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Catching Up With Some VRP Previews

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Carly Rae Summers article feature image

Carly Beautiful Boobie Bopppers Summers in an early Virtual Real Porn movie

Hi friends, we haven’t discussed any Virtual Real Porn previews for a bit. So, let’s take a look.

Now, in fairness to the VRP gang: these fellas have been releasing horny competence since the start.

Honestly, weren’t they the first squad to nail realistic VR porn optics? I think so. I remember when I first saw a properly-scaled woman in a cardboard viewer. It was a Virtual Real Porn preview. And, my jaw dropped…

I ain’t saying that like a figure of speech. I mean, my jaw literally dropped.

In the earlier days of Oculus NSFW discussions, consensus praised VRP profusely. Check out our 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards for confirmaton. Oh, Misha baby!

Findvrporn.com 2015 VR porn movie awards header image

The 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards revealed that Virtual Real Porn was very popular with our voters.

Now, VR porn time functions a bit differently on Einstein’s continuum. What does that mean?

Well, VR porn time is kind of like dog years. What does that mean?

Well, it means that in the VR porn realm a lot happens in a year.

Heather Vahn stars in Sexy Housewife

The gorgeous Heather Vahn reminds me of a MILF from my formative years. Those are the MILFS that are hardest to forget, man!

Presently, there’s considerable and competent competition.

I’m just telling it straight. But, nothing changes that…

…In VR porn’s history, Team VRP was damn influential. If I’m wrong, you can remark in the comments. But, that’s how it appears to me.

Bottom line: the VRP boys have been consistently releasing a competent, horny product at a good price right from the start. And, these excellent European pervs still faithfully rock VRs on a regular basis.

Heather Vahn spreads legs solo in a virtual porn movie screen capture

In this recent Virtual Real Porn preview, Miss Heather Vahn shows off her gal gorgeousness

A couple noteworthy VRP things to add: 1.) They also provide some ethnic/racial variety. 2.) They’ve taken innovative/niche chances with things like the Kiiro, a VR porn game (VR Love)…

…And, they were willing to explore VR porn niche: for gay male viewers, for transsexual content, amateur VR performers, cams, and even, if I recall, some sort of choose your own adventure VR…

And, I must mention VRP’s interesting effort, Virtual Real Passion, which delivers VR horny for hetero gals looking to get their jill-on.

Kayden Gray stars in a virtual porn movie for female viewers

Kayden Gray stars in a virtual porn movie for female viewers

While, of course, their ain’t nothing wrong with a gal savoring some solo fun time: it’s still interesting to picture a horny harlot’s hard drive virtual porn packed with movies like the one pictured below, featuring studly Kayden Gray.

I could imagine VR porn successfully simulating a sexual situation for heterosexual women. How?

Well, have the cowgirling actress’s camera point her gaze at the fella’s face as she bounces in a very steady rhythm.

The female viewer could mount a dildo dong to the floor (see embedded video below), match the actress’s cow rhythm… and, after that… hey: who needs an actual dude anyway?! Let’s face it: men and women don’t really do that well together in the real world!

Luna Corason and Katrin Tequila in a domination virtual porn movie

I like this rough stuff, don’t you?

And, if that ain’t enough, the hussy’s got an additional gadget on her special spot!

So, with all of that said, let’s quickly consider some recent previews: Obedient Pet, starring Luna Corazon, Katrin Tequila and Potro de Bilbao;

Lucia Fernandez beautiful tits

Oh, Lucia… these beatific boobie bouncers!

Sexy Housewife, starring Heather Vahn and Steve Q; and, Gatecrashers, starring Lucia Fernández and Juan Lucho.

All right, so these latest movie previews look good. And, ain’t no surprise there. Major factors considered include technical settings, the scale and the performers.

And, it works for these eyeballs. I can’t say that optically these look much different from a year ago. But, that’s really just to say they also looked great a year ago.

Heather Vahn and her Goddess, tan-lined ass

Heather Vahn and her Goddess, tan-lined ass

Luna Corazon and Katrin Tequila provide some spicy and aggressive antics.

Concerning Lucia Fernandez…you got a new fan, Lucy my girl!!!

And, as to Heather Vahn: that’s what I call a Goddess, tan-lined backside!

So, I suppose the major Virtual Real Porn development in 2017 is that they keep building-out their niche efforts: gay, content for hetero female consumers, trans, amateur, cams and games.

Out of everything, I’m most curious to see how the VR Love game turns out.

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