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Carly Rae Cosplays

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Dana Scully face

Would love some supernatural Agent Scully cosplay action

Okay, VRcosplayX: I’ve got three strong suggestions:

1. X Files’ Dana Scully

2. Catwoman

3. Baywatch

All right, friends, so the other day we discussed a Harry Potter inspired cosplay porn.

And, before that we took an overview of the relatively new VRCosplayX project brought to us by the BaDoinkVR boys.

So, it comes down to this:

Baywatch swimsuits horny

Could we see this in VR?

Are you a panty perv? Do you like CFNM (clothed-female, nude male) stuff? Do you experience fetishistic tingles over costume pornography? When you’re in the mall walking past Victoria’s Secret, can you not resist taking a peek?

If so, these VRcosplayX releases will shatter your horny meter.

pornhub categories screen capture

There are an insane amount of categories that porn gets broken down into… people are horny and fetish is king

Because, if the technical aspects (scale, camera positioning, color, sound, etc.) of a VR are correct, it’s just a matter of whether you like the horny costumes, fantasy narratives, etc.

And, people like different porn stuff.

And, as long as everything’s legal: I don’t see that there’s really a wrong or right to preferences…

As previously discussed, there are a lot of sub-genres, man! I mean… just check out what PornHub offers:

And, I’m just going to be totally honest with you fellas.

Look, there are some VR porn studios (Naughty America, Virtual Real Porn, Wankz, Czech, VT, etc.) releasing high-quality work that, in my opinion, merits the sub price.

But, for me, VRcosplayX has now become my favorite studio.

Am I saying they’re the best?

No, I’m just saying that for me, personally, as one individual dude; they’ve become my fave.


Carly Rae purple panties

Oh, Carly baby!

Simple: because of the costumes! I LOVE COSTUME PORN! I admit it, man! I love partially-clothed beautiful women doing costume porn teasing and such!

Oh! Bikinis and corsets and panties and lingerie and nurses and Wonderwoman and Supergirl!!!

Oh, man I’m being painfully honest with you guys. It’s almost kind of embarrassing, man!

Hey, it ain’t just me!

It ain’t me alone that explains why the lingerie business generates billions of bucks in sales every year!

This is a pretty damn mainstream fetish, man!

But, here’s the thing…if the VR studio competently executes the technical aspects…and, let’s face it, they all film beautiful women that regular fellas don’t generally get to doink…

Carly Rae thong up ass

Once again, Oh, Carly baby!

So, if the studio’s got a beautiful gal and they’re getting the camera close and the scaling, sound, color, etc. is right…

Well, what’s left?

Basically the costume and the contextual set-up/narrative.

And, this costume stuff… I LIKE IT A LOT!

Angel Wicky supergirl promo

The soon to be released Supergirl VR cosplay… and, that looks kind of like Ms. Angel Wicky…

You want an example?

Here’s the supergirl VR getting released in two days:

See, here’s the thing.

We’ve all seen a lot of the “Coming Soon” promo graphics for porn movies. But, when I see blonde beauty Angel Wicky in a supergirl outfit for an upcoming VR… I’m thinking, OH HELL, YEA!!! (I’m pretty sure that’s Angel in the picture…)

Let’s do this thing

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the VRcosplayX boys describe this latest Carly costume crazy stuff:

Ivy Valentine is arguably one of the sexiest video game characters of all time.

Aside from the fact that her boobs look like they are perpetually trying escape the confinements of her tight outfit, she also has a bit of a kinky side that makes her an excellent dominatrix…

…This anti-hero will tease your cock, demand all the dirty things she wants you to do to her, and squeeze every last drop of cum from you to show you who’s the real boss.

Horny blonde Carly Rae cosplay

Very horny stuff from Ms. Carly Rae!

More Thoughts About Carly Holecalibur

Carly Rae cowgirl

Carly Rae cowgirl

All right, so we’ve already pretty thoroughly discussed how costumes, fantasy, lingerie etc. strongly appeals to many porn consumers.

So, if you’re in that category, you’re going to like this.

The cameras get close to the youthful, blonde beauty Carly Rae Summers.

And, unsurprisingly, we get some horny cowgirl that’s well-scaled and immediate.

Carly Rae doggy style pussy

Oh, I like the looks of this!

Oh, those heavenly Carly Rae beautiful boobie bouncers!

And, as discussed, people like different stuff. For me, I probably like the costume, solo teasing stuff more than the actual sex.

And, there is some horny teasing footage, indeed, as no penetration occurs until about the twenty minute mark. Prior to that there’s plenty of Carly Rae masturbation, close-ups and such. And, man…is this ever a gal you want to close-up, doggy ogle!

And, of course, the good ole doggy diddle…

Carly Rae doggy

This blonde bombshell looks all sorts of fine down doggy

And, the camera man stayed close for a generous helping of further Carly diddling.

Carly Rae Summers VR masturbation

Carly Rae self service

Carly Rae sucks and handjobs and performs a passionate prelude to the fucking. And, that Carly Rae accent!

Carly Rae handjob

Carly Rae handjob

Carly Rae eats cum

Well done, Carly Rae

In summary, I liked how the forty minutes was split between teasing and sex. Carly’s sexy.

The costume was horny. But, it could have definitely stayed on longer!

And, more close-ups lingering on Carly Rae’s bikini bottom!

More cosplay, man! Oh, such great stuff…

Technically, things were scaled fine and optically looked crisp.

Carly Rae cowgirl

There’s a lot to like about Ms. Summers

The lighting and color were good, but, in my opinion, things could have been brighter with more intense color saturation. Then again, I ain’t Stevie Spielberg.

What more can I say? I find this stuff horny.

I just say keep as much of the costume on as long as possible.

Oh, those Carly Rae cowgirling boobie bouncers… heavenly!

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