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Stockings VR – Second Look

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We took our first look at VR porn studio, Stockings VR, on April 2, 2018.

Did StockingVR’s output improve since last review?

Indeed, it has.

I reviewed some movies from the past few months—featuring gals like Nathaly Cherie, Victoria Puppy, Angel Wicky—and, I think I’ve got a feel for where SVR’s at…

So, this review will be of particular interest to a fella who’s into VR and stockings porn…and, finds himself wondering if he should plunk down the 25 bucks to give StockingsVR a try for a month.

I’m familiar with this studio. And, in this article I’ll provide my candid reasoning on how to make this decision.

Now, our original 2018 impression was this:

…if you also share this particular appreciation (stockings, panties, lingerie, etc.)…in my opinion, this studio’s optical quality crosses the necessary threshold for me to recommend you give them serious consideration.

The present difference?

While last time I felt the Stockings gang just barely crossed the quality threshold; I now feel their optical experience is a more solid type of legit.

I also still hold my original impression:

“…the optics don’t share the same first-rate hornyness of studios like CzechVR, Wankz, VRP, etc. Honestly, they’re definitely not in that league. Just trying to be straight with you folks.”

To be fair, though, that’s setting the bar quite high. And, one must consider this studio caters to a particular fella.

StockingVR’s 3D content exclusively celebrates gorgeous gals in stockings, pantyhose, tights, garters, lingerie and similar accoutrements: which hold a mainstream libido-grip so tight that it’s not accurate to characterize it as fetish.

I mean… I walk past a Victoria’s Secret every time I visit the local mall. Although considered a niche, this niche has pretty enormous appeal.

So, if this is your thing, the only other place to get some high-quality content is CzechVR. But, it’s occasional there. With StockingsVR it’s the raison d’être.

Additionally, I was pleased to see SVR include a segment that I haven’t much seen from anyone else.

What type of segment?

In the opening of Pantyhose Princess, there’s a sequence of Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy simply dancing around in their dresses: before the choreography evolves into a striptease.

Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy dance in a StockingsVR movie

Personally, I enjoyed these blonde beauties dancing around in their party dresses

Nathaly and Victoria... the dresses come off and we get to the stockings

Pictured above: you gotta love it when we get to the stockings

For me: this happy, clothed teasing is great stuff and the type of content which I wish was more often seen in 3D. If you’re into this clothed teasing sorta thing, this is horny footage.

Get a little closer…oh, don’t be shy…

With that said, I’d like to see SVR get the camera a bit closer at times. If the Stockings gang is reading along, I’d say your Sweetspot distance is seen, pictured below, at 8:12 in the Tarts In Tights release.

I believe in the picture above we see the heart of StockingVR's sweetspot zone... ...that means this is the optimal distance for maximum clarity and the best VR experience

I believe in the picture above we see the heart of StockingVR’s sweetspot zone…
…that means this is the optimal distance for maximum clarity and the best VR experience

And, generally speaking, I found that the December 10, 2018 Kattie Gold release, was nailing the proper distance; but, there were some intermittent scaling issues (big) in the upper frame. The thing is…I found it to still be a rather horny experience.

Bitch With A Whip screenshot StockingsVR review

Pictured above, an effective posing from Bitch With A Whip… just nudge a bit closer…

So, there’s definitely room to improve the general resolution, clarity and overall optical experience further.

And, honestly, I feel there’s some room for improvement with the actual website: particularly the addition of preview, screenshot pictures.

But, all things considered


It’s really pretty easy to guide someone with subscription advice for the StockingsVR studio.

It goes like this:

  1. Do you get really horny over stockings, pantyhose, tights, panties and the like? You know who you are, man!
  2. Do you like conventionally beautiful young women like Nathaly Cherie, Victoria Puppy, Katy Rose, Nikki Dream, Katerina Hartlova, Angel Wicky, Krystal Swift, Blanche Bradburry…? And, in particular, are you especially horny for Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy? …because, I notice SVR teams up that duo quite a bit…
  3. Are you okay with VR porn optics that aren’t cutting edge excellent but rather solidly competent?

If you answer YES to all of the above, I’d say take a month at $24.95, you’re going to find some bits that do it for you. On the chance that the VR doesn’t fully rock your cock, you still can access their catalog of 2D stuff: which I’ve also been…appreciating! Particularly such classics as Truck Stop Whore Dressing For Sex. Gotta love it…

I render this judgment because—full disclosure—I’m a guy who loves all the stockings, pantyhose, erotica-sorta stuff myself!

For example, in the synopsis for Pantyhose Princess, SVR says,

There is nothing sexier than watching girls dancing in nylons….with panties over pantyhose.

Now, I know this isn’t true for everyone, but I’m actually inclined to agree with that StockingsVR proclamation above.

So, you know where I’m coming from…If you’re on the same page I am…give these pantyhose pervs a shot.

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