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Ask Something- November 3rd, 2016

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Hi friends, today we’ll quickly consider some things:

1. Nicole
2. Porn fame
3. Beauty
4. Human curiosity

So, let’s do this point-by-point.

1. Nicole has achieved a rare, elite level of porn fame.

She tripped our radar by starring in Naughty America’s second VR porn release: Be The Boss (July 2015).

Nicole Aniston beautiful face

Ms. Aniston stars in a very early virtual porn release for NA

That was followed by a patriotic bikini VR in July 2016.

Nicole Aniston Bangin Fourth promo graphic

July 4, 2016 sees Ms. Aniston return to Naughty VR in an American flag bikini

2. So, to me, porn fame is interesting. Sometimes, it seems somewhat arbitrary. And, there’s certainly a geographical component. And, let’s be honest: there’s a who you know element to it…just as with everything.

I’ve found myself wondering before: Why is Woman A so much more popular than Woman B?

I could give specific examples, but I ain’t looking to make a gal uncomfortable.

Anyway, with Nicole… I see it like this: she has an unusually beautiful face. There just ain’t two ways about it. That face deserves to be famous!

Nicole's face pushing towards the camera.

Nicole virtual kissing

Now, looks ain’t everything in life. I definitely give you that. Personality is supreme: because, without it, you ain’t gonna get any laughter connection…

3. But, with that said… beauty is real, too!

Nicole Aniston

Nicole Aniston

And, I’ll be damned if this elegant woman doesn’t have a fashion model face. I mean… she looks like she ought to be on the cover of Elle.

Sometimes society gives a fella the feeling he should feel bad for appreciating—even worshiping—beauty; I think a man desiring a gorgeous-faced woman with a heavenly set of bouncy, boobie boppers is as natural as the morning sunrise.


Ms. Aniston gives the actual porn performance 100%. She brings it…

Nicole with a very intense lean forward VR cowgirl

Nicole with a very intense lean forward VR cowgirl

So, I understand her acclaim.

4. Now, let’s consider human curiosity. Why does it exist? And… how?

I don’t fucking know, man… but, it does exist! A lot of people simply want to know things. I’m certain about that!

Oh, you nosy bastards!

So, for those folks curious about Nicole Aniston: here’s your chance.

On November 3rd, 11 AM PST, Ms. Aniston will be doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Nicole Aniston Reddit AMA

Your chance to ask Nicole a question

So, there you have it. If you’re curious about Nicole, go ask her something.

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