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Anticipating Wankz

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June 24, 2016 Update: Wankz has made great progress in the two months since this post was originally written. I will discuss that in greater detail soon. In the meantime, you should give them some consideration. The scale is still looking a tad bit small on my Gear, but I’ve read many reports of people having a good Wankz experience. As I said, you should give them consideration.

November 1, 2016 Update: We’ve seen what we needed to. We now highly recommend WankzVR.

Piper Perri blowjob

Dream girl comes to VR

Let’s do this

April 27, 2016

I’ll tell you what: Wankz VR is the most anticipated VR porn studio in VR porn history. Granted, if you’re aware of this stuff, you’ll realize that what I said is kind of silly…

Honestly, though… keeping an eye on Wankz ain’t frivolous, because if I had to make a prediction, I do think the Wankz boys will soon reside on the same quality level as VRP, NA and Czech VR… One never knows, but this is what I’m expecting…

…particularly as the Wankz boys are extremely responsive to online feedback… Hey, I’m just telling it straight, man.


Wank thoughts

The Wankz boys have one more release to go with their old equipment: a Katrina Jade VR. Let’s quick take a look at Katrina Jade’s body:

Katrina Jade's body

This is Katrina Jade’s body! What’s not to like!

After the Katrina VR: all the releases are with their new gear.

And, I’ll be taking a look at it. And, I anticipate giving the Wankerz a thumbs up, but time will tell. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new stuff. Yea, I’m pretty curious about it. Sure. I admit that.

Don’t be ashamed to confess to your curious nature, man!

If you remember my original post, I said this:

“Wankz VR makes its VR porn debut doing many things right: great women, reasonably good clarity and some interesting positioning and camera angles.

However, the major flaw is the small scaling (evidenced on both Gear and Oculus). Fortunately, this can easily be corrected in future work.”

Piper Perri VR cowgirl

Oh, man…. one woman I had really been wanting to see in VR was Ms. Piper Perri… unfortunately, the small scale put a damper on the horny, but it was still a Piper VR

And, that’s what I’m sticking with, man. I mean… these Wankz boys are getting the right women! I mean… they just released a Piper Perri VR!

Listen, Wankz Boys. I’m ordering you to reshoot Piper with the new rig!

These boys are doing just about everything right. They just need to do exactly what they’re doing (great women, horny positioning, long videos, etc.) with a new camera that boosts the scale and frame rate.

And, remember Wankz: lots of CLOSE-UPS! Also remember: in VR porns, it’s not necessary for something to always be happening. It’s fine for not much at all to be happening. As long as the camera stays close like chocolate on a 3 Musketeers bar.

And, it appears that in less than two weeks, we’ll get a look at their new work that does just that.

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