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FindVRporn Performer’s Checklist

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This is another reference page for linking purposes. It explains what FindVRporn desires from VR porn performers.

This is a continuation of the FindVRporn.com VR Porn Standards Project, which is creating a formulated, conceptual foundation for VR porn reviewing.

Another piece of this project is the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist and FindVRporn Reviews Explained.

The first thing in order: A huge thanks to all the folks performing in porn. I know it’s a tough gig.

But, thank you for the performances!

I ain’t telling you professionals what to do. That ain’t the spirit of this. This is just some food for thought. Suggestions. Take it or leave it, but here you go, my friends…

Convenient List of what FindVRporn wants from the performers

1. I’m tempted to say eye contact first. But, eye contact is a piece of the bigger whole.

So, I’m next tempted to say camera engagement. But, that’s also a piece of the VR Gestalt-horny.

What’s VR Gestalt-horny mean?

It means the female performer should pretend that the camera lens is a man’s face—let’s call the man Mr. Wacker—and, the female performer should pretend a few additional things:

a. That her mission in life is inspiring Mr. Wacker to most enthusiastically fulfill his namesake.

b. That if her face doesn’t stay in a range of 18 to 36 inches of Mr. Wacker’s face the earth will explode.

2. If the woman gets an Instant Sweet Spot Openand, at this point I can’t think of any reason why a studio wouldn’t open this way…so, if the woman gets an ISSO: you’ve got to nail that!

You must pretend that the unseen viewer is holding Grandma hostage and if you don’t charm the hell out of the unseen viewer that imaginary Grandma’s gonna get it!

3. A sense of authenticity: either in her own identity or the character being portrayed. For much, much more on this point, please see FindVRporn.com’s Authenticity Component.

4. The woman DOES NOT have to always be moving. It is okay for the woman to be mostly still and for the camera to stay there for ten minutes. Not only is that okay…it’s what many people want!

I understand how there’s a natural presumption that when a movie camera’s rolling there must be action.

After all, the director actually yells, “ACTION!”

However, in virtual porn there’s a different guidebook. And, it is okay to be still while looking at a nearby camera.

5. Likewise, the woman does not have to always be talking.

6. Silence is much better than obviously phony moaning.

7. And, her clothes do not have to come off in the first minute.

In virtual porn, everything’s different and many viewers appreciate an extended clothed teasing when viewing 3D porn.

8. And, from the male performer?

Well, buck away like a cranked-up cockatoo, man!

It seems these days there’s some sort of prohibition against a guy getting his hump-and-pump berserko style on…

Why is that? Hey, it’s porn, man!

9. MAN HANDS: Ah, as to this controversial topic of whether the man’s hands should be seen or not. Well, honestly… many very strongly argue against seeing the man’s hands. I don’t share that sentiment.

I think if the alpha man is doing a little paw-and-grab it can be a horny element. Ideally, if I were VR Porn director, I’d say the movie should have segments with hands and no-hands.

10. Porn performers have a tough job. And, our (American) society’s weird with a really odd/distorted view of human sexuality.

I mean…doesn’t it all sort of go back to the witch hunts and terror inspired from unbridled, female sexual desire? Kinda sorta?

And, it probably ain’t readily obvious to a fella pumping to Pornhub that there’s a whole lot of aggravation and difficulties to the profession.

So, thanks to the performers for their…um…hard work. Thanks for producing horny material for horny people.

Ya’ll know what you’re doing. I don’t want this to seem like some dweeb giving orders.

It’s just that 3D porn works differently than 2D stuff, and after having analyzed a ton of it, I thought I could create some helpful suggestions.

Big thanks to you good folks!

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