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Natasha Nice As Your Virtual Bride

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider the world-famous porn starlet, Natasha Nice, in BaDoinkVR’s latest release, Ride The Bride.

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR wide doggy

Natasha Nice whispers

Good close-up as Natasha comes in for the whisper

Natasha Nice face

Some good face time!

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR doggy style fuck

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR reverse cowgirl

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR reverse cowgirl

Natasha Nice blowjob

Natasha Nce with some nice mouth magic

Natasha Nice doggy style

Decent doggy action in this outing

Natasha Nice doggy style hair pull

Oh, yea… doggy Natasha good!

Natasha Nice missionary

Natasha Nice missionary

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR rubs pussy

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR naked ass bent over

Natasha Nice cowgirl

Now, that’s a sight…

Natasha Nice masturbation

Natasha Nice masturbation segment early in the movie

Natasha Nice eye contact cowgirl

OH, Natasha baby!

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR blowjob

Natasha Nice BaDoinkVR blowjob

Natasha Nice wedding gown

Here comes the bride, crawling up for a ride: Natasha Nice

Honestly, I’ve been trying to write this review for a while now.

What’s my problem?

It’s the TV news, man. You know, we talk about VR porns here…but, this world’s getting kind of crazy, man…

Let me get back on track here, but I try to be straight with you fellas…

We, last saw a virtual Natasha in her WankzVR effort, NYPD Blew.

Presently we have Ms. Nice in a wedding-themed BaDoinkVR outing. Behold folks, here comes the bride:

And, there’s another bit of BaDoinkVR news that will interest folks debating whether to subscribe.

It can be tough deciding which sub to choose.

There are a number of VR studios out there. Naturally, you want the greatest return of horny on your dollar.

So, note that a BaDoinkVR sub now gives access to BaDoinkVIP.

It’s a VOD archive with plentiful premium stuff: 100,000 porn movies to stream/download from studios like Vivid, CumLouder, Pornstar Platinum, Cherry Pornstars, Wasteland, Animates, Party Hardcore.

And, you can use Chromecast, Roku, Playstation, X Box, SmartTVs etc. to cast these movies… And, this is new, and I believe I got those basic facts correct. I’m only human, but I think I got that right…

All right, Let’s do this thing already...

More Thoughts About This Natasha VR

Okay, so… here’s the thing.

It’s Natasha Nice. And, you probably already know how you feel about this young lady.

And, if you’re uncertain…then have another look at those funbags, man!

So, I don’t think there’s much need to discuss Ms. Nice’s appearance.

What’s more relevant is the acting.


Well, this is really a Girlfriend Experience outing. And, Natasha put in a

competent performance with the dialogue/whispering and demeanor.

Pictured below, Natasha leans in close and tells you some sweet hornies. This is the type of stuff that really sparkles in virtual reality: the closeness, whispering, sense of intimacy.

So, we get a full twelve minutes of bride Natasha, GFE type foreplay in the opening.

This includes Natasha immediately shoving her face at the camera. People will have different set-up


For me, I’m fine with minimal set-up. Jumping straight to a beautiful, gal face works for me.

From there: a tongue wiggle before rapidly transitioning to a hoo-ha close-up as Ms. Nice tells the lucky fella he can explore her pink tunnel whenever he pleases.

We get some tight footage of a Natasha grinding lapdance complete with horny dialogue.

And, a titfuck with the continued GFE type dialogue.

So, if you’re looking for virtual Natasha Nice GFE, it’s here.

I felt the blowjob footage, while good, could have been a little tighter/bigger.

The upright cowgirl was scaled well, varied the distance well (leaning in and back) and kept a competent sense of spatial correctness: creating the desired realism…and, with those boobie bouncers bouncing: horny!

The doggy style optics were great: with a properly wide feel. For me, it could have been a tad wider, but it was good enough.

And, man…something about the doggy hair pull really amps up the horny!

The missionary was pulled low, but, in my opinion, Natasha could have been pulled a bit lower in the frame.

I always find reverse cowgirl best when the woman is upright (rather than leaning away towards the man’s feet).

Missed Opportunity: This movie delivered plentiful close-ups on a pretty woman. That’s a fact.

Now, while the picture below might look a bit unusual while viewed in this 2D form…believe me, this is EXACTLY the type of camera perspective/distance you want in a VR porn!

And, optically it looked good. If you’re into the whole bride/GFE fantasy: you get that.

I’ll tell you. This release checked most of the boxes.

Interestingly, at the end, the camera spent a good minute zoomed in on Natasha’s face as she plays with the alpha’s goo.

Maybe it’s not fair for me to call this a missed opportunity, but I wouldn’t have minded if they spent a full five minutes holding that facial close-up on Natasha.

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