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Truncated Missionary With Sexbomb Patty

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April 13, 2017

Hi friends, yesterday we praised a recent CzechVR Fetish release featuring Ms. Chrissy Fox.

Chrissy Fox squeezes tit and nipple

Chrissy Fox’s VR release worked for me

You can read that article for complete thoughts about recent CzechVR output.

Here’s the summary: the Czech boys release some outstanding, somewhat under the radar VR.

And, last night watching Raven-Haired Sexbomb, featuring Patty Michova…

…I thought: I must speak out about these eighteen minutes of hornyness!


Three VR porn boxes I need checked…for starters…

Well, it checks three boxes that work for me:

1. An absolutely gorgeous, young lady in a solo VR.

2. Impressive technical competence: clarity, scale, general optical experience, etc.

3. The Czech VR boys must be recognized, in my opinion, for their camera positioning work.

I try to avoid absolutes, but I’m not sure anyone does moving camera VR better.

a bonus checked box: nice camera cuts!

Additionally, numerous cuts are used, changing the camera position/distance and perspective. Nice!


Truncated missionary

Truncated missionary works for me

So, pictured above is a perspective—long advocated here—that we call truncated missionary.

It’s what you see in your viewer. And, the pic speaks for itself.

But, to quickly describe it, as you can see, the camera truncates (cuts-off) the lower half and thus amps-up the realism. This is a camera perspective that complements (NOT REPLACES!) the pulled-back, full missionary perspective.

When this shot is used—as you can imagine—it greatly enhances, as mentioned, realism and overall horny. It simulates the real-life experience of bucking away missionary and bending-in towards the woman: pushing your manly face by her delicate-flower face.

I’d really like to see a truncated missionary segment in every 3D porn release. (Along with squatting cowgirl hoverface.)

Patty Michova face

I like these fully-dressed close-up shots

Now, sometimes VR porn movie titles miss the mark. But, props to the Czech boys: sexbomb is quite fitting. Patty projects that sexbomb sorta quality!

So, reviewing is inevitably subjective: in many ways!

Besides the varying visual experience; preferences differ: no way around it.

Now, for fellas whose horny meter melts with tight footage of a gorgeous gal going gaga with salacious, solo stuff: look no further.

You get the opening, clothed tease section. Then, Ms. Michova dilly-dallies with those bodacious, boobie bouncers for a bit.

Patty Michova squeezes her tits

Big ones

Close-up patty michova tits

Notice the camera getting close for these boobies

Then, Ms. Michova shows she’s one of those Goddess, sexbomb gals who don’t mind a thong jammed where the sun don’t shine.

Patty Michova thong in ass

Patty Michova’s one of these gals who looks Goddess like in a thong

Give me a panty pull, Patty!

Patty Michova pulls her panties aside

Panty pull Patty style

Thanks. I love panty pulls, Patty!

And, it gets better…

Patty bent over pussy perspective

Oh, Patty baby!

Below, Czech VR provides a perspective they’ve offered since their start…and, we’ve all greatly appreciated!

Patty Michova doggy

And, better

I mean…if we’re being honest: what fella does not want to see a beautiful woman in a naked, doggy pose? I ask you that, man!

You know what else was horny about this movie?

Patty’s enthusiastic and rather sophisticated masturbation method, pictured below.

Patty Michova vibrator


Patty Michova legs spread vibrator on her pussy

Get it, Patty! Atta girl!

Great stuff. Optically awesome.

Patty Michova beautiful pussy

I think this might be love, Patty

The only thing missing for me was an extended close-up on Patty’s panties during the tease. I’d like the Czech boys to get in there and glorify some Eastern Euro cameltoe, man!

Seriously, CzechVR: you fellas have been on the right track for a while now. Thank you for the first rate entertainment.

That’s it.

That’s all that needs to be said.

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