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Lethal Hardcore Delivers Things I’ve Been Wanting To See

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My Stepsister Needed A Sensual Massage by Lethal Hardcore VR
Starring Moka Mora
37 minutes

Looking over LethalHardcore VR’s latest Moka Mora release, My Stepsister Needed A Sensual Massage

…and, mentally reviewing their other efforts (including Ashley Lane and Courtney Taylor’s movies)…

I feel we’re witnessing LethalHardcore VR steadily uncovering an effective and original style.

Moka Mora stars in Lethal Hardcore VR's January 2019 release, My Stepsister Needed A Sensual Massage.

Moka Mora stars in Lethal Hardcore VR’s January 2019 release, My Stepsister Needed A Sensual Massage.
…Some very interesting stuff goes down in the first five minutes of this release.

I hope Lethal Hardcore’s 3D unit further forges and solidifies this unique identity: because, what they’re doing is interesting and horny.

For me to get juiced-up about techniques these days, there are things I need to see… And, if I felt such desires only appealed to me, I’d keep the thoughts to myself. But, I know that’s not the case.

For those who have been reading along here for years, you know precisely what’s been requested (much of which has subsequently been delivered).

But, there are things left on the I want to see list:

* Moving camera with (and without) truncation mixed with frequent camera cuts (offering unexpected, new perspective especially via a surprising angle) that segue ways into body scan segments with lingering, almost static bits: going at a mostly slow pace; while, generally speaking, not holding the 1st person POV sacrosanct.

That’s sort of it in a nutshell.

There’s more, but within the existing framework that’s being sorta seen (leaving out narrative/context possibilities), that’s a good summary.

So, I always say maybe I’m wrong about everything; but, it’s never been a mystery about what I want to see.

And, when it’s delivered, I’m going to recognize it.

And, this release indeed delivers a lot of it.

What’s so special about this release?

Mora’s movie (particularly the opening 5 minutes) is sprinkled with frequent cuts which shift perspective, human positioning, and importantly, depth-change.

Additionally, LHCVR’s leaning into the moving camera explorations. And, when the moving camera segments meet frequent cuts of depth and truncation: now we’re finally Goddamn getting somewhere, man!

So, I’m not sure I just explained that well.

Basically, there are a number of parts combining for singular effect: moving camera (which nonstop somewhat changes depth and perspective) with frequent actual camera cuts, which also change depth, perspective and orientation.

The movie opens with an outdoor yoga pants celebration as a moving camera follows the callipygian cutie coquetting her coochie up a cement staircase.

Moka Mora walks spandex ass up staircase for LethalHardcoreVR

Let’s just be honest…
…what hetero fella don’t love watching a beautiful gal with a beautiful ass…in stretchy pants…walking up a staircase….
Be honest, man!

Damn effective! That is…if horny 3D is the goal.

This type of sequence should be seen much more frequently in these 3D porn outings.

There’s nothing esoteric or fetishistic about a fella appreciating a glorious gal backside.

My complaint would be that the aforementioned, moving camera outdoor sequence only lasted 90 seconds. I would have preferred more like 600 seconds of that.

Additionally, I feel everything would benefit if the camera and human movement slowed a bit.

Finally, some bodyscanning

The massage table posing actually delivered what I’ve been repeatedly requesting: a moving body scan with some truncation. (See, in particular, 2:54 to 4:16)

To which I say, “Goddamn bravo, man!

So, these four pictures give some idea what I’m talking about…

Moka Mora on massage table bodyscan in a 3D porn movie from LethalHardcoreVRMoka Mora on massage table bodyscan in a 3D porn movie from LethalHardcoreVRMoka Mora on massage table bodyscan in a 3D porn movie from LethalHardcoreVRMoka Mora on massage table bodyscan in a 3D porn movie from LethalHardcoreVR

Combining it all, I’m getting an original, zesty and horny experience that…most importantly…isn’t predictable.

For Me, These Were The Shortcomings

1. Looking over this movie again, I see that it’s really the sections from 0:00 to 4:31 that I found groundbreaking and am saying “Bravo!” about…

4:32 to the end follows conventional methods. It almost feels like two different movies conceived by two different fellas were combined. Well, the first fella wins! (Their recent Samantha Hayes release actually executed the conventional methods better.)

I’d offer that the methods used in those first four-and-a-half minutes should be used until the end. The bodyscan massage table segment could have scanned harder, longer, more intensely. This is the path to cracking man minds.

2. Break 1st Person POV and truncate the BJ. Hell, you’re already doing your thang. Break it, man.

3. Morph into squatting cowgirl hoverface, leanback reverse cowgirl, pullback doggy, truncated doggy, and missionary more pushed-forward.


This Moka Mora outing very much has a feel to me of a transitional release using method and style I expect to soon be seeing from other studios. I’d say to LHCVR, brand yourself via repeat delivery henceforth.

None of this is to suggest that hitherto we haven’t seen any other studios use moving camera and/or truncation. We’ve discussed prior examples in considerable depth elsewhere.

I hope above I’ve successfully conveyed what makes this exhibition differ; but, I also wonder if it just might be necessary for the reader to watch it for himself: because describing a 3D experience is just inherently difficult.

I’m very curious to see what’s coming next from both Lethal Hardcore VR and their sister site, WhoreCraft VR, which I actually like a bit more for its fuck-it-all celebration of human creativity.

Some might think there’s some overstatement or silliness in my previous statement. But, I’m being straight with you. I’m a guy who just really fucking appreciates creativity.

I’ve always gotten bored with things very easily.

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