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Britney Amber Call To Arms Pics and Thoughts

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Call to Arms by WhoreCraft VR
Starring Britney Amber in the role of Sasha Blackstone
34 minutes

Up today is WhoreCraftVR’s latest, Call To Arms, starring one of my favorites, Ms. Britney Amber: testing her dramatic-cosplay talents as Sasha Blackstone against a medieval-like fantasy background. Yes, there is a castle.

Just speaking for myself, I like this stuff: the background; the costumes; the Britney.

Nina Elle costume in her WhoreCraftVR vr porn release

Congratulations Nina.
You’re our favorite.

So, Nina’s WhoreCraftVR release was my 2018 fave and I provide extensive further thoughts about the studio here.

In this fella’s opinion, WCVR’s not receiving the recognition which the work merits.

Why do I feel that way?

Well, any studio with basic, general competence delivering enough configurations from our positioning checklist will gets props here. Those links explain in extensive detail.

Additionally, the backgrounds are awesome and something not much seen in virtual porn.

And, you throw in some cosplay: you got me, man!

So, in this release, Britney brings her characteristic sexual energy: that sorta-crazed and unrestrained, wide-eyed libido lunacy, which effectively suggests she’s being sexually overwhelmed. Brit’s a master at this particular brand of horny.

And, the camera positioning repeatedly created a tight immediacy: as seen in the missionary, doggy pull back, and close-up posing: all pictured below.

Britney Amber pushes her missionary forward as Sasha Blackstone for WhoreCraft VR January 2019

Britney Amber pushes her missionary forward as Sasha Blackstone for WhoreCraft VR January 2019

Britney Amber pullback doggy style fucking

In my opinion, this doggy pullback positioning should be included in every hetero VR porn release

Britney Amber pushes her pussy at the camera in a virtual porn movie

Oh, Britney baby!

So, Britney Amber in a horny costume. Close cameras. Clear optical experience. What the hell more does a guy want?

Here’s some additional pictures from Britney’s WhoreCraftVR effort.


Well, I want Team WhoreCraft to do a moving camera, roving bodyscan of Britney’s entirety at sweetspot distance. To be fair, nobody’s much delivering this presently.

There were some bits where the nearness bent into optical convergence, but such is unavoidable. And, it didn’t really dampen the horny.

Britney Amber stand-up sex vr

Rarely seen, uber horny standup action

That little stand-up section (7:26-8:09, pictured left) was pretty outrageously mind-bending, but that segment should have been much longer!

Oh, Britney baby! One of the best.

WhoreCraftVR… if you’re listening… include more of this in every release, men!

Overall, WhoreCraftVR measures up well for me. I look forward to the next backgrounds, characters and scenarios from these fellas.

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