Dakota Skye VR porn The New Guy pictures and review

Dakota Skye The New Guy Pics and Thoughts

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The New Guy by WankzVR
Starring Dakota Skye
52 minutes

Dakota Skye's face

A pretty face is a good starting point in a VR porn release

Lately we’ve been analyzing very specific positioning sections and discussing their effectiveness.

Today let’s spotlight Dakota Skye’s missionary performance and the filming techniques used by WankzVR.

You know, the real success metric for a VR porn movie could sorta be summarized by asking: After watching the woman’s performance—on a scale of 1 to 10—just how bad did you want to be the male star of the movie?

Concerning this Dakota outing…that would be a 14, sir!

Yesterday, we looked at how Riley Star rocked a missionary segment.

Likewise, this release deserves similar credit.

The 18:32 to 24:26 timeline is particularly powerful. Let’s peruse a few screenshots.

Dakota Skye missionary in WankzVR The New Guy

Dakota Skye missionary in WankzVR The New Guy

Dakota Skye missionary in WankzVR The New Guy

Three things combine creating a completely wackable VR missionary session.

1. The camera is positioned correctly truncating the frame.

2. Dakota exemplifies the authenticity component and intuits how virtual porn intimacy renders to the viewer.

Presuming the technology and camera position is correct, success depends upon the actress’s performance: eye contact, emotion, intangibles.

3. Additionally, as seen in the picture sequence above, Dakota changes depth within the truncated framing. This is how it’s done, son. Price of admission warranted.

There’s some other fine posing and also the doggy segment, pictured below, works (low in frame, pulled back.); though, I felt the pullback part could have been longer.

Dakota Skye doggy pull back for WankzVR

The positioning/framing simply works very well

So, I generally add things that I want to see done. Several of those often repeated things still apply.

But, the conclusion remains that if you like pretty, young women performing passionately in 3D; what’s presented is solid and technically accomplished.

And, if your sense of beauty and hornyness is similar to most hetero fellas, this release will probably reaffirm that your WankzVR subscription was a good investment.

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