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CzechVR July 2016

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Sweet Nikky Dream in a pissing fetish VR porn shot by the CzechVR team

Sweet Nikky Dream in a pissing fetish VR porn shot by the CzechVR team


July 28, 2016

Hi friends… I’m going to be candid:

I honestly don’t think CzechVR fully gets the credit they deserve.

What am I basing that on?

Well, mainly clicking around the web: reading various forums, blogs, VR porn sites, online discussions, our

Zena Little facesitting

Hey, Zena’s sitting on my face, man!

visitor stats…

Now, from my view: the Czech VR boys are producing some intensely horny


Why do I think that?

Natalie Cherie and Vinna Reed in a Czech VR movie

Ms. Natalie Cherie and Ms. Vinna Reed: examples of Czech VR’s young Euro blonde beauties…

Well, they film pretty, young girls with high-quality cameras and use plenty of close-ups. I mean… what more does a fella want?

A lot gets said about VR porns, but it really is that simple.

Additionally, they throw in facesitting, fetish and casting VRs.

And, their director ain’t shy about saying, “Get down doggy, baby…

If you’re a Czech VR gal: you know before long you’ll be pushing your pootanannie at a VR lens.

I also noticed today that the good folks at Czech VR just released a “purely foot fetish VR video” starring blonde and gorgeous Foxies Gold… and, I think this footsie VR is also a VR porn first.

I don’t bullshit you fellas, and I’m telling you: they’re releasing a lot of horny VR these days.

Jenny Simons cowgirl

Czech VR’s Jenny Simons … oh, Jenny baby!

So, I’m left thinking that maybe CzechVR doesn’t get as much attention because they use mainly amateur (ie. in many cases, not very famous) European gals.

… just speculating…

But, here’s the thing: Daphne Klyde, Vinna Reed, Nikki Dream, Paola Mike, Dellai twins, Lucy Shine, Victoria Daniels, Kara Cherry, Niki Sweet, Angel Piaff, Nicole Vice, Karol Lilien, Jenny Simons, Natalie Cherie, Katy Rose, Naomi Nevena, Martina, Victoria Puppy (oh Vicky, baby!)…

That’s an awful lot of high-quality gal!

Victoria Puppy stands naked

Why… hello there Ms. Puppy!

And, did I mention one of my favorite Czech VR gals? The Goddess, Ms. Alex Black! I love you, Alex!

Now, granted… none of those names carries the same weight as names like Mia Malkova, Phoenix Marie and the like.

Nikki Dream face rub

Before Nikki Dream pisses for you, she gives you her coquettish face rubbing routine!

And, listen: Mia and Phoenix deserve all of their fame and accolades! I ain’t saying they don’t. I’m a fan myself of these sort of gals!

But, here’s the thing… there are other very horny porno gals out there who just don’t seem to get as much press. Sometimes it doesn’t feel quite fair.

I know… life ain’t fair.

Anyway, let’s give some of the latest Czech VR hornball gals some press right here.

Today’s July 28, 2016: and, we’ll take a look at a few of their recent releases.

Daphne Klyde shows us what she's got in Fetish #7

Daphne Klyde shows us what she’s got in Fetish #7

Let me add: all of these releases are technically competent. That’s to say: the sound, lighting, color, 3D effect and so forth is almost always on-point.

Actually, the visual clarity is looking really beautiful these days.

And, the scale feels good.

I’ve commented before that the Czech scale—to my eyes—was just slightly small. That’s still true for me. Plenty of others say it’s perfect.

In Casting #11, Foxies Gold understands how to use eye contact and facial expression to connect with the VR porn consumer

In Casting #11, Foxies Gold understands how to use eye contact and facial expression to connect with the VR porn consumer

But, what matters—for me—is it feels realistic enough to be horny.

And, the close-ups on the women’s faces (particularly emphasized in the casting VRs) feels VERY RIGHT!

All of the VRs being reviewed today treat you to plentiful close-up camera work.

This is a good thing! It’s what it’s all about…

This is largely why I enthusiastically recommend Czech VR.

Additionally, the Czech camera boys sometimes slip in a little moving camera footage: engaging when used sparingly.

It keeps things interesting. You never know when that camera might start creeping in on an exquisite Euro hoo-ha!


Let’s do this thing…


Studio: Czech VR, Czech VR Fetish, Czech VR Casting
Title: Casting Series: 6 (Miela), 8 (Cindy Shine), 9 (Nikita Cruz) , 11 (Foxies Gold), 13 (Cynthia Vellons)

In Casting #9, we're confronted with a gorgeous blonde doggy

In Casting #9, we’re confronted with a gorgeous blonde doggy

Fetish Series: 6 (Nikki Dream), 7 (Daphne Klyde); Czech VR 80 (Vinna Reed), 81 (Vinna Reed)
Release Date: First few months of summer 2016
Stars: Miela, Cindy Shine, Nikita Cruz, Foxies Gold, Cynthia Vellons, Nikki Dream, Daphne Klyde, Vinna Reed
Length: These average around 10 to 15 minutes
Main sex positions: Teasing, stripping, posing, masturbation, cowgirl, facesitting, various close-ups on face, pussy, etc.
Formats: Android, Gear, Oculus
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, solo gal VR, fetish VR, casting VR
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

These Czech VR releases will appeal to fellas who:

Vinna Reed hits you with a hovering, tight cowgirl

Vinna Reed hits you with a hovering, tight cowgirl

1. … like slinky and pretty young European gals: many are amateurs…and, the key is there’s a no-frills, realistic vibe: straight to the action with little plot or unnecessary elements
2. … like genres such as casting porn, fetish stuff, facesitting, pissing, foot teasing: in addition to heterosexual fucking (which Czech VR also does well)…
3. … like a high-quality, crisp VR porn image… the visual clarity is looking mighty fine these day…
4. … like a lot of close-ups in VR… this is also key because Czech is doing a spectacular job of getting their rig tight on the various gal parts, including A LOT of face close-up time, which is very appreciated.
5. … like VR porn intimacy. Again, Czech VR is excelling in this department. I understand I’m giving the Czech VR boys a lot of praise, but they really do deserve it.

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

Blonde Miela has a beautiful ass!

Blonde Miela has a beautiful ass!

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

We also consider sound, color, 3D effect, lighting and a host of factors; but, in many cases those things will mostly be mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

Miela in Czech VR casting number 6

And, here’s… Miela!

All right, so let’s just use some pictures to provide a quick review of Czech VR’s output over the past few months.

Cindy Shine pretty face

As you can see, Ms. Cindy Shine has a very pretty face

In Czech VR Casting #6, we get the absolutely gorgeous blonde Miela. And, Miela works it well. The best part? All the close-up time spent on Miela’s pretty gal face.

In Casting #8, we meet Ms. Cindy Shine.

As you can see, Cindy’s got a pretty face:

And, Cindy’s got a pretty doggy. They kept her there: that’s a good thing! And, something about the panties still being on… oh, man… enough said.

Cindy Shine doggy panties

Cindy Shine doggy panties

Nikita Cruz sucks finger

Nikita Cruz is another gorgeous Czech VR gal

In Casting #9, we’re treated to Ms. Nikita Cruz.

And, you know… when I look at Nikita, I think to myself: CzechVR seems to have an endless supply of drop-dead beautiful, amateur European blondes with such lovely faces! This really shines in virtual reality.

In Casting #11, blonde Foxies Gold bends over for us. And, in another release, she plays footsie!

In Casting #13, we have an intimate session with Cynthia Vellons.

And, man does Cynthia ever have an elegant figure:

Cynthia shows off her elegance and cute pussy

Cynthia shows off her elegance and cute pussy

All right, let’s now peek at Czech VR releases #80 and #81.

Don’t forget that Czech VR releases plenty of good ole fashioned, heterosexual fucking. In both movies, we get a good dose of horny cowgirling in beautiful outdoor light.

All VR porn studios shoot plenty of cowgirl footage. It’s simply a position that lends itself well to VR porn:

Daphne Klyde thong up ass

Oh, Daphne your ass looks so tempting with a red thong jammed all up in there!

because the entire woman is easily within the field of view.

Czech VR, these days, does something I like with their cowgirl: they position the woman so she simultaneously thrusts her face near the camera as she bounces her geddy-up horsey. This is how to do it!

All right, now let’s turn to the fetish department of Czech VR.

In #6, we see a beautiful blonde piss. I mean, if this is something you’ve wanted to see… well, behold a world-class blonde Goddess making wee-wee in virtual reality!

And, in #7, a banging brunette, Daphne Klyde, uses your man face as a seat. Facesitting is made for VR porn.

All right, fellas…that should give you an accurate picture of what’s going on with Czech VR… one subscription gives you access to all of it.

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