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What’s The Proper Pink Panty Proximity For SofieQ?

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HI friends,

So, we recently took our first look at the softcore, solo gal 3D porn studio, StasyQ VR.

Stasy’s Distance and Pace

I surveyed their library and my general conclusion was that they were releasing some first-rate 3D; but the work would be hornier with closer camera proximity and a slower pace (of the woman’s motion and the moving camera).

All just one guy’s opinion, of course…

StasyQ VR Reception

StasyQ VR is being well-received by the VR porn community. And, it makes sense.

If you’re a guy seeking solo gal, stripper softcore with a heavy side of gal glam: this really is your premiere destination. (I do also appreciate StripzVR, whom I’ve very favorably discussed before: but the Stripz gang is on a slightly different trip.)

On an extremely personal note, the solo gal/stripper/cosplay softcore stuff is my favorite virtual porn genre. And, I don’t regret typing my own credit card numbers into the StasyQ VR website.

And, after seeing this release, I think I’ll turn my month into a year.

StasyQ VR has what some studios lack: a really distinct identity and brand

StasyQ VR has what some studios lack: a really distinct identity and brand

These Gals Are…Goddamn Gorgeous!

Honestly, every StasyQ model is fucking…just…gorgeous. That ain’t hype. Take a look at their stable for yourself. Damn!

NatellaQ StasyQVR doggystyle white panties

Point in case concerning gorgeous StasyQ VR models…
I give you the heavenly ass of NatellaQ.

In addition to the spectacular backside above…

The Stasy Q women possess the sort of beautiful faces that have made us all speculate about face fetish/face-centric VR porn content.

And, a lot goes into the StasyQ aesthetic/vibe (sleek body types; amped-up color saturation; rave-style music; continual motion; a tangible pacing)…

…and, the end effect is slickness: like a canary-yellow banana peel on a purple patch of ice beneath a sizzled sunball.

Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemmingway, man!

Major StasyQ VR Improvements Came Fast!

small yellow thong doggy style stasyqvr

Oh, Marbella…
There’s a lot to like about you, baby.
Just needed to get the camera closer…

So, comparing this present SofieQ High Heels and Pink Panties video against their MarbellaQ Boots ‘n Blondes release (of just three months ago), much of my distance criticisms have been successfully answered.

High heels and pink panties…don’t know about you…but, this fella likes how that sounds!

As in… A LOT!

Video Example of…this is how it’s done, son!

To provide a very tangible example of what we’re discussing: In the video below, you’ll see a four second clip of a gorgeous gal ass in the sweetspot zone.

In my opinion, they could have included ten minutes of that!

Sweetspot Zone Must Be Discussed

In discussing the StasyQ improvement, the major consideration is VR porn’s sweetspot zone.

There really is a perfect distance: a sweet spot. It ain’t right on top of the camera rig. And, it sure ain’t too far away from the lens either. There’s a little magical zone that emits an intense sense of the much discussed and desired intimate immersion.
So, there’s a distance range where VR porn is the horniest. People may disagree a bit on the preferred range: but, consensus holds that there is, indeed, an ideal distance range. And, most everybody agrees that it’s nearer rather than further away.

So, the Boots ‘n Blondes release of three months ago did everything right except sweetspot zone mechanics. Thus, it was an ineffective video.

The present SofieQ release shows an epic improvement.


Because StasyQ VR Has Found The SS Zone

Let’s be a bit more specific.

In my opinion, the most distant SSZ point is found at 0:52 (pictured below).

The StasyQ VR model, in my opinion, should never be farther away than the distance pictured above

The StasyQ VR model, in my opinion, should never be farther away than the distance pictured above.
That’s the back of the Sweetspot zone.

I’d advise that the action never passes there. And, this release, for the most part, didn’t stray past there too much.

StasyQ Heart of the Sweetspot Zone

For me, the heart of StasyQ VR’s sweetspot zone is seen pictured below at the 1:30 and 3:43 marks.

Oh SofieQ baby! Your Goddess thong ass is situated in the heart of VR porn's sweetspot zone!

Oh SofieQ baby!
Your Goddess thong ass is situated in the heart of VR porn’s sweetspot zone!
1:30 on the timeline.

Sofie Q tits panties

SofieQ standing in the heart of the Sweetspot zone.
I ask you, fellas… what the hell’s not to like, man! 3:43 on the timeline

I maintain that the footage’s majority should be spent right the fuck there…

…thankfully, Team Stasy did linger around there for a while. That’s why I’m rendering a favorable opinion of this release and studio.

Hey StasyQ VR: Awesome Overhead Perspective! Keep Doing That, Fellas!

And, there was a spectacular SSZ overhead perspective: that I want to see used by StasyQ VR in every release. I issue that as a humble request, Team Stasy…

Overhead VR porn camera on pussy

This camera perspective is HORNY!

In good conscience, it is very easy to recommend a subscription to fellas seeking glam-beauty, solo gal 3D porn.

What Could Still Be Improved?

This is where things can’t help but get quite subjective/opinionated.

For me…

1. The movement of the woman and camera is still a bit too fast.

2. I’d decrease the rapid camera cuts.

3. At the aforementioned 3:43 mark: a good five minutes could have been spent right there.

Introduce a slow moving camera body scan that weaves its way around SophieQ’s pink panties. Man minds will explode. I guarantee it.

4. Along those same lines: imo, StasyQ VR really needs to do some zoom spotlight on a particular section of the woman’s body: face, ass, pink panty cameltoe, etc.

Final Word

If you want beautiful, softcore 3D… a StasyQ VR subscription deserves serious consideration.

I will be following this studio’s development right here. That link above takes you to a page where you can download a free scene; but, I’ll tell you that this new release is better than the free movie.

Well done StasyQ and SofieQ.

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