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Let’s Talk About Fidelio

Prior to this release, some intriguing graphics appeared online that piqued both anticipation and expectation. Here’s a gigantic-sized example:

huge fidelio VR porn collage

This fidelio graphic stirred anticipation: without a doubt

Man, if there’s one thing I love it’s a bunch of beautiful women wearing tight, bikini bottoms. Just being honest, man!

Let’s do this thing…

As mentioned, really good work with the costumes and setting in this feature

As mentioned, really good work with the costumes and setting in this feature

Thoughts About fidelio

Interestingly, this ambitious fidelio release is pretty simple to discuss.

The best part of it—for me—was they managed to get multiple women (sometimes faces and other times entirely) in the same frame: while maintaining close proximity and a realistic scale. That, for me, was worth the admission price alone.

Mia Malkova cowgirl

Mia hits us with her holiday cowgirl

And, it’s biggest shortcoming
—again, in my opinion—is that optically the lighting and color could have been better. I ain’t saying the optics were a dealbreaker. But, it’s my job to honestly express strengths and weaknesses as I see them.

So, the standout sections, without a doubt, were the segments that pushed as many women as close to the camera as possible…

And, to Naughty’s credit, there was much camera time with multiple women close to the lens. I mean… that’s what it’s all about.

And, on the level, VR porn fans will love this! Fans of beautiful, young blonde women will love it. I mean… how couldn’t you?

Karla Kush cowgirl

Karla’s turn to bounce

Other Optics: the scaling felt pretty good. To my eyes, there were parts where things felt a tad narrow. And, as distance increases, the clarity decreases: as is the case with all studios.

But, Naughty did a fine job of pulling a bunch of the gal’s faces into the sweet spot distance: and, for me, no upper frame distortion whatsoever. That’s important to note, because in some NA VRs this year—a while ago—I was experiencing some upper frame wonkiness. It appears that is well resolved these days.

As mentioned, I felt the lighting could have been brighter: and, in turn, that would have probably improved the color. Now, I ain’t trying to pretend I got Stevie Spielberg understanding of cinematography, man.

And, an argument could probably be made that the lighting/color (somewhat muted effect) enhanced and complemented the movie’s fantasy theme.

You see, we’re dealing with a mansion orgy featuring masked women…not to mention that initially Mia—also masked—provides an intriguing and somewhat mysterious tour of various sex rooms… so, there is a type of fantasy/mood being projected.

And, one might argue that given this murky, other-worldy environment: the more subdued lighting and color palette enhanced the emotional feel. That argument could be made.

For example, in a scary movie, you don’t expect the type of brightness and vivid hues that one sees during an episode of Full House or that corny sitcom where you’ve got your blue collar, rotund raconteur who’s somehow hitched to a tasty tart…

Example of a happy and bright sitcom

Example of a happy and bright sitcom

So, likewise in this type of fantasy, the visuals match the emotional tone.

Ultimately, though, I’d say that VR porn movies are—needless to say—porn movies. And, no matter how well-executed the narrative/setting: people are putting on headsets to get their horny on…

Now, fidelio was an ambitious and remarkable release. I mean that honestly…and, I want to be clear about that. This is damn horny stuff. I mean, after all…

…you put these particular four gals in front of high-quality cameras and… yea, how couldn’t it be horny?

VR fidelio cowgirl orgy screenshot

You know… what’s not to like, guys?

And, those cute little coquettish looks and kissy faces salacious Sydney kept sending my way… She likes me, guys! I could see it…

Sydney Cole VR kissing

Oh, Sydney baby!

Still not funny

The movie delivered much of what I’m so often requesting: that’s to say, getting the camera close to the gal(s).

And, particularly horny was how the director frequently framed close-up shots incorporating multiple women. Keep doing it just like that please, sirs!

There was such a wealth of glorious cowgirling, kissing and multi-girl configurations it got a bit horny-dizzy.

Let’s look at a few more pictures:

Naughty America VR orgy

Very nice camera framing

Sydney Cole kisses VR camera with tongue

Oh, Sydney baby! Nice work making love to the VR rig

Mia and Sydney in fidelio intimacy

Mia and Sydney in fidelio intimacy

It’s challenging to position multiple women close-up together while keeping the scaling and general optics correct: and not having one gal obscure the view of the other gals.

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