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So, friends…I noticed a somewhat new studio: SexBabesVR.

And, we’re all for giving new studios some coverage when we have a little extra time.

Belle Clair leans in for some clothed teasing

Belle Clair leans in for some clothed teasing

But, they must have free sample trailers available. And, does indeed have some free sample previews.

If another VR porn studio wants coverage, leave a link to your free sample trailers right in the comments.

A little piece of advice to studios, particularly new studios: put together a free, 5 minute preview video that includes twenty second clips from your various videos and let folks take a look…

If it looks good, it’ll make you money. Period.

All right

So, I also noticed these SexBabesVR guys are filming some mighty fine women.

Belle Clair, for instance, is awfully cute!

So, I downloaded three of their trailers:

1. Belle Claire Gamer Girl, starring Belle Claire
2. Breakfast Fun, starring Morgan Rodriguez
3. Playful Fun, starring Nicole Love

Now, I could ramble, but when the Fleshlight hits the weenie, we’re really interested in the same ole things we’re always looking at:'s release, Playful Fun, starring hotty Nicole Love

Pictured above is’s release, Playful Fun, starring hotty Nicole Love

1. The women
2. Positioning
3. Sense of spatial correctness
4. Quality factors such as editing, framing, color, light, sound, clarity, resolution, etc.
5. And, in this case, the studio’s release frequency…

And, about release frequency: it’s 2 VRs a week. That’s good.

So, I fired up Playful Fun with Nicole Love.

And, I’ll tell you what, friends. My first thought was this: “Damn, that looks much better than I was expecting.

Nicole Love cowgirls

Nicole Love hits us with a standard cowgirl that optically feels pretty good

I’m just being honest with you, fellas. For whatever reason, I was expecting a less polished product.

Nicole Love sideways cowgirl

Ms. Love turns her cowgirl sideways for some extra style points


I don’t know. Maybe because in most cases new studios tend to be a bit on the unpolished side…or even, a lot on the unpolished side.

I mean…you want a case study of how a VR porn studio can begin…and how far they can progress in under a year?

Then see our first look at Wankz…and, then go look at the 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards.

I mean…once you realize how that can work, it makes one wonder: what’s SexBabes going to be releasing six months from now?

See what I mean?

Now, I ain’t saying that this present work looks brain-bendingly-spectacular to my particular eyeballs.

Gorgeous Morgan Rodriguez doggies

Gorgeous Morgan Rodriguez doggies

And, after watching three previews, I had a familiar thought: that the doggy and missionary felt a bit distant… in other words, get closer…

But, first impression: things look pretty damn good.

I mean… the Gear VR files are 60 frames per second, 2880 x 1440… so, I ain’t Stevie Spielberg, but those specs seem fine to me…

Also, let me again emphasize that fellas experience the same VR movie differently depending upon their facial structure (distance between eyes), VR equipment used and their own natural preferences (eg. some people naturally like a bigger image).

But, I’m being straight…the samples I fired-up looked all right.

The scale was rendered acceptably. I’d probably say that it’s just a bit small. But, you’ve heard me say the same repeatedly about some other studios. So, your mileage might vary on that…

Morgan Rodriguez in a SexBabesVR feature

This is Morgan Rodriguez in a SexBabesVR feature

We’ve discussed scale preference here repeatedly…and, there’s just not a right answer to it! Some people love pineapple pizza and some don’t!

The Sex Babes gang has assembled some pretty fine gals in their VR stable.

Going through the list…here’s a few: Ivana Sugar, Blanche Bradburry, Gina Gerson, Katy Rose, Cherry Kiss, Christen Courtney, Antonia Sainz, Nathaly, Belle Claire, Lady D, Morgan Rodriguez, Cayla, Nicole Love, Alexis Brill, Nancy A, Sara Kay, Paula Shy, Timea Bella and others…

We’ve seen some of these gals VR for CzechVR, Virtual Real Porn and BaDoinkVR.

And… did somebody mention Katy Rose?

FindVRporn likes Katy Rose

FindVRporn likes Katy Rose

Oh, Katy baby!

And, about now you might be realizing that most of their gals are from the Czech Republic or Hungary.


I’m 100% in favor of skinny, Eastern Euro beauties. And, maybe that’s the primary factor behind a subscription decision.

This is how I, personally, would look at it.

You can get a month for 25 bucks. And, as mentioned, the Sex Babes niche appears to be Eastern Euro skinny hotties in fairly conventional sex scenarios.

Thus, to my way of thinking, the SexBabes VR brand is mostly competing against CzechVR: and, to a lesser extent Virtual Real Porn and BadoinkVR.

Now, VRP subs can be picked-up for so damn cheap (particularly if you take the 11 video/2 day deal), I’d say—no matter what—you might as well grab that and go on a download spree for a few days.

Now, I’m going to be totally honest with you guys… and, I want SexBabesVR to succeed! I really do… and, here’s the thing that comes to my mind…

If I’m correct in concluding that the SexBabes gang is occupying a space most similar to the Czech boys…that complicates matters, honestly, because you can also score a CzechVR sub for 25 bucks.

And, CzechVR—in addition to having a big back library—is really releasing horny VR these days. The truth is CVR’s been pumping horny for a while now.

Belle Clair legs spread fucking

Keep them legs apart, Belle!

So, in conclusion, I’d probably look at it like this…

If you’re in the market for a sub, I’d say go to their site, download and watch their previews: form your own conclusion about the quality and look over the SexBabes roster of gals.

And, if you liked the SexBabes previews and you’re a big fan of their particular sex babes and you’ve got some… um… discretionary income: there you go.

In my opinion, I’d say the quality level (based on the previews I watched) was good enough to justify a download swoop if you’re digging on a lot of their models.

So, let’s give these boys a chance and see what they offer us in the coming months. I’d say they’re off to a fine start for a new studio.

I’m curious to see how they progress.

You can have a look for yourself.

Good luck, SexBabes. We’ll check back in a while and see what you’re up to.

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