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I Have No Criticisms of the Viktoria Sweet Release

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Hi friends, welcome to the Internet’s first VR porn review website.

Today let’s consider Virtual Real Porn’s latest offering: A Gift For Me, starring Ms. Viktoria Sweet.

Viktoria Sweet skirt panties

I ain’t gonna lie: I like how she spells her name. Stay on topic, man

Now, here’s the thing.

I’m going to tell you the truth: this release worked for me. Big Time.

I’ll quickly tell you why:

1. I like Ms. Sweet. What the hell’s not to like? I mean…

Viktoria Sweet with dildo

2. I prefer either solo efforts like this one…or, heterosexual couplings where the woman’s pulled low (mostly removing the male from the frame): you’ll notice I go on and on about truncated footage also which removes the male entirely…

So, I ain’t going to pretend my judgment’s the final word. I just mentioned my subjective stuff, man…

Another viewer could legitimately disagree with my conclusions. Some fellas want nothing but BBW getting pounded by a skinny dude…if so, you know…enough said.

But, ultimately solo gal is my preferred genre for this stuff. That’s part of why the new StripzVR studio gusto-rocked this fella’s Tommy’s.

3. The distance and general optical appearance was first-rate. Damn first-rate.

Is there something better than first-rate? If there is…this was it.

Master class in VR porn distance…

This specific set-up…one gorgeous gal and a VR camera…this is a set-up that Virtual Real Porn does particularly well. For more extensive thoughts on this, see Nancy Alone In The Sweet Spot.

As you can see…this release made a rather favorable impression on me.

I cannot guarantee the same experience for you.


Well…we already sorta went through this…

Maybe Viktoria Sweet’s not your type.

Maybe you don’t dig the whole solo VR porn niche.

Maybe you like porn with more narrative and perhaps taboo, relational elements (best friend’s wife, etc.). If that’s the case, then this one won’t horny-shine for you as brightly as it does for yours truly.

But, let me more specifically discuss some aspects that I felt succeeded. The conceptual backbone of this discussion can be found here where I discuss reviewing factors at considerable length.

Instant Sweetspot Open: I absolutely love this.

What is the ISSO? Basically, you press play and BAM…the woman is close to the camera: at the perfect distance, really. Please see the screenshot below. Note that the movie has just started and the title screen isn’t even fully-faded away.

Textbook Instant Sweetspot open with Viktoria Sweet

Textbook Instant Sweetspot open with Viktoria Sweet

I’ll say it again: this should be seen much more frequently in my view.

Then, VRP just keeps the camera at that same perfect distance for the next 31 minutes. I don’t go all-caps very often, but: THIS IS HOW THE FUCK IT’S DONE, SON!

Viktoria Sweet with dildo

You get a generous helping of Ms. Sweet dildo action with this movie…

And, if that weren’t enough…masterful depth-changes within the sweetspot zone throughout the 31 minutes. Just…so damn nicely executed.

And, honestly…it’s not that complicated, right? I mean…I’ll just be straight with you folks…and, I ain’t out to piss anybody off…but, this always struck me as pretty obvious.

Anyway, this has never happened…but, honestly…I don’t really even have a criticism to make of this Goddamn movie, man!

Yea, I could nitpick a bit about a few things, but I’m not going to do that today. This movie deserves that I don’t nitpick around looking for a fault to cite. It’s simply too damn horny-good for that.

Viktoria Sweet's ass

I been in good conscience recommending VRP since 2015. And, it’s still so so damn easy to recommend these fellas. VRP’s releasing in 5K…and, the truth is…yea, things are moving pretty fast these days in the VR porn world, but Team VRP ain’t getting left behind.

Great stuff, fellas…

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