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For Fans of 3D Redhead Hornyness

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Hi friends, welcome to FindVRporn.com: the Internet’s 1st VR porn review website.

Today we’re going to consider WankzVR’s latest release, Air Bone’n’Blow, featuring redhead Goddess, Ms. Ella Hughes.

So, my friends, in this article my opinions will be stated strongly.

I emphasize, these are just one man’s opinions. I ain’t the final word on anything.

But, I am confident in the fairness of my judgments and the transparent framework behind them.

Now, you can go elsewhere and read second-rate copies of what I’ve been doing since 2015 or you can just read the fuck on…

All right

I’m going to be straight with you folks…if there’s one thing that melts my man mind and transforms me into a tongue-tied twat: it’s a skinny, pretty-faced redhead.

Ella Hughes face in 3D porn

This redhead’s definitely my type.

Just being honest with you folks. I’d have some good things to say about a high-quality, close-up 3D of Ella reading the dictionary.

So, you know where I’m coming from.

Now, WankzVR has received considerable praise along with awards.

I don’t give a fuck about awards.

WankzVR works with many famous, porn women?

I don’t give a fuck about fame.

WankzVR has some clever little plots.

I don’t give a fuck about porn plot narrative.

I don’t give a fuck about excessive exclamation points, cute little icons or any of that shit.

I care about what makes 3D porn horny.

Here, the work gets run through the original, FindVRporn.com VR Porn Reviewing Standards framework.

Regardless of the creators, performers, agents, marketers, graphic designers or whatever…however it emerges from the framework is how the fuck it comes out.

Nobody trusts shit these days. And, for good reason!

But, the FindVRporn.com VR Porn Reviewing Standards Project is already there. It don’t change much except bits get added as I figure more things out.

Go read those articles. You’ll see those are the very same damn standards applied to every movie.

If it’s not extremely easy for a person to agree or disagree with a review: it’s being done incorrectly.

What does that mean?

It means that if your review criterion is explicitly revealed, a person can easily agree or disagree with your judgment.

I haven’t even watched this Ella movie yet, and I can tell you… this movie will be praised if I see these things…

What things will bring praise?

1. I want to see truncated cowgirl, truncated missionary and truncated doggy!

2. If there is truncated missionary, I want to see Ella changing depths in the truncated missionary as she pushes herself forward and leans back.

3. I want to see truncated doggy. I already said that once, but I’m saying it again because I want to see this from every studio in every release.

4. I want to see upright cowgirl that morphs into cowgirl hoverface.

5. I want close-up footage of Ella in the sweetspot zone. MULTIPLE MINUTES AND MULTIPLE CAMERA POSITIONINGS

6. I want to see an Instant Sweet Spot Open. If you give me an ISSO, it will be praised! Period!

7. I really want to see moving camera within the truncated footage, but honestly…I’m not expecting that.

8. I want to see POV broken on footage for a closer shot…I particularly want to see this on blowjob footage. I’m not expecting to see this, either.

9. I could go on, but I’ll stop. The point of this is that AIN’T NOBODY IN THE BAG FOR NOBODY! Any studio that does this stuff is going to be praised here. I may be wrong in my judgments, but they’re rendered consistently.

So, maybe my standards are wrong. That’s possible. But, they ain’t mysterious, man!

I watched it… what did I see?

(VR visual experience varies based upon some factors)

1. ISSO: Yes, very good. This should be standardized in my opinion. To my personal eyeballs and experience with this movie, I found the distance that Ella slides to at 2:46 to be even better.

Ella Hughes dress

Above, the 2:46 mark.

2. General Sweet Spot Zone Posing: yes, we get some of that good stuff (pictured below).

Ella sweet spot doggy posing

Ella sweet spot doggy posing

Ella sweetspot pussy posing

Ella sweetspot pussy posing

3. Truncation: Yes. The missionary unfolded in my preferred way: featuring the full POV and then truncation. Additionally, Ella   pushed-forward achieving the desired-horny result of changing the truncation depth (pictured below). That simple push-forward creates such a visually-dynamic and  dramatic horny.

Ella Hughes VR missionary truncation push forward

Damn… so many reasons why the picture above is Goddamn HORNY!

To my eyeballs—I don’t want to be excessively nit picky—but, sometimes her face was a bit too close causing convergence and the cross-eyed effect for me (pictured below).

Ella pushes truncated missionary very far forward

Ella pushes truncated missionary very far forward

You know, with this type of thing, a few inches can make such a difference.

That’s what she said!
Still not funny. I never said I was Richie Pryor!

Addtionally, there wasn’t a roving pov within truncation, but nobody else is presently doing that either.

Sarah Vandella face

Sarah Vandella’s recent missionary for MilfVR pictured above

I consider Ella’s missionary to be a pretty first-rate showing. With that said, in my opinion, sister site MilfVR’s recent missionary scene with Sarah Vandella was better.

Why? Well, for one thing the distance in Sarah’s segment was really dialed-in beautifully. The general sense of spatial correctness was better.

To be fair, I deemed Sarah’s missionary performance to be an actual reference. Furthermore, now that I think about it, her movie is probably the best I’ve seen in 2018 from any studio. On-the-level.

4. What else? The cowgirl was mostly upright with a bit of hoverfacing. That’s fine with me. I want to see POV broken with blowjob footage, but nobody’s doing that presently. The reverse cowgirl time was limited. It also leaned away. I don’t understand that, but hey: I’m here eating Spaghettios so what the fuck do I know…

…the doggy style: I’d like this to also break POV, but that’s very rarely seen from anyone.

So, I could go on, but let me just summarize…

Ella Hughes is beautiful to my man eyes. Some exciting expressions swirled about that gorgeous gal face. Horny movie.

Not the best I’ve seen from WankzVR or MilfVR. But, that’s also setting the horny-bar quite high. As I said a moment ago, the MILF Sarah release was the best I’ve seen so far this year.

Do I think that both WankzVR and MilfVR are worth the money for heterosexual men seeking VR porns featuring conventionally beautiful women?

Hell yes, I do.

Thank you WankzVR and Ella Hughes.


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