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Missionary Supplement With Sarah Vandella

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Shooting VR Missionary Effectively

Hi friends, this is the Missionary Supplement for the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist piece of the Standards Project.

I’m choosing Sarah Vandella’s March 29, 2018 MilfVR outing simply because it provides a fine reference example.


Well, there are really two main components to horny VR porn missionary footage:

  1. The camera techniques (this includes positioning, proximity, perspective point, movement and how those different distance segments are ultimately stitched together in the finished product).
  2. The woman: and, not just how the viewer perceives her physical attractiveness (of course, very important), but even more so how well the woman engages with the camera. How good her VR instincts are, so to speak.

And, the missionary footage in this release felicitously illustrates both points. Additionally, it sets me up to humbly offer another suggestion.

The complete missionary segment runs from 31:55 to 40:10.

There are really only two actual camera positioning switches.

However, this is where Sarah contributes: by leaning forward and back, she changes distances, which adds to the realism illusion.

Her movement, in plain language, amps-up the horny.

Additionally, her expressions and eye-contact-engagement with the camera are compelling. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a beauty who intuitively understands porn performance.

So, the VR missionary method we’re discusssing—in my opinion—should really be standardized and mandatory for all VR porn releases.

I ain’t a dictator. My opinion is that having these extended missionary segments that switch in-and-out of truncation make for exciting VR.

I’d add that during the actual truncated segments, I’d like to see changing depths within that truncated segment.  This would simulate the man changing the depth/position of his head location as he’s bucking.

Additionally, within the truncated, changing depths; I’d like to see the camera’s specific point of focus also change (e.g. up-close scanning of the woman).

In other words, there’s room for the pov to move around within that truncated footage as if the woman’s body is viewed in differing sections and even simultaneously at different depths.

So, there really are two components of which to be mindful: focal point and depth.

I feel that this present release is a great example of how to incorporate a truncated and non-truncated video portion.

There were basically two camera positionings.

32:06 – 35:08 Full Truncation

35:59 – 40:10 No Truncation

It felt like more because, as mentioned, Sarah’s movement. This is a very good thing. It’s also interesting how this illusion is created.

Let’s jump right into some screenshots and examine this a bit.

Below is the quick set-up shot to get things underway.

Ready for VR missionary with truncation switches

Ready for VR missionary with truncation switches?

Truncated at 32:06

Sarah Vandela truncated missionary MilfVR


Still truncated but leaning back

Still truncated but leaning back at 35:03…this illustrates how Ms. Vandella made things interesting by altering depth perception for the viewer.

No truncation at 35:59. Personally, I think it’s awesome to switch back-and-forth. I’d add that it could even switch more.

Sarah Vandela missionary

So, those pictures should make things clear.

I’ve got to tell you: I like a lot of these MilfVR releases.

Additionally, at this point…here in 2018…personally, I can’t get too damn excited about any VR porn release that’s not truncating some of the footage.

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