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Wankz Is Getting There… Very Close

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Update January 2019: I notice the post below gets a lot of traffic. And, that’s great! But, I want to make sure people know it was originally written in May 2016.

So, the article below is definitely interesting—particularly from a sorta historical perspective—but, as you can conclude yourself, it doesn’t accurately represent the present state of WankzVR.

Please enjoy the article. And, for updated thoughts about the WankzVR studio, see this post: WankzVR Studio Review and Info.

Thanks. Enjoy.

May 28, 2016

Hi friends, we’ve already discussed the Wankz VR porn studio. What was our verdict?

Well… that they were doing much right, but had to fine-tune the scale and address some details (color, lighting, etc.).

So, some time has passed. And, the Wankz boys have heard and responded to our feedback. To their credit, team Wankz is extremely responsive to consumer critiques…

Leah Gotti ass and pussy

This is a nice angle on Leah Gotti in Wankz latest VR release… Wankz is now doing an excellent job on close-up footage such as this…

And, the question now becomes: Is it time to subscribe to Wankz VR?

Well, here’s the thing…

I don’t want to sound like a self-righteous putz, but I do take these recommendations seriously.

I see it like this: I have to feel the subscription price is worth it. It took a bit, but in the past month both Virtual Taboo and HoloGirls VR have been put in that subscription-worthy category.

So, what about Wankz VR?

All right, to address this question, let’s consider their latest effort: a Leah Gotti Casting Couch VR outing. I must say, this casting couch genre is a fine fit for VR. The dialogue structure needs to be worked out, but there’s so much potential here…

Ms. Gotti approaches the casting couch

Ms. Gotti stands with the casting couch looming

As to Leah: she’s an absolute beauty! And, this may sound odd, but I really like her awkward acting skills. She’s horny. My phrasing may be confusing… but the acting is awkward in a charming way. I enjoyed it here and in the NA baseball bat one.

Leah Gotti hides tits

Ms. Gotti starts out a bit shy

These things are hard to explain… A fella reads “awkward acting skills” and thinks it’s a put down. I assure you: I find Leah’s acting performance… horny! Charm is perhaps impossible to explain… And, Leah’s got charm.

Okay, so the main factors used to evaluate VR porns are the women, scaling and positioning.

As to the women, there ain’t no arguing that Wankz VR shoots some damn fine females! I mean, let’s just name five recent ones: Iris Rose, Aaliyah Love, Mackenzie Lohan, Kagney Linn Karter and Piper Perri!

Piper Perri VR cowgirl

Piper Perri in a Wankz VR release

And, I demand that you Wankz boys shoot another Piper VR damn it!

Okay, as to positioning: Wankz has impressed me with some creativity in that regard.

The main sticking point has been their small scaling and some subtle shortcomings involving lighting, framing, etc.

So, how is the scaling in this latest Leah Gotti VR?

Okay, there are many factors affecting scale. And, a big one is what viewer you’re using and—believe it or not—the structure of your own face (in particular, the distance between your eyeballs).

Now, with that said, the other VR porn studios I recommend all manage to get the scale (mostly) correct on the Gear that sits on my particular face.

(It will be nice when Gear/Milk finally provides some FOV adjustments—like Homido/ VR Player PRO—that would easily solve some of this stuff…)

Leah Gotti doggy style pose

Leah down doggy

All right, so with this latest Wankz release, the scale is real-world feeling for the tight close-up shots. No complaints there from me. Wankz has made considerable progress quickly in this range.

However, whenever the camera is out of that snug range, the scale still feels—at least for me—a bit small. Now, I ain’t saying terribly small. But, I would say it’s unacceptable.

I do want to explain this clearly. In this Leah VR, I am digging when Leah’s face is close to the camera: along with the tight cowgirling footage when Leah leans in. That feels right. The clarity is good. The overall color is vibrant. The 3D effect is pronounced. The lighting was fine.

Leah Gotti cowgirl

Some of the Leah cowgirl footage felt excellent and immediate

However, when Leah’s beyond—let’s say—three feet or so from the camera, I’m finding the image crispness fuzzes and the scale diminishes excessively.

Now, I ain’t saying it’s terrible. I feel that Wankz is getting very close to having a rather horny product.

But, I gotta be honest with you… For me, they’re just not quite there yet. They’re close. Sure, they’re getting damn close! I’d say the Wankz boys are pumping at 90%. But, I need that last 10%.

So, what constitutes that last 10%?

1. As mentioned, the non close-up footage needs to improve a bit in scale and clarity.

2. For my tastes, these VRs (like my reviews) run a bit long.

Leah Gotti ass

Hi there

3. This VR uses a silent male and Leah, rather than having a monologue (which requires no response), delivers a two-way conversation with herself.

This doesn’t quite work for me. I’d prefer the dialogue be written so the viewer doesn’t anticipate a male response (because the male actor doesn’t satisfy that anticipation with an actual response).

So, in conclusion, I try very hard to be fair to VR porn studios. I respect the difficulty, effort and money it takes to produce this work. And, the truth is… there are a lot of moving parts: it’s tough getting all variables nailed.

With that said, I feel that Wankz is presently poised at the threshold of being a very horny studio. But, for me… that last 10% is kind of where it’s at… That’s what allows for a fully-realized and polished product that’s ready for prime time.

I do expect that the Wankz boys will be there soon. Edit: 11/1/2016: Wankz is now there. Highly recommended now.

Good luck.


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