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Upcoming Scenes From Lethal Hardcore VR

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Hi friends, I don’t often do coming soon type articles.

Concerning both WhoreCraftVR and Lethal Hardcore, I do find myself genuinely curious these days about what’s coming next.

I consider WhoreCraftVR to be the most interesting and consistently creative VR porn studio.

wankzvr halloween wanking dead feature image

WankzVR’s Wanking Dead parody

Other studios have released creative gems that have been acknowledged and praised here (e.g. WankzVR Walking Dead parodies and Zombie Slayers; Na Fidelio; and Blondie Fesser’s 2015 harassment by that no good Big Man bastard…to name just a few.)

But, if you’re wondering why I give WhoreCraftVR this general distinction…

…you can read my WhoreCraftVR overview and reasoning for choosing Nina Elle’s release as my 2018 favorite: while simultaneously conceding that it wasn’t the best technical effort of the year.

Basically, by combining Medieval cosplay, gorgeous gals; computer-generated castle countrysides; and horny, camera positioning…for me, something quite special and singular is created.

Concerning LethalHardcore VR, I’m happy to see certain camera techniques employed that I feel I’ve been requesting for a long time.

What camera techniques?

Moving camera with (and without) truncation mixed with frequent camera cuts (offering unexpected, new perspective especially via a surprising angle) that segue ways into body scan segments with lingering, almost static bits: going at a mostly slow pace; while, generally speaking, not holding the 1st person POV sacrosanct.

That quotation above most accurately describes the opening of Moka Mora’s recent yoga-pants-ass-up-the-steps Lethal fuckfest.

Moka Mora walks spandex ass up staircase for LethalHardcoreVR

This is just something that never gets boring.

I don’t presently consider LethalHardcore VR to be the technical best.

But, I’ll tell you what…if they keep pushing and refining the same directional aesthetic/method seen in that opening, I believe I may reach that opinion.

We’ll see…

What would crash my brainbox

What would fully crash my brainbox is if the description above went even slower…even more staticmore truncated…that’s what I’m looking for…that’s what’s got my interest.

And, since we’re doing a wishlist sorta thing, how about Nina Elle The King’s Guard Part 2…and, let’s really get a full three minute, truncated bodyscan of Warlock Clayden in that Goddamn horny costume, man! Oh, Nina baby!

Nina Elle missionary 3D in black panties for WhorecraftVR cosplay release

Love that beautiful Nina face… the costume, the panty pull, the Nina!

Oh second thought, make it a 10 minute Nina bodyscan, Lethal Gang!

I think there’s 2 main things holding VR porns back right now:

  1. The bias that there must always be movement.
  2. The convention that VR filming must adhere to a strict 1st person POV to create a worthwhile experience.

So, as mentioned, I see the Lethal Gang has announced its upcoming releases. And, I’ll pass that on here:

January 22, 2019: My Stepdaughter Loves To Toss My Salad – Featuring Riley Star

Riley Star My Stepdaughter Loves To Toss My Salad LethalHardcoreVR

Looking forward to Riley’s…um…culinary skills!

January 28, 2019: My Babysitter Has A Bubble Butt – Featuring Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri face pigtails

OH, Khloe babysitter!

February 1, 2019: I Got Fucked By My Probation Officer – Featuring Tiffany Watson

(The picture below isn’t from the movie. Just a nice picture of Ms. Watson!)

pornstar Tiffany Watson's face

Pictured above, Tiffany Watson. This picture is not from the forthcoming LethalHardcoreVR release.

That’s it for now. Check back to see how things develop.

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