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VRP To Release Star Wars Parody

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Star Wars parody text graphic

I’m curious to see how well the VRP boys pull off this Star Wars parody

Hi friends, some news surfaced sure to make horny sci-fi fellas world-wide soil their collective, pocket protector: the Virtual Real Porn boys are on the verge of releasing a Star Wars VR porn parody.

Yep. A virtual porn parody entitled Rogue Cum: A Star Wars Parody.

What do I, personally, think of this?

Well, it does star Anissa Kate, Ava Koxxx, Misha Cross and Potro de Bilbao. So, the line-up looks solid.

Misha Cross blue lips

Oh, Misha baby! Digging those punk rock blue lips

And, is it just me or is there something kind of horny inspiring about seeing Misha in a futuristic costume with blue lips and a white triangle on her forehead?

All right…

So, if you’re interested, I do have a few general thoughts about porn, plot and parody.

First, let’s see how the VRP boys describe this latest effort:

Join the hot side in this upcoming porn parody by VRP!!! You cannot resist the attraction: FEEL THE POWER OF THE CUM FLOWING FROM YOUR SABRE!!!

Okay… And, as you can see below, there’s Potro doing something Star Wars-ish.

Here's Porto doing something Star Wars-ish

Here’s Porto doing something Star Wars-ish

More Thoughts

So, perhaps the Wankz boys started something with their recent feature-length Zombie Slayers release.

Big beautifully designed promo graphic for a very special WankzVR Halloween release

WankzVR recently demonstrated that it’s possible to release full-length VR porns that include a somewhat complex plot

And, come to think of it, they also did a Game of Thrones parody.

Elsa Jean Game of Moans dvd cover

A Game of Thrones parody by WankzVR

This Ain't Star Trek XXX

This Ain’t Star Trek XXX is Hustler’s version of horny Captain Kirk and the gang

And, come to think of it, they did a Star Wars one a while back that had something to do with horny Anna Morna as a horny, cowgirling slave princess or something.

So, perhaps Team Wankz raised the possibility of long VR porn movies with an entertainment value beyond the simple, buck-naked hump and bump.

Conventional 2D porn, of course, has been exploring this parody route for quite a while now. To give just one example, there’s Hustler’s take on Star Trek.

And, if you’re going to porn parody, Star Wars is a fertile base: because, it occupies such a deep place in the public imagination.

Star Wars XXX Alex Braun

Mr. Braun’s take on the Star Wars fuck flick

Alex Braun—who, perhaps is the master of 2D porn parodies—put in considerable effort and cash for his pornified version of the galaxy far, far way (pictured below).

So, the bottom line here is that a lot of fellas like these sort of porn parodies. If they didn’t, the studios wouldn’t continue to release them.

Looks like some light saber action in forthcoming Rogue Cum

Looks like some light saber action in forthcoming Rogue Cum

As for me, I greatly enjoy porn plots/narrative: when they’re well done!

I especially like the humorous ones… but, if I’m being honest, it seems the mark is often missed with these attempts…

That’s to say, when an entertaining/funny plot meets all of the technical requirements necessary to make VR porn work it’s a horny good time.

So, it appears like we’ll soon be getting an outer space orgy…

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