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Some Fine Framing From CVR

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Hi friends, today we’ll consider CzechVR’s St. Patrick’s Awesome Foursome starring Billie Star, Lola Myluv and Natalie Cherie.

the stars of CzechVR's Release 199: Lola, Natalie, and Billie

Pictured above, the stars of CzechVR’s Release 199: Lola, Natalie, and Billie

There’s always dozens of aspects to consider with any VR porn release.

To illustrate this, see the page where I explain how these reviews are conducted.

To thoroughly cover all of our points, it would really require a thesis-length article. I’m not trying to be cute here.

close-up CzechVR pussy

Kinda sorta what it’s all about?

There are many potential, approach angles with an analysis.

Hell, just considering the particular pornographic genre could easily run 20,000 words.

And, I do think psychological speculation about the many porn categories is worthwhile and interesting. Lately I’ve been wondering about the urination stuff, but that will be for another day.

So, with this particular effort, let’s consider one aspect where CVR succeeds fucking beautifully at filming some beautiful 3D fucking.

CzechVR three women in frameI don’t think one can overstate the importance of framing in virtual porn movies.

By framing, I mean how the bodies are positioned in respect to the camera. Framing encompasses the proximity variable. But, it’s more than that…it can have a much more complex dimension.

Really, the appropriate concept and word choice is probably cinematography.

This term doesn’t seem much applied to most pornography. I’ve published well over a million words on this site, and I believe it’s the first time I’ve used the term.

Originally, the present article was titled: This Is How You Frame Shots In A VR Porn.

I changed it because that sounded a bit too dramatic. But, I wasn’t trying to be cute…

Ms. Natalie Cherie in missionary action.

Ms. Natalie Cherie in missionary action.

If a new VR porn studio asked me for advice (and, that’s happened), I’d say watch how Team Czech positions their cameras in Release 199: all the more impressive because they’re dealing simultaneously with four bodies.

I’m kind of tempted to throw out the whole…this is how it’s done, son!

Great framing from CVR Christmas

Great framing from CVR Christmas

I’ll note that CVR did a nice job with the four-body-configurations in their free Christmas release.

I wonder if fitting that many bodies into the shot sort of compels this excellent framing. That’s also a topic for another day.

I will say, in all honestly, not every CVR release exhibits the framing excellence seen here. It’s possible, in my opinion, for things to get too close. And, I felt parts of this teetered around that limit.

And, it’s sure as hell possible for things to be too far. And, there were moments of that here.

This stuff is all so damn tricky, subjective and contingent upon the individual viewer’s anatomical structure and preferences…the truth is it ain’t possible to release something that will please everybody.

Personally, I find CVR—more often than not—matches up with what I’m looking for aesthetically and technically…but, also in respect to their stripped-down ethos.

I also would LOVE to see CVR release an experimental movie that incorporated fade-cuts that went between all three women: with the shot being a close-up (in that sweet spot zone).

In other words, to create an example on-the-spot: a close-up of Billie’s crotch, fade, close-up Lola’s face, fade, close-up Natalie’s boobie bouncers, fade, close-up on Natalie’s face, and so forth…

lolas face in VR

Great stuff…

So, needless to say, this company—-like all others—has a customer base to keep happy. They ain’t just making movies to satisfy my wishes.

But, I suspect that other folks would like those camera techniques also.

And, my humble suggestion would be to try a one-time experiment where two versions of the same movie are released. See what sort of feedback is received.

Along these same lines…sticking with this consideration of framing and body/camera positioning: just click-look at the picture above-left.

Now, …I ain’t never out to bullshit a fella, and somebody might think I’m going too far…

But, I think the way these female bodies are positioned is actually artistically beautiful.

Yea, I said it: artistically beautiful.

Yep. I said that a VR porn movie is artistically beautiful. I don’t believe I’ve perceived that of a virtual porn movie before. But, just like anything, there’s no reason the configurations can’t have a geometric beauty to them.

Some folks will think that’s a Fleshlight too far…

Still not funny

faces natalie lola billie smallNow, I know this is a cynical age we’re living in.

Ain’t nobody believe nobody about shit. Everybody’s always looking for the angle.

And, let’s face it: there often is an angle.

Lola MyLuv doggy style pussy

Oh, Lola baby!

If you use the link below to purchase a CzechVR subscription, this website makes a commission.

Ain’t nobody tricking nobody here.

I’ve been a professional writer for years. That means magazines have handed me checks.

Lola Myluv cowgirls

Another example of horny framing

I could make money writing about anything. And, I have…including celeb gossip blogs ten years ago. Oh, Lordy

These days, I choose to praise things I consider praise-worthy. There’s plenty of them out there.

And, that’s the case with CzechVR and, in particular, how they framed-up the camera shots in this release. I did not think every shot set-up was spectacular. But, segments kept coming up that I thought had that previously mentioned geometric interestingness.  And, that type of thing ain’t accidental.

I’m just going to sprinkle some pics throughout this entire post that illustrate my sentiments.

As for Billie Star, Lola Myluv, Natalie Cherie…this is another aspect that’s really fucking easy to be honest about.

I’m Goddamn goo-goo gaga cuckoo for all three of these Euro-pussy Goddesses!

That’s it, man.

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