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Dillion Harper VR Porn Review

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Thoughts About This Dillion Harper VR

Dillion Harper doggy style pose

Oh, Dillion baby!

Dillion Harper: If you’re looking for a good-looking, young gal in a VR: here you go.
Sexually, Dillion delivered a passionate, porn performance: with an authentic feel.

Dramatically, I think Dillion did fine with the role. Now, to be fair to Ms. Harper, these type of VR monologue roles are quite challenging. I mean… you try having a conversation with yourself, man!

Scaling: Okay, so as mentioned above, after the excellent Sara Jay width seen last week, I’m very curious to see this week’s scale.

So, to answer: I watched this movie; then I rewatched Sara Jay.

Short answer: the scale here looks good.

For me, it’s competent enough to enjoy: realistic and fap-worthy, for sure. And, with many players—such as Deo VR—you can increase the scale anyway.

Dillion Harper is horny

Maid Dillion’s coming to service you, man! Oh, I love a well-run cleaning service!

But, honestly, to these eyeballs, last week’s width seemed slightly better. For me, the Sara Jay scale was the new NA gold standard.

However, bear in mind: some felt the Sara Jay scale was a bit big; some say this Dillion scale is perfection. That’s just the way this stuff works.

So, when it comes to VR porn scale: always remember this is intensely subjective and there are many variables at play.

There really ain’t a single right answer.

Additionally, I’m not getting upper frame warping: something I’ve experienced in some previous NA efforts. No warping, of course, is a good thing.

Dillion Harper as maid

This is one fine maid

Dillion’s head, at times, can be truncated for some cowgirl footage. And, if it were possible for NA to expand the vertical FOV just a tad, that would increase the horny.

NA definitely has a sweet spot distance. And, when they hit it: it’s like a handful of cotton candy jammed in your mouth hole.

I’d say it’s about two to three feet out.

What I’m trying to say is that this sweet spot distance is very clear, beautifully-scaled and all-around horny-engaging.

When Dillion is in that zone, it’s a beautiful thing. When the distance increases, the clarity decreases. This pattern holds for all studios presently.

The solution, of course: keep the camera close. And, there is a lot of tight footage in this release.

Dillon Harper blowjob

It appears cleaning option #2 includes some Dillion Harper mouth magic!

Narrative: So, thematically the transgression is adultery.

Dillion, you see, is the maid. And, she provides the fella two options: 1. A topless, house-cleaning complete with “scrubby dub dub” along with a tit wiggle.

And, 2. Completely nude: which, it would appear comes with a naked ass shove at the camera along with some VR kissing.

I’d like option two Miss Harper!

So, the erotic, fantasy element is cheating with a youthful sexpot.

Dillion Harper missionary

Hi Dillion

Now, as previously discussed in other reviews, if the movie’s erotic charge originates in a transgression; in my view, its intensity is limited by the silent, male convention.

In other words, a two-way dialogue would better permit exploration of the transgression.

Male dialogue is required to probe the transgression. And, more specifically, to provide resistance/tension.

In plain language, if there is a two-way conversation where Dillion must convince the man to cheat: dramatic possibilities open. A lot of possibilities…

On the other hand, the present formula gets the job done. And, many love it just as it is…


Dillion doggies

Dillion doggies

for my part, I’m mainly in it for the well-scaled, cowgirl footage, anyway.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind seeing NA experiment a bit further with two-way dialogue. If it were up to me, the two-way dialogue would simply set-up the actual sex. And, when the sex commences, I’d have the fella stop talking.


The missionary felt decent: though, slightly more distant than previously.

Cum on Dillion

Cum on Dillion!

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’d like to see NA employ some moving camera experimentation during missionary: with the camera zooming in—part of the time—on the woman’s face.

The doggy felt pretty good, but slightly narrow.

All this scale perception stuff, as mentioned, is sometimes a somewhat individual experience. And, your experience may vary.

But, I’m keeping my eye open to see the Sara Jay scale replicated. This is all, of course, one guy’s experience and opinion.

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