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Happy 4th VRP

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Hi friends, welcome to…the original, most singular, congenial, anti-Zeitgeist, VR porn review website on the Internets: the site where VR porn concepts first get formulated before spreading.

Taylor Sands fucking missionary position VR

Oh, Taylor baby!

All right, friends…

So, here’s the thing

Virtual Real Porn was the first VR porn studio. And, for 4 years they’ve been steadily releasing competent virtual porn movies. The very first 3D VR naked lady  I saw came courtesy of a free VRP preview.

My jaw dropped.

I’m not saying that in an exaggerating douche-hype style.

I mean it literally.

When I first saw a Virtual Real Porn 3D image in a cardboard viewer, my jaw literally lowered without my brain consciously directing the jaw movement…

The other thing I respect is that Virtual Real Porn—perhaps more than any other major VR studio—has taken chances. This is evidenced by movies focused on varied niche: queer, trans, amateur, choose your own adventure, etc.

You know, if I’m being totally honest…if a company ain’t got the boxer grapefruits to blind-leap into some risky, capitalistic fun…

Then what’s really the point of this thing called life?

Let’s face it: playing it safe takes all the fun out of capitalism, man! Goddamn scaredy-cat commies!

I mean…we only get so much time here. Why not take some creative chances?

It’s like in that movie with Tommy Shorty Cruise. And, the idea is that if life’s going to be worth it, sometimes a fella’s gotta boldly exlaim, “What the fuck?” …or something like that…

I think Tommy’s nuts, and I can hardly remember his stupid movies…I think he became a quasi-religious guy who argues with Oprah or fatso Doc Phil or something…

Here’s what I don’t get about chubby-man Phil. How you gonna solve my problems, Doc Phil? You can’t even solve the problem of your…wait for it…waistline, man!

Happy birthday and congrats on making it 4 years you pervy pioneers! Here’s to many more years, men!!! Here’s to horny Taylor, too!

Team VRP makes it four years. Congratulations fellas. It's been fun.

Team VRP makes it four years. Congratulations fellas. It’s been fun.

And, here’s the download link for the free Taylor preview.

The following review uses original concepts created by that are comprehensively explained in these special features:

Overview of the review method. The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist, SOSC explanation, Instant Sweet Spot Open, The FindVRporn Performer’s Checklist, and the The Authenticity Component.

So, if you’ve been reading along here, it’s clear that I appreciate what VRP’s been doing lately.

Again, notice how low Claudia's ass is... In the VR viewer, this creates a realistic sense of size/scale/width.

For one example, notice how low Claudia Bavel’s backside’s pulled in the stand-up hump-and-pump pictured above.
In the VR viewer, this creates a realistic sense of size/scale/width.

I’ve discussed previously how—just being honest—I thought, for much of 2017, the VRP boys had been in a rut. Their movies, as always, were good. But, everything felt a bit too formulaic and predictable.

So, I know what you’re thinking. Something like, “Sure, but Red Lobster’s also predictable.”

Point well taken, my friend.

Then, towards the year’s end, among other things, they really seemed to dial-in a very horny distance: we referred to that as the sweet spot zone. Distance really is damn near everything in VR porn. A ton more could be said about this. If you’re interested, use this link.

All right, so let’s discuss this VRP birthday stuff, horny-beauty Taylor Sands doggy glory and other things as well…

close-up Taylor Sands' face in a virtual porn movie from Virtual Real PornUm, I don’t really see how a hetero dude couldn’t be horny for Taylor Sands…

And, my favorite thing about this release was actually the opening six minutes of Taylor’s solo teasing.

Pictured below is Taylor sticking that beautiful face at the camera. As far as I’m concerned, this is what VR porn’s all about.

In the opinion of, this is really what VR porn’s all about! That’s to say, virtual pornography can be at its most thrilling when a woman gets her pretty visage near the camera.

Often they positioned her towards the SS zone’s back (seen in the clothed tease pictured below), and

Enjoyable clothed teasing opening in this birthday release.

Enjoyable clothed teasing opening in this birthday release.

that’s just great stuff.

It’s interesting because when many folks think of horny pornography…they think of some studly fella pounding the dizzy-daylights out of some buxom belle. Hey, who doesn’t appreciate such footage!

However, as long observed here, the horniest segments of VR are often simply a beautiful woman standing—even doing very little—in close proximity to the camera.

The other thing that was done beautifully in this release: the VRP gang pulled Taylor down low for the blowjob, doggy and missionary. This is how it’s Goddamn done, son!

Taylor Sands doggy fucking for Virtual Real Porn

The doggy style footage in this release was fantastic.


Once again, it has everything to do with how low Taylor was positioned in the frame.

Everything is most realistic when the woman’s ass is right at the frame’s bottom. This makes the width/sizing/scale feel far more appropriate. I’ve also been encouraging studios to segue way this into a truncated doggy.

What’s truncated doggy?

That means the camera framing is very tight and limited.

In the case of truncated doggy, the framing would be limited from the middle of the woman’s back to the back of her head. This simulates the bucking doggy stud leaning into the woman.

Taylor Sands missionary fucking for Virtual Real Porn

And, once again…you’ll notice FindVRporn’s bias coming through loud and clear.That’s to say, notice how Taylor’s missionary effort’s low in the frame.
This is how it’s done, son.

It could be pulled even lower, and I’m receptive to the truncated missionary transition.

You know, if I were to encourage all VR porn studios one thing at this moment in time…

I’d say: low in the frame and then transition back-and-forth between that and truncated of the same position.


Well done, Taylor and VRP. Taylor… I think I love you.

cum on Taylor Sands' pussy

Oh, Taylor baby!

Wrapping up: So, to my eyes, VRP is on the right track in 2018.

My advice to them…and, these folks don’t need my advice…but, I’d say keep pushing the truncated footage. And, work in the transitions from truncated to slightly more pulled-back.

VRP SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Right now you can get a streaming membership for only 6,95 €/$: limited time offer. If you follow that link, you can also download a free, 35 minute VRP compilation that features Virtual Real Porn movie clips from the past four years. That’s also a convenient way to check the studio’s quality before typing in credit card numbers.

ASIAN VR: I also noticed that Virtual Real Porn has just released two movies featuring gorgeous Asian gal, Miyuki Son. This is pretty cool because there’s not yet much nonwhite VR porn content. One of the Miyuki movies also stars the lusty Latina, Venus Afrodita, so…yea, horny!

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