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CzechVR Will Do Face Fetish! Who Do You Want To See?

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Hi friends,

So, yesterday we encouraged CzechVR to shoot a face fetish VR porn movie.

And, the CzechVR gang just told me: “Thank you! We will do this type of fetish.”

All right, man!

That’s what we wanted to hear! That’s a studio listening to their customers! This is how it’s done, son!

What’s the basic idea of face fetish VR?

Just as the name suggests: the movie’s main focus/framing is a beautiful woman’s face.

How It Happened

Curious to get some face fetish feedback, I put a link up on the subreddit: Hey CVR, how about a face fetish VR?.

Oculus NSFW subreddit provides feedback about potential VR porn ideas

Always good to get feedback…

And, it rose to the top: suggesting I’m not alone…that there’s a demand for FF VR.

Since the start, fellas been asking for greater intimacy.

Is there anything more intimate than a very extended close-up focused on a gorgeous gal face?

So, CzechVR’s down with it! Now it’s time for the next logical step…

What gals do you want to face fetish?

who are the first CVR gals you want to face fetish? Let CVR know.

And, I’m also curious to hear.

Here’s my Top 7 list of fave, face fetish candidates:

As always, I emphasize this stuff is intensely subjective. And, I ain’t the final word on anything.

But, for what it’s worth, here’s my opinion on the topic.

1. Jenifer Jane

Jennifer Jane's face feature image

Jennifer Jane’s foot fetish release started us thinking about the face fetish idea.
What a beauty!
As PansApprentice says, “I’m in full agreement that Jennifer Jane would be a perfect candidate for a video like this, she is pretty enough to become a meme. Just beautiful.”

2. Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece pussy posing small

Alyssa Reece’s recent JOI effort—in tandem with Jenifer’s foot fetish—make a fella wonder… How about a face fetish CVR!

3. Ssindy Rako

Ssindy Rako face

Ssindy Rako… her CzechVR release is one of my all-time faves…
I love this gal’s face!

4. Blanche Summer

Have a look at Blanche’s face. Enough said!

5. Lola Bambola

Lola Bambola pornstar face picture in a CzechVr release

Lola’s obviously just fucking beautiful. She’s one who I think doesn’t get the full credit she deserves.

Those Lola Bambola eyes!

6. Lola Myluv

Lola Myluv cowgirls

I think Lola would be fantastic in a face fetish!

What the hell is it about these gals named Lola, man!

7. Victoria Puppy

Oh, Vicky baby! Victoria Puppy… another blonde Euro stunner whose done work for CzechVR.

In this man’s opinion, CzechVR’s got some absolutely beautiful women who 3D for them.

Who do you want to see? CzechVR is reading this and the Reddit threads. Let them know.

Thanks for reading along and participating in this.

Visit CzechVR where they have 6 free movies waiting for you…

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