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Chrissy’s Foxy Face Sitting

Hi friends, today we’ll consider Czech VR Fetish 055: Foxy Face Sitting, starring the absolutely-adorable, Chrissy Fox.

Chrissy Fox cute face

Chrissy, you’re pretty damn cute

I’ve previously shared my opinion that Czech VR seems…how can I put this?

Okay, don’t get me wrong. There’s good feedback about the Czech boys online. CVR does get praised.

But, when I see the beautiful quality, I sometimes think there should be a bit more chatter.

Just one guy’s opinion.

Chrissy Fox squeezes tit and nipple

Chrissy getting in your face

Now, returning to an idea that comes up sometimes: I don’t think there’s a studio that’s best for everyone.

But, I do think there’s probably a studio(s) that’s best for you.

I make this point for two reasons: 1. It’s a very helpful perspective for folks deciding where to subscribe. 2. I believe it’s true.

The studios most discussed here pass the required threshold of technological competence. From that point, it becomes evident that they’re horny in different ways.

Now, I will say if you want pretty/skinny/young European amateurs in solo VR (sometimes fetishistic tinges) with plentiful close-ups and all-around superb optics…if that’s what you’re looking for…then, CzechVR is probably the best studio for you.

Personally, I’m a big fan, in particular, of the casting part of their membership. (The single membership includes hardcore, casting and fetish branches.)

There are two VRs that stay on my SD card: and, they’re both Czech casting outings.

1. Jarushka Ross

Jarushka Ross legs spread

Jarushka has earned a permanent spot on my SD card for .. well… just look at the picture above

2. Nikita Cruz

Nikita Cruz sucks finger

Nikita Cruz doing her finger thing in a CzechVR casting release

In this guy’s opinion: those videos melt the horny meter.

So, perhaps you’re wondering: “Is this dude laying it on a bit thick here?

Fair enough, man.

Click play on the Chrissy Fox trailer below.

You watch it?

Did you notice the segment—pictured below—beginning at 0:34?

Chrissy Fox facesitting

Chrissy lifts up her skirt and descends on a fella’s face

Now, I ain’t preaching, but when the weenie hits the Fleshlight…isn’t that freeze frame the stripped-down essence of virtual porn?

I mean…sure, narratives and sets and costumes: yes, that stuff can be good fun. I like it, too. I really do.

I know, with certainty, that the average horny Joe with a headset strapped to his face wants great visuals: meaning… nice color, accurate scale, pronounced 3D effect, good clarity, etc.

And, he wants these things because he’ll be seeing this:

Chrissy Fox facesitting

Hi there Chrissy

And, this:

Chrissy Fox ass and pussy

Oh, Chrissy baby!

I mean…am I wrong, guys? If I’m wrong…tell me I’m wrong, man.

But, the way I see it: the Czech VR boys consistently ditch the frills and bury a fella’s face into raw reality.

Oh, man…I never said I was Ernie Hemmingway!

I like their stuff.

Go download the free trailer of this Chrissy Fox VR and watch it for yourself. There’s versions available there for Oculus, Vive, Gear VR, Smartphone and PlayStation VR.

Or Take Me To The CzechVR Main Site

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