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Spider Gwen Review Victoria Summers

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This is a winning formula for me

Hi friends, with 2017 concluding, I’ve been considering the year’s output and discussing some movies I found particularly interesting-horny.

That brings us to today’s subject, Spider-Gwen A XXX Parody, released by the VRcosplayX gang on September 22nd of this year.

While I think there were some camera positioning shortcomings, I found this release noteworthy because of Victoria Summers’ unusual beauty, lively performance, horny dialogue (surprisingly rare in porn movies), and the film’s cosplay faithfulness.

Victoria Summers in spidergirl costume

…really like the costume!

Okay, a few things off the top of my head in a list:

1. Victoria Summers is gorgeous.

2. I absolutely love her horny accent.

3. Victoria’s first-rate dialogue stream about fucking and its various

Victoria Summers reverse cowgirl

Victoria Summers reverse spidergirl

tangents further complements her accent’s libidinousness.

Who the fuck says libidinousness, man! Hey, I felt like I was saying horny too much.

Still not funny

I never said I was George Costanza, man.

George Costanza on couch

I love the episode where George Costanza gets hooked on VR porn while Jerry debates about the best laundry detergent and Kramer gets his head stuck in a public washing machine before going off and joining the New York Green party….. Definitely still not funny…

4. A Few Words About Body Type in VR Porns

This is one man’s opinion, certainly, but Victoria Summers—like the recently discussed Richelle Ryan—has the body type that best comes across in virtual space. At least to my eyes.

Now, I’m aware that some women don’t like being characterized in this manner. There’s such a prevalent skinny aesthetic/ideal (at least in American culture) that calling a gal thick might bring a swift kick to your dick.

Oh, VIctoria baby! Hit a fella with your squatting cowgirl hoverface.

Oh, VIctoria baby! Hit a fella with your squatting cowgirl hoverface.

But, here’s the thing…there’s what I call thick in a good way!

Which means…the woman’s body type hearkens back slightly towards a more 1950’s American aesthetic ideal perhaps somewhat exemplified by the Marilyn Monroe archetype.

Now, what I want to know…who the fuck says hearkens, man?

Still not funny…but, what I’m trying to say is that Ms. Summers has a body type that I call: Goddess Brick Shithouse.

That curvaceous-hippy-butt-bounty with bouncing boobie bopper good stuff

At 1:47 Ms. Summers is at the perfect distance to my eyeballs

At 1:47 Ms. Summers is at the perfect distance to my eyeballs

packed into a 5’2″ frame is exactly what works wonders on weenies in real life…but, more importantly, amplifies horny in VR space (particularly evident, for instance, in doggy segments).

5. An earlier VRcosplayX release, Stella Cox’s Harry Potter themed effort, featured some interesting special effects.

Now, of course, some cosplay characters and worlds will lend themselves much more to special effects.

But, with that said, I was sort of hoping that the fellas would incorporate much, much more of these effects into the movies when fitting.

Stand-up leaning forward a bit

Stand-up leaning forward a bit

I imagine this is probably quite complicated and expensive. Additionally, it’s also possible that not many share my view on this. After all, these are fuck movies we’re discussing.

6. It’s good to see a cosplay movie where the costume actually stays on! It makes me laugh because in much cosplay porn the cos part is finished after a few minutes. Here they keep Ms. Summers costumed-up for the duration.


…so, the movie starts with a good distance. At 1:47 Victoria slides into the sweet spot, but too briefly.

There’s a lengthy stand-up section. The whole thing feels quite good to my eyes. Here is a screen capture from 6:27 below:

Victoria Summers stand-up sex lean back

Lean that stand-up back girl

The stand-up is at its optimal horny-greatness when Victoria leans back at 10:47:

The stand-up lean back is how it’s done, son! I just wish that this positioning would have lasted much longer.

I’d be so audacious to put forth a general VR porn rule:

When the actress can push her face/head closer to the lens, she should. Right into the sweet spot distance of perhaps 15 inches.

Most of the missionary was leaning back as pictured below:

Stand-up leaning forward a bit

Victoria Summers missionary lean back at the 14:17 mark

I ain’t saying that was bad.

And, I must add that Ms. Summer’s has a noteworthy jolliness to her gal jiggle.

With that said, the missionary hornyess exponentially amplifies when Victoria very briefly pushes forward: as seen at 15:27 below.

Victoria Summers missionary push forward

Push that missionary forward girl

I would have liked the push-forward missionary to last for a few minutes.

The cowgirl was good (almost always the case) and some of the much-desired (at least for me) hover face was included for the cowgirl and close-up teasing-sexy stuff (as pictured below).

So, all things considered: Victoria’s looks, dialogue and sexual performance worked for me.

The technical VR aspects were fine. There were brief segments, to my eyes, where the positioning of everything was perfect, but I wish those bits extended much longer.

This VR should interest fans of Victoria Summers, beautiful blondes, horny dialogue and cosplay stuff…

All right, friends…enjoy.

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