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Sexhibitionist Luna Star 3rd Person POV

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider Sexhibitionist Star: just released by the HoloGirls VR gang. This stars one of my faves: Ms. Luna Star.

Luna Star pretty face

God, Luna’s got such a damn pretty face!

Now, the other day when discussing the Nekane VR, I spent some time considering a popular VR porn convention which values limiting the male actor’s participation.

In other words, the fella’s to keep his hands out of view, remain silent and just, generally, minimize his presence.

And, today I want to consider another VR porn convention: the tendency to film mainly from the stunt cock’s POV.

In other words, almost all VR porn movies put the viewer into the male’s perspective. So, the viewer feels like he’s the lucky SOB who’s got some big-boobed-bodacious-beauty bouncing on his bamboo bopper.

Luna Star reverse cowgirl 3rd person pov VR

A third person perspective like this might not be as immersive, but it has other advantages

This concept is often called immersion.

So, in contrast, look at the Luna reverse cowgirl picture directly below.

As you can see, this camera perspective doesn’t replicate the male porn star’s point of view. Rather, it’s like the viewer is in the room observing.

And, to illustrate 1st person POV immersion, see the picture directly below of Nekane doing her doggy thang.

This POV lets the viewer feel like he’s doing the doggy hip pump thang with gorgeous Nekane.

Nekane doggy style

Doggy Nekane!

It’s immersive. That means the illusion is convincing. You feel like you’re inside of the virtual reality simulation.

Well, I think there’s room to push against this convention a bit also.

And, perfect timing: the HologirlsVR boys and girls have just released this 3rd person Luna Star POV effort.

So, to reiterate a bit: 3rd person POV means the VR porn consumer feels like he’s spying on the fornicating couple: the perv peeking from the closet, if you will. Most 2D porn has been shot this way.

This is the brilliant way to shoot VR cowgirl: leaning in at the camera! Excellent

This is a horny way to shoot VR footage: first person POV. It creates the illusion that the VR viewer is a participant in the fuck action.

Both methods have unique strengths and drawbacks: (which is why I ultimately argue that they both be used in the same movie… who will be first to do this?)

On one hand, 1st person POV can be convincing.

For example, here’s Luna riding a fella cowgirl 1st person POV style in a previous Naughty America VR release.

On the other, 3rd person allows a much greater range of camera positioning and freedom: some of that

Luna doggy

Luna gets doggied in 3rd person POV… it’s kind of horny because you really get to watch Luna’s expressions and bouncing booby boppers from this vantage point

camera positioning can really unleash the virtual horny.

For example, pointing the camera in the gal’s face while she’s getting doggy-dinged: this can be HORNY!

And, for this shot: you must go 3rd person.

And, this is my opinion: the 3rd person doggy (camera very tight on the woman’s face) is a fantastic VR porn perspective. Rarely seen and one of the best. Again, all my opinion, of course.

Let’s do this thing


Luna Starr's ass

Oh gosh… it’s a beautiful Luna Star ass!

Studio: HoloGirls VR
Title: Sexhibitionist Star
Release Date: September 29, 2016
Stars: Luna Star
Length: 19 minutes
Main sex positions: solo shower with Luna, female masturbation, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, cum in mouth.
Formats: Android cardboard, Gear, Oculus, Vive, iPhone, Generic H.264
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, voyeur VR, 3rd person VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

This Luna VR will appeal to fellas who:

Luna Star open mouth legs spread

Hi Luna… open mouth, legs spread: just how I like Luna…

1. … fans of Luna Star and/or pretty-faced gals with beautiful, bouncy boobie boppers and curvaceous perfection… yea, I said it… love Luna…

2. … are looking for some VR voyeur perspective of a beauty showering

3. … are looking for a 3rd person POV: as if you’re a fly on the wall watching the action

4. … are looking for some steamy, female masturbation VR

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how Team Holo describes this latest Luna effort:

Exotic Luna Star likes it when you watch her in the shower. She sets up a live stream video so you can make requests.

After the suds roll down every curve of her body she pulls out her favourite toy to give you the show you’ve been asking for!

More requests come in for real sex! Luna moves the camera to show you what happens in her bedroom too.

Luna in a shower sounds promising. Let’s see…

Reviewing Method:

These reviews are based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions. Eye contact is also considered critically important by most.

Now, this movie, as mentioned, differs from the norm in its perspective. So, aspects of 3rd person POV must be considered.

Additionally, any other factors needed to complete the review will be discussed. Often, many things are mainly mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

All right, so let’s try to keep this semi-simple.

Luna Star. I love her. She’s a beauty. If you’re a fella who ain’t nutso for Luna’s luscious lady lust, then… what’s wrong with you man!

TeamHolo is also making this critique easier because they got the scale, clarity, sound, color, lighting and general 3D effect on-point. Technically, it looks good.

As to the general story line, I don’t care. The movie offers Luna showering, masturbating and humping: to hell with the story.

Now, the most pertinent aspect to discuss is this movie’s use of 3rd person POV.

As mentioned, this is rarely used in VR porn. Honestly—just like 1st person POV—there’s a correct way to shoot it. Let’s consider that a bit.

Luna fucks doggy

This is horny: 3rd person POV doggy with gorgeous whore queen, Luna Star

It’s not so complicated. On the consumer end, there’s near unanimous agreement that close-ups are a major part of the winning formula with virtual porn flicks.

It’s hard to disagree with this.

I mean… when the camera gets close, everything becomes more realistic, clear… and, just… all around hornier.

Now, the other day we discussed how the present, somewhat-small and fragile VR porn market might discourage experimentation. It’s an opinion. I could be wrong.

And, I ain’t knocking nobody. People got bills to pay: I mean, have you seen the cool shit on HBO? This stuff ain’t cheap.

Example of HoloGirls early 360 degree VR orgies with very famous pornstars

Example of HoloGirls early 360 degree VR orgies with very famous pornstars

Now, to Team Holo’s great credit; they’ve been willing to stick their… um… necks out since their start. We’ve seen them thrust off the conventional cowgirl path repeatedly…

…from their earliest releases, which ambitiously attempted 360 degree orgy efforts:

…to crazy horny antics with Mistress T (whose function—in one case—is to help you stop your compulsive wacking, man!):

Mistress T tongue out

Oh, man… my type of nurse!

…to giantess, cinematic scale work.

And, they offered some of the first attempts at GFE, facesitting, etc.

And, they also brought us a 3D Sasha Leigh! Oh, Sasha baby!!!

Sasha Leigh sucks fingers with her tits out

Blonde goddess Sasha Leigh

I like you… as in… A LOT!! Attention Team Holo: bring Sasha back and just have her model a bikini for twenty minutes! Trust me, man! And, use LOTS OF CLOSE-UPS on Sasha’s bikini modeling!

Sasha more lapdance picture

HoloGirls really nailed it with the Sasha Leigh solo lapdance effort

And, Team Holo has certainly taken their share of online criticism.

But, to be fair: I think they also deserve some praise for their innovative tendencies. While some porn giants have sidelined themselves waiting to see if the VR porn market is lucratively-safe to enter; Team Holo’s been providing pervs with some nutty stuff.

Now, if you want to know my personal opinion…

I think there’s room for VR porn that’s filmed with very tight, close-up angles from 3rd person POV that also includes male dialogue.

I’d like to see the 3rd person doggy where there’s two minutes in which the woman’s face fills the frame. I’d also like to see a really tight shot of the woman’s upper body in 3rd person, reverse cowgirl (which, interestingly sort of replicates 1st person POV regular cowgirl).

And, I think it would be off the chain, fantastic to get a VR that blended the type of 3rd person POV just described with segments of 1st person POV.

Luna spreads those gorgeous gal legs after her shower

Luna spreads those gorgeous gal legs after her shower

That’s right. Who will be the first studio to release such a hybrid that’s filmed with TIGHT, UP-CLOSE CAMERA ANGLES for both the 1st person and 3rd person segments?

3rd person—as I hope this review explains—offers camera angles and perspectives that simply can’t be achieved any other way.

And, we already know that when the camera gets close for 1st person POV action: it rocks.

Will HoloGirlsVR be the first to pull this off?

Anyway, another professional performance from the beautiful Luna.

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