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First Look At StockingsVR

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Update January 17, 2019: I spent some time giving the newer StockingsVR work a good looking over. And, please see this article for the latest opinion and info: StockingsVR – Second Look

Update January 3, 2019: I watched StockingVR’s December 31, 2018 Gag Me With That Cucumber preview starring two of my absolute faves: Nathaly Cherie and Victoria Puppy. And, I can tell you—based upon what I saw there—that StockingsVR has largely worked-out the scale and sense of spatial correctness issues which I discuss in the article below (which was originally written in April 2018).

In other words, the VR porn optics I saw looked good. When I have a bit more time, I’ll watch some more of their work and comment further.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for stockings/lingerie 3D content, I’d simply suggest you give them a visit and watch some of the free previews for yourself.

Thank you!

Below is the original Stockings VR Review

Hi friends, welcome to the Internet’s first VR porn review website.

Do you find a woman in stockings and panties hornier than the same woman naked?

If you’re like me…and you answer yes to that question: you definitely want to read on…

Let’s Suit Up

April 2, 2018

All right, friends, today we’re going to first look

I started writing this in January. Why is it taking so long? I don’t fucking know, man. Anyway…

Everything about this really hinges upon how horny you get for panties, stockings, nylons, lingerie and the like.

Angelina Brill lingerie stockings porn

Is worth the money?

Let’s get right to it. Is this studio worth the money?

In my analysis (reviewing factors/method), it depends upon how you answer these three questions?

1. Are you specifically horny for the stockings fetish stuff?
2. Do you like conventionally beautiful, mainstream…um…beauties? The list is below.
3. What’s your personal threshold of VR porn optical quality?

So, let me put it like this:

1.) If you’re horny for stockings stuff (I sure as hell am!)…

2.) and, you like conventional, gorgeous gals like Victoria Puppy and Katy Rose (I sure as fuck do!)…

3.) and, you can give some leeway on the virtual porn optics…if all of those things are true…then, I’d recommend you absolutely watch their free preview and give these folks  consideration.

I phrased that strongly because while these folks aren’t exactly the only game in town for this content; to my knowledge, they’re the only studio 100% dedicated to it.

Who Are The StockingsVR Women?

Here’s a partial list:

Personally, that line-up works for me quite well.

So, What Now?

Alex Black blue dress

Oh, Alex baby! You already know I’m a fan!

Well, I downloaded and looked at some of their movies.

Now, let me add: my sub ran out, and I haven’t watched anything from the past two months. (Today’s April 2, 2018).

But, before considering the work, let’s first see how this 3D Stockings Gang describe themselves…

StockingsVR In Their Own Words

  Upskirts, Stockings, Panties in Virtual Reality
Download or Stream – Your Choice
Includes FREE Membership at StockingVideos
FREE Massive StockingVideos Archive
Compatible with all devices… StockingsVR website

All right, let’s talk StockingsVR..

crotchless Carol grabs her breast

I like the looks of “crotchless Carol”!

I found some quality variance across releases. In some instances, the scale was pretty wonky. In other instances, it was better.

That’s not really so unusual with newer studios.

A realistic sense of scale, of course, is one of the primary factors we always consider. And, people experience it differently (VR porn viewing factors).

With that caveat, for me the scale tended to be slightly big.

Crotchless Carol dildo

Oh, Crotchless Carol!

I’m okay with that; though, not everyone  shares my preferences.

It’s always crucial to emphasize that people want different things. And, I’m just relaying my experience and impressions.

Additionally, the general sense of spatial correctness was a bit off for me: visually sometimes different segments of the frame didn’t feel fully congruent in relation to each other.

In my opinion, that’s something this studio needs to correct.

So, to render a general judgment about the StockingsVR visual experience: the optics don’t share the same first-rate hornyness of studios like CzechVR, Wankz, BaDoinkVR, VRP, etc. Honestly, they’re definitely not in that league. Just trying to be straight with you folks.

Alex Black lingerie bra stockings

You’re fucking killing me, Alex

Those studios, in my opinion, presently represent the pinnacle of VR porn optics. And, honestly, StockingsVR doesn’t reach that level. The truth is these good folks have got optical issues to work out.

But, as previously mentioned, this studio’s videos laser-target the many folks who find the whole stockings, panties, Victoria Secret stuff particularly horny. I’ll be honest: I’m part of that contingent.

Now, if you also share this particular appreciation…in my opinion, this studio’s optical quality crosses the necessary threshold for me to recommend you give them serious consideration.

Speaking for myself personally…and, I’m just going to be honest…as a man who really, really, really finds the whole bikini, panties, stockings, garter belt, corset stuff just ridiculously horny…I personally think the $25 for a month to download raid their library is an all right deal. If this same quality work featured conventional, heterosexual VR: I would not think the $25/month was an appealing deal.

The videos don’t stand independently as complete, polished pieces; but, there are definitely some horny bits for folks who get-off on the whole clothed-horny psychology.

At this moment in time, I need to see technical improvement before I’d be willing to do the 6 months @ $14.99 a month.

That’s it… Good luck StockingsVR.

I definitely intend to keep an eye on you good folks.

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