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AJ Applegate cowgirl sex

Oh, AJ! Keep bouncing… keep bouncing, baby!

AJ Applegate reverse cowgirl BaDoinkVR

AJ Applegate red dress porn star

AJ enters the scene as a knockout in red. You, on the other hand, chill with your weenie in the breeze.

The blowjob felt more immediate to me than usual. Blowjob footage has proven challenging in VR if you're not willing to

The blowjob felt more immediate to me than usual.
Blowjob footage has proven challenging in VR if you’re not willing to “break POV.”

AJ Applegate missionary vr porn

Realistic missionary framing that felt right in was nicely snuggled in the frame.

AJ Applegate reverse cowgirl

I wasn’t expecting it… but, AJ’s ass felt properly wide. Nicely done.

Hi friends,

Today let’s evaluate BaDoinkVR’s brand new preview trailer for The Apple of Your Eye starring AJ Applegate.

I find AJ quite hornyriffic…so, we must take a look.

Why just an evaluation of the preview and not the full movie?

My sub ran out a little while ago, and I didn’t renew it.

Why didn’t I renew it?

Well, for about 18 months—running through 2016-2017—BaDoinkVR lead the pack, for me, in respect to VR porn optics and quality.

As life inevitably goes, some competitors eventually caught-up and—again, in my opinion—surpassed them.

That statement will require several clarifying points:

1. I’ve always considered BaDoinkVR’s output to range from a sorta ho-hum competent to grab-the-Fleshlight excellent. The key here, though, is that even the releases that didn’t do it for me were still professionally produced, high-quality movies.

2. I’ve always found them to be a legit, honest porn company that’s responsive to their customers. And, I’ve seen that when a customer does have a problem with billing (or whatever), they’re quick with their effort to correct the issue.

So, what do I mean by surpassed them?

Well, this is very, very subjective/opinionated stuff, and I ain’t the final word on anything.

I know what I want. It’s very possible you’re looking for something quite different.

But, if you’d like to know what I personally want in VR porns, see the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist along with Dancing In The Sweet Spot and FindVRPorn Reviews Explained.

The truth is that some competitors fulfilled the requirements of the FindVRporn Positioning Checklist better than BaDoinkVR did.

Now, perhaps someone thinks that I’m way off-base with the checklist, and I should promptly give it a good shove where the sun don’t shine.

Maybe they’re right. Regardless, for me to rave about a release here, it must fulfill the checklist.

So, it’s possible you may not agree with how I reach these conclusions. But, the method is fully transparent. There ain’t no mystery to how these judgments are rendered…


As time passed, my main criticism of BaDoinkVR baffled me.

You see…they had managed to nail optical aspects—such as scale and spatiality—but seemed resistant to simply getting the camera closer, tighter, hovering, hoverface, truncating, push-forward, etc.

I couldn’t understand that. Am I the only guy who desires that? I don’t think so, but…

…I don’t know. They’re in business to make money so I’ll presume they’re doing things in the manner which pleases the most people, which in turn gets the most subscribers…which allows them to release more movies.

Anyway, that positioning aspect was my complaint. It seemed to me like they mastered the hardest part of the game but folded on the easy part.

As suggested earlier, perhaps most people want shots framed in a very different way than I do. That’s certainly possible. I’m going to have to presume that’s the case.

On a different note

Is it fair to reach a quality judgment based on a preview?

I think so. I’m going to presume that the studio stitches together the best bits for the free sampler.

And, if a studio ain’t putting its horniest into the preview, I’d suggest they do. Particularly as I consider previews fair game for rigorous reviews.

Okay, so let’s go through their preview position by position.

1. Opening with a clothed AJ.

Damn… blonde bitch is all sorts of fine as dandelion wine! I would want the camera to also get closer and bodyscan AJ with a slowly moving technique.

To be fair, no studio’s presently filming this type of bodyscan. Why not? Hell if I know, my friend. Who gets closest to doing the desired bodyscanning? CzechVR.

2. Blowjob

To my surprise, the blowjob footage actually felt properly big and spatially correct. This is something, imo, that all studios have struggled with since the start.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Again, to my surprise, the reverse cow also felt properly big and awesome. I often complain about how this position is filmed. This was good.

4. Doggy Style

A bit too small to my eyes. This is a frequent complaint here.

5. Missionary

This was beautifully framed and high on the horny meter. As you can see in the screenshot, AJ slightly pushes the missionary forward.

I would hope that in the actual movie they also had AJ push fully forward and then proceeded to also truncate the push-forward…

Any time a studio doesn’t mix in various missionary distances and truncation, I’m just left really confused as to why not…

I mean…you’ve got a beautiful woman naked getting fucked…you got the VR camera running already…just have her push the fuck forward for a bit and then…in the words of Iron Shiek: “Camerman ZOOOOM!

6. Cowgirl

The upright cowgirl bit looked great.

Did they have AJ hoverface, though? I hope so…

So, there you go.

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