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Bikini Time! Lana, Kylie, Lily – HORNY!

I love bikinis, man!

Mia Malkova bikini ass VR
Mia Malkova shoves out her bikini ass in an early effort

Everyone who reads knows one thing: is absolutely CUCKOO for a gorgeous gal in a 3D bikini!

And, with this latest Naughty America VR release, Spring Break The Party 2017, we get Lana Rhoades, Kylie Page and Lily Jordan…IN LITTLE TEENIE TINY TIGHT BIKINIS!

You know, let’s just drop a ton of pictures from this scene right here, right now!

Spring Break 2017 Part 2 from Naughty America VR
In Spring Break 2017 Part 2, Lily Jordan joins Kylie and Lana for some sun-and-fun debauchery
doggy pose
Oh yea!

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Lily Jordan cowgirl
Lily bounces
Lana Rhoades cowgirl
Ms. Rhoades turn to bounce
Kylie Page cowgirls
Kylie cowgirl
Kylie Page bikini ass
Here Kylie shows us one of her aspects
Lana cowgirls
Lana cowgirls
Kylie and Lana frame a Lily reverse cowgirl
Kylie and Lana frame a Lily reverse cowgirl
Kylie and Lana
What the hell’s not to like! Kylie and Lana
Spring Break 2017 Part 1
Spring Break 2017 Part 1 featuring Kylie Page and Lana Rhoades

Kylie Lana more bikini stuff
Great movie

Lana Kylie legs spread in just bikini bottoms
Kylie and Lana heavenly bikini action

Kylie and Lana in bikinis
Hi ladies
Kylie and Lana in bikinis
Oh man… take me to spring break, man…
Kylie and Lana get ready as they contemplate which outfit the dude will find most horny
Kylie and Lana get ready as they contemplate which outfit the dude will find most horny
Kylie Paige and Lana Rhoades kiss
Let’s get it on… oh baby! let’s get it on
Lana and Kylie in bikinis kiss each other
The bikini preparations take a turn towards the Isle of Lesbos

Ryan Driller cock sucked spring break
Time to get funky, gals

Ryan Driller
In Part 2, things start heating up when young fella Ryan Driller does his thing

cock play in bikni
Bikini weenie play

They consistently film famous, award-winning, generally American pornstars.

That pattern holds here: we get Kylie Page, Lana Rhoades and Lily Jordan.

The transgressive element might be the young ladies discussing the magnitude of man meat, mouth magic they perform in a single night, but these days, who knows…

Anyway…bikini stuff!


So, for a virtual porn to succeed, it must have a proper clarity, sense of spatial correctness and general, 3D realism.

Optically: very good. Scale awesome on closer segments. The general gravity felt pretty good. I didn’t feel it quite measured-up to Richelle’s release.

I’m wasting everybody’s time if I don’t give a straight-up report of my experience. And, I felt that—while certainly competent/professional—it didn’t have the same sense of spatial correctness.

Don’t get me wrong. Things still looked horny.

As repeated, I enjoy this bikini/spring break stuff. A LOT!

Nice job with the script…

I think the script was well-conceived: the two sections…and, how the first section logically sets up the second; while also, interestingly, providing a deeper glimpse into the psychological flavor of this experience: e.g., the women revealing their sexual attitudes, libidinous wiliness and general motive.

With that said, I would have considered making the Part 1 Prelude exclusively teasing: with the intercourse section beginning in Part 2.


Well, Part 2 is an outrageously horny, fuckfest that wonderfully keeps Kylie, Lana and Lily in the same frame for much of the movie (as seen in the Lily Jordan cowgirl below). As an aside: fidelio rocked for the same reason.

So, it seems that Part 2: The Party thoroughly covers the fucking aspect.

It doesn’t matter much, but I wonder why some Lana cowgirling was tacked onto Part 1’s ending.

I would have considered perhaps having Part 1 a full-fledged bikini tease section.

Maybe T Stone’s hesitant. Perhaps T. thinks he’ll reunite with his ex-girlfriend.

Thus, Kylie and Lana must go full-horny with their bikini-tease antics.

But hey, that’s just me.

Just one guy with an opinion.

Just peeping this still new VR porn medium and presenting some thoughts.

A lot of horny minutes in this outing.

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