camera technique is a bit difficult to put into words. You really do have to experience it.

3. They’re looking for thoughts about new filming methods. Recently, the Czech boys asked if subscribers wanted VRs that were “3rd person view filmed by moving 3D cameras.”

I suggested… sure, do one and see how it turns out. But, deep-down I’m leaning towards: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

4. Sound: not a lot of discussion is given to sound, but the Czech boys recently announced that they made significant improvements in this area as well: things like white noise suppression, etc.

Can you sort of sum things up

Yea. I evaluate VR porns based upon the women, scaling and camera positions.

Karol Lilien beautiful

This looks like the type of gal it’d be easy to fall in love with… am I right? What a beauty…

In these April Czech VRs, I find all the women to be fine. I mean: a skinny, young European gal with a pretty face. What’s not to like, man?

Scaling: Czech pretty much always gets this right. Sometimes things, for me on a Gear, can look a tad narrow, but yea… it’s good.

Cameras: and, that’s the main purpose of this post. I’m saying, folks, keep an eye on what these Czech boys are doing with their camera work, because it’s obvious they’re looking to innovate in this particular aspect.

Karol Lilien doggy with panties to side

Oh, Karol Lilien. I like… looking at you when you’re in this… position!

Whether it’s moving POV VR cameras… or the—possibly coming—moving, multiple 3rd person camera approach that was teased… keep an eye out… it seems like interesting stuff is

on the way.

One thing pretty awesome about the Czech VR boys is they’re quite fond of the doggy close-up… often with the panty-pull. They’re making a lot of pervs rejoice!

What does all this mean?

Well, just that the Czech boys are a major player in the VR porn game. And, I’m curious to see what’s coming next from them.

I wanna VR with a Czech gal!
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