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VR Porn Performer’s Checklist – Humble Suggestions

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Update December 2022: Wow, I haven’t touched this article for five years. Reading through it now, I think it’s still relevant. I edited things a little, but it could still use some more work. But, I do think it’s an interesting read.

Here’s something I want to say at the outset: I’m just a guy who’s given a lot of thought to this topic. I don’t mean to be presumptuous or come off like an arrogant asshole or some smug, know-it-all fuckface.

I offer these suggestions with humility. This is very opinionated. And, maybe I’m wrong. That’s always a possibility.

This article is about what makes for a horny VR porn performance

This article contains my friendly suggestions for what, in specific, I think makes for a horny VR porn performance.

As I mentioned, this is very opinionated. I try to break down and categorize the things that a VR porn actress/actor can do to heighten the scene’s erotic power. Now, the performers, obviously, have a much deeper general understanding of their craft than I do.

But, I first wrote this when VR porn was very new. And, it quickly became obvious that the things that made a good 2D scene and 3D scene were quite different. That was the origin of this. I felt like I had a little bit of insight into what particularly shines in 3D. Some time has passed and a lot more people have now watched VR scenes in the headset.

In this article, I also give props to humorous VR porn performances. There’s something to be said for the effect when humor meets eroticism. It’s a very special and glorious combination!

So, I don’t consider myself the final word about anything.  Many performers already have thoughtful conceptions of their goals in a pornographic scene. And, I respect that. I’m just tossing out some ideas. They can be tossed back at me. They can be dropped on the ground. Or, they can be food for thought. Let’s look at a few interesting and unusual examples of VR porn scenes now.

About Kagney Linn Karter in Your Naughty Nurse by Naughty America VR

This November 2015  Naughty America VR release—Your Naughty Nurse: It’s Your Turn To Be The Patient starring Kagney Linn Karter—showed me how powerful an actress’s performance could be in a VR porn scene. HILARIOUS STUFF!

Your Naughty Nurse

Kagney Linn Karter… she’s also very damn hilariously funny with genuine comedic skill!

It’s one of the first VR porn scenes I saw that had a really outrageous and next-level comedic/dramatic performance. This probably remains the funniest VR porn scene I’ve watched to date.

I don’t know how that scene was ultimately received. It seems that Naughty America VR didn’t attempt too many VR porn scenes with heavy comedy elements after that. There was the Kayla one that I discuss below. But, those seem to be outliers. Maybe I missed something.

I’ll tell you, though…I’d love it if studios made more attempts at incorporating humor into VR porn scenes. WankzVR does this sometimes. And, they’re creative with funny word plays. I love that sort of stuff. I love humor. You ever see the show Kill Tony? I’m kind of hooked on that. Anyway…

About Kayla Kayden in Shiny Shaft by Naughty America VR

I must mention the June 2016 Naughty America scene Shiny Shaft starring the gorgeous and hilarious Kayla Kayden. This, for me, represents the ultimate VR porn performance. Why? Well…

promo image Shiny Shaft movie

Gorgeous Kayla Kayden stars in a hilarious VR porn movie, Shiny Shaft, from Naughty America VR

…Because, it’s Goddamn Kayla Kayden naked and being hilarious. That’s why! I’d love to see a sequel to this one!

Mistress T delivered powerful dramatic VR porn performances

Other early scenes that showed just how powerful the actress could be included everything with Mistress T. She’s legendary to me.

Mistress T handjob

Mistress T understands the art of the VR porn performance

Penny Pax is another exceptional VR porn actress. There are quite a few that totally get it! I can’t name everybody here. I just wanted to put down a couple examples. That’s always dangerous, though, because you’re inevitably going to leave lots of  people out.

The short answer for an effective VR porn performance:

Engage with the imaginary consumer-viewer and make some type of emotional connection.

Would anyone disagree with that? Well, I think you could argue a different view. But, concerning 1st person POV, you could do worse than following that guideline.

December 18, 2017

This is another reference page for linking purposes. It explains what FindVRporn desires from VR porn performers.

This is a continuation of the VR Porn Standards Project, which is creating a formulated, conceptual foundation for VR porn reviewing.

Another piece of this project is the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist and FindVRporn Reviews Explained.

Thank you – these are humble suggestions for VR porn performers

The first thing in order: A huge thanks to all the folks performing in VR porn. I’m sure there are plenty of challenges and difficulties along the way.

But, thank you for the performances!

I ain’t telling you professionals what to do. That ain’t the spirit of this. This is just some food for thought. Suggestions. Take it or leave it, but here you go, my friends…

Convenient List of what FindVRporn wants from the performers

The VR Porn Horny Gestalt – eye contact, engagement, proximity, movement, authenticity

1. I’m tempted to say eye contact first. But, eye contact is a piece of the bigger whole. So, I’m next tempted to say camera engagement. But, that’s also a piece of the VR Gestalt-horny.

What’s VR Gestalt-horny mean?

It means all of the elements in VR porn that come together to create a horny effect. Similar to the notion that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. It also means the female performer should pretend that the camera lens is a man’s face. And, she should really try to engage with this unseen individual.

2. If the woman gets an Instant Sweet Spot Open…and, at this point I can’t think of any reason why a studio wouldn’t open this way…so, if the woman gets that type of close-up opening: you’ve got to nail that!

3. A sense of authenticity: either in her own identity or the character being portrayed. For much, much more on this point, please see’s Authenticity Component. Authenticity, for me, is a theme that continually appears in the reviews I write. For me, this is going towards the top of any list.

4. The woman DOES NOT have to always be moving. It is okay for the woman to be mostly still and for the camera to stay there for ten minutes. Not only is that okay…it’s what many people want! I understand how there’s a natural presumption that when a movie camera’s rolling there must be action. That seems to strongly apply to 2D. This is another instance where the 3D medium is just a fundamentally different experience. In virtual porn there’s a different guidebook. And, it is okay to be still while looking at a nearby camera. Some of the most powerful scenes—such as the face fetish ones—don’t have significant action.

Once again, I’m giving an opinion. I know that some don’t agree with this. For me, stillness is very effective in 3D.

5. Likewise, the woman does not have to always be talking. An awkward aspect of VR porn is the one-way dialogue that’s understandably become a convention. So, I get it. But, sometimes I think less dialogue is more effective. Silence is much better than obviously phony moaning.

6. The woman’s clothes do not have to come off in the first minute. In virtual porn, everything’s different and many viewers appreciate an extended clothed teasing when viewing 3D porn.

7. Reading back over this, I think the summary is to authentically engage with the unseen headset wacker while in close proximity of the camera. When I put it like that, the whole thing seems surprisingly simple! But, what does it mean to “authentically engage”? So, that’s where each individual actress brings her own unique stamp to the performance. If she can convey some intangible essence of her humanity, you have a masterpiece performance. I realize that sounds a bit grandiose, but it’s true.  That’s why I’ve praised the WankzVR scene with Cecilia Taylor called The Most Fuckable Dad Award. The whole thing feels—almost disturbingly—real.

What about the male performer?

8. And, from the male performer?

Well, buck away like a cranked-up cockatoo, man! It seems these days there’s some sort of prohibition against a guy getting his hump-and-pump berserko style on…

Why is that?

So, generally the male actor has very much of a secondary role in VR porn scenes. His main job, it seems, is to stay hard and move his hands around a bit in response to the one-way dialogue. This is because of the 1st person POV convention which allows the consumer to imagine himself in the male role.

Nonetheless, I personally like to see some spirited fucking out of the male talent. I also wouldn’t mind a bit if he spoke in the opening of the movies. I think some people made a little bit too much out of the immersion notion. I mean, how many of you guys are really believably immersing yourself into Chad White?

9. Man hands: Ah, as to this controversial topic of whether the man’s hands should be seen or not. Well, honestly… many very strongly argue against seeing the man’s hands. I don’t share that sentiment.

I think if the alpha man is doing a little paw-and-grab it can be a horny element. Ideally, if I were the director, I’d say the movie should have segments with hands and no-hands.

I appreciate that porn performers have a difficult job

10. Porn performers have a tough job. This is my impression from interviews I’ve read and various tweets I’ve seen over the years. It seems that there are many behind-the-scenes challenges that many consumers don’t know about. So, when I say that porn performers have a difficult job, I’m basing it on the first-hand accounts I’ve read from performers over the years. If I’m mistaken in my impression, my apologies.

Either way, I want to thank everyone who’s performed in VR porn scenes. Thanks for producing horny 3D for horny people. Ya’ll know what you’re doing. I don’t want this to seem like some dweeb giving orders. It’s just that 3D porn works differently than 2D stuff, and after having analyzed a ton of it, I thought I could create some helpful suggestions.

Add your thoughts about what makes a good performance

I don’t consider this to be an exhaustive discussion of what makes for a good VR porn performance. I think there’s much more that could be added. If you have some constructive ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below. You do need to register to do that. Or, you can contact me. And, there’s Twitter. If you want a VR porn subscription and you want to help this website continue, please use these discount links.
Big thanks to you good folks!

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