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Today we’re going to talk about BaDoinkVR’s new movie, Another Lay At The Office, starring the skinny-sultry starlet, Ms. Stephanie West.

This movie is a fine example of the Instant Sweet Spot Open.

And, in this article I’ll argue why this sometimes-seen technique should become the always-seen, standardized convention.

What the heck’s an Instant Sweet Spot Open?

Well, as previously discussed, in VR porn movies there’s a sweet spot zone. In my opinion, CzechVR is particularly good at this.

Lots of solid, tight (sweet spot) footage in CVR #176

Lots of solid, tight (sweet spot) footage in CzechVR’s #176 release

You still haven’t provided a definition of the Sweet Spot zone, man??

Okay, here you go:

  There really is a perfect distance: a sweet spot. It ain’t right on top of the camera rig. And, it sure ain’t too far away from the lens either. There’s a little magical zone that emits an intense sense of the much discussed and desired intimate immersion. source

Okay, so here’s the thing.

A lot of VR porn movies open with a distant shot.

I consider that an unnecessary and flawed opening.

Why? And why are you sounding like such a bossy bastard, man!

Because the distant opening is unexciting. The image lacks visual clarity. In plain, caveman language: those distant shots don’t excite man brain.

And, when we cut the niceties, the plain reality is that men wearing headgear are willy-wacking. And, they want the movie to be horny.

And, those distant opening shots aren’t horny. So, why do it?

If the studio feels they’re setting the scene or whatever, then use a very quick distant shot then cut into a close-up of the woman’s face.

Now, somebody could say’s review method is flawed, but it can’t be called ambiguous or rigged. It couldn’t be more explicitly stated.

The three main things are the performers, sense of spatial correctness and positioning.

Lately, we’ve been going very deep on the positioning aspect.

And, again: somebody could say that the evaluative criteria isn’t formulated properly…but, they sure as fuck can’t say it ain’t absolutely 100% clear:

Here’s the FindVRporn checklist:

Convenient List of Positioning Elements FindVRporn wants in every release

A Prerequisite for any of the following to apply is that there is a correct sense of spatial correctness. That’s to say, if the scale/feel of things is wrong, position doesn’t matter.

Next: hit a fella with an Instant Sweet Spot Open: it’s how it’s done, son.

Now the list
1. Face close-up time in sweet spot zone, minimum 3 minutes.
2. Sweet spot clothed teasing, minimum 2 minutes.
3. Bent-over blowjob, minimum 2 minutes.
4. Missionary push-forward, minimum 5 minutes.
5. Truncated missionary: minimum 3 minutes. If you want major bonus points: fade cuts between truncated and push forward!
6. Standing from behind head/hair pull, minimum 3 minutes.
7. Immediate doggy that feels big enough, minimum 2 minutes.
8. Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface, minimum 2 minutes.
9. Ten finger reverse cowgirl, minimum 1 minute… as seen in Deadpool.
10. Truncated cowgirl as seen in VRP’s Student Affair: at least a minute. Every release already has cowgirl, so yea…I want to see the camera zoom into truncated cowgirl every release also.
1. Switch a few times into immediate 3rd person POV.
2. Work in moving camera.
3. As a very general rule, imo, it’s best to have the woman pulled down far in the frame: even to the extent where all that’s seen of the man is his thrusting dipstick.
4. Although controversial, if it were up to me, I’d say break 1st person POV all the time with quick black fadecuts that then refocus very close to the woman’s face etc. and then fade back to POV…this is something not seen much, though CzechVR is closest…
5. Although, not strictly a positioning aspect, if the background provides maximum contrast with the woman, everything—including positioning—looks better…

And, while we’re at it, let’s express another strong opinion. This stuff is all opinion, friends. I ain’t saying I’m right, but this is how it strikes me.

Convenient List of what FindVRporn wants from the performers

1. I’m tempted to say eye contact first. But, eye contact is a piece of the bigger whole.

So, I’m next tempted to say camera engagement. But, that’s also a piece of the VR Gestalt-horny.

What’s VR Gestalt-horny mean?

It means the female performer should pretend that the camera lens is a man’s face—let’s call the man Mr. Wacker—and, the female performer should pretend a few additional things:

a. That her mission in life is inspiring Mr. Wacker to most enthusiastically fulfill his namesake.

b. That if her face doesn’t stay in a range of 18 to 36 inches of Mr. Wacker’s face the earth will explode.

2. A sense of authenticity: either in her own identity or the character being portrayed.

Instant Sweet Spot Open

Instant Sweet Spot Open: so, this simple—yet, overlooked—idea is another VR porn concept created here. And, it is the main point of this article.

The present movie we’re discussing makes a fine reference for how to sweet spot open.

Basically, the studio’s logo does its thing and then… BAM… the woman’s face is in the sweet spot zone: as seen in the 11 second mark screenshot below:

And, then they just keep Stephanie in the zone.

Beautifully changing zone depth.

This is how it’s done, son.

Clothed teasing: check.

There was squatting cowgirl hoverface: but, not enough.

There was some well-framed Stephanie posing.

There was missionary push-forward: but, it could have been further forward and better.

Stand-up Hair Pull: There was decent stand-up sex, but unfortunately it didn’t transition into the 90 degree, hair-pulling-horny positioning.

All one man’s opinion.

No bent-over blowjob or truncated missionary. I’d especially like to see BaDoinkVR incorporate truncated missionary.

All things considered, I feel this is another competent BaDoinkVR release that nicely keeps Stephanie swirling around the sweet spot zone.

I really wanted to focus particular attention on how the movie opened in the zone.

I wanted to present the idea clearly so other studios could give it consideration.

Rock on.

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