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Happy Anniversary, VRP!

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Hi friends, so… the good pervs over at Virtual Real Porn are celebrating their third anniversary/birthday. And, in tribute, Team VRP is offering a special, limited time deal.

Ivana Sugar cowgirl

Ivana Sugar cowgirls for Virtual Real Porn in their recent movie, Friend Request… I liked this one a lot. I like Ivana a lot!

But, before we get to that… the truth is that no deal’s a good deal if the work is subpar.

What does that mean?

That means no price is low enough if the VR porn movies are wonky.

That makes sense, right?

Fortunately, the VRP boys have been cranking out high-quality and horny VRs since the beginning: an example pictured below as Harmony Reigns swings those enormous funbags about in an early VRP effort.

Harmony Reigns cowgirl

Harmony Reigns, vivacious bouncy cowgirling

Now, this is probably debatable, but I think an argument could be made that VRP was the first real player in the VR porn space.

I mean… who else was there earlier with regular releases of professional quality?

Now, there’s plenty of reason for folks to be skeptical of Internet info. And, fellas might think we’re just talking up VRP for our own ends

Well, to those fellas…you see…that’s the very reason we run the VR Porn Movie Awards. 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards was a lot of fun and also informative by pulling in wide and diverse public opinion

Doing things this way keeps things… really real.

And, you’ll notice that Virtual Real Porn did exceedingly well in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards.

So, why am I going on like this?

Well, I am OCD…and… not OCD in the way commonly found where every dipshit with the slightest eccentricity proudly proclaims they’re OCD.

No, OCD as in… nevermind

Here’s the point: I characterized Virtual Real Porn’s work as “high-quality and horny.” And, I anticipated the reader might think, “How do I know this guy ain’t just saying that for his own motives?

And, to that skepticism, I respond: “It ain’t just me saying their work has been horny. The VR porn community has agreed and you can see for yourself by having a look at those movie awards voting/comments and the awards article we posted.” And, while you’re at it: go vote, man!

And, you know what else is interesting?

For the 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards—voting still in progress—the movie presently in 2nd Place is Virtual Real Porn’s The Rehearsal starring Harmony Reigns…

DVD cover for Virtual Real Porn's The Rehearsal with Harmony big tits Reigns

Virtual Real Porn’s movie, The Rehearsal, made an unusually big impression, it seems, in the VR porn world

Here’s the thing, though: The Rehearsal was released in 2015, and it already was the 2nd Place Winner in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards!

So, this is surprising.

Honestly, I find this pretty damn surprising.

Even given all of the VR porn movies released in 2016: a release from 2015 is in 2nd place for this year’s awards? Wow…

And, not only that…

…An argument could probably be made that it’s in 1st Place because the comment getting the votes mentioned The Rehearsal and the recent WankzVR work (emphasizing Stretched Out)…and beneath that there’s a comment that says, “She needs to do some more rehearsals.”

And, that individual comment has received an additional 8 votes presently.

All right.

So, enough conversations with myself.

Anna Polina with dildo

Anna Polina three dimensional dildo for VRP in the movie Water Vapor

Here’s the thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VRP!

You good folks have been releasing HORNY virtual porn movies since the start… for three years now!

And, your prices are always competitive—cheap, really!—even without specials.

But, now a fella can get 3 Months for 30 €… which converts, presently, to $31.80. So, enough said gentlemen.

You’re getting old VRP! May you have many more years and keep releasing the HORNY for us! THANK YOU!!!

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