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Ella Knox Up In Smoke Pics And Thoughts

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Up In Smoke by VR Bangers
Starring Ella Knox
39 minutes

This Bangers’ Ella Knox release is easy to discuss.

Ella Knox in the February 2019 VR Bangers' release, Up In Smoke

Ella Knox in the February 2019 VR Bangers’ release, Up In Smoke

Basically, Team Bangers did a horny job with the cowgirl and blowjob footage. I think some missionary would have been good, but hey…if you’re going to have a cowgirl-mouthjob-titjob exhibition: Ella’s a damn fine choice!

And, for fans of big-boobed, Latina porn beauties: the general 3D quality and camera positioning used will get you Fleshlight-bound. I mean… that fabulous face and those electrifying, Ella boobie bouncers! Works for me!

On Twitter, Ella summarized her new release, “Let me ride your hard cock while my huge tits bounce right in your face.

Ella Knox huge tit cowgirl

I said, DAMN! Repeat: DAMN!!!!!!!!!

That’s an accurate description: as I believe you can see pictured above.

I mean…you heard of cowgirl hoverface. How about…cowgirl hoverboobs! As I said earlier…works for me!

So, unsurprisingly, VR Bangers skillfully delivered the cowgirl optics: which they do particularly well (and, often with more creative cowgirl variety than delivered here.)

Ella’s cowgirling action was pretty fantastic (varying between smothering and upright).

My favorite aspect, though, was the rarely-seen right-angle blowjob footage (22:05-25:55).

Pictured below, notice how Ella is stretched-out across the man, at a right angle, as he diddles her fiddle and she sucks his job.

Ella Knox blowjob VR Bangers movie

I felt this blowjob configuration was effective…and, I’d like to see it used more often

This positioning looked damn good in my viewer. And, in contrast to head-on BJ framing, this method provides a better view of the woman’s breast, pussy, etc. Additionally, as the man’s visible input (fingering) affects the woman’s visible reactions, an interesting element is added to what’s typically a one-sided dynamic.

I would like to see Bangers replicate this segment in future releases. I’m almost inclined to say it could be a staple potentially lending itself to a roving-truncation portion.

A frequent criticism of VR blowjob footage is that it’s often optically small: detracting from the realism.

As with VRB’s recent Mandy Muse release, I was again pleasantly surprised to experience a big, close BJ.

So, what’s here is quite horny. VR Bangers is encouraging feedback and listening: so, I expect we’ll see continued evolution.

As prior discussed, I recently took a hard second look at their output, and I believe 2019 will be a good year for this studio: that causes many folks to reevaluate their standing. Yes, maybe even a full-fledged breakout year. Honestly, I’m usually right with these VR porn predictions.

VRB’s recent AVN award, in my view, was well-deserved for Marley’s cosplay scene.

Marley Brinx Wonderwoman porn

The Marley Brinx VRB scene was fucking horny

And, while I noticed online complaints and frustrated criticisms concerning NA’s best studio award; I heard no one griping that the Bangers’ recognition was unmerited.

As it should be: because that Marley Wonder Woman scene was Goddamn horny! And, I felt a certain satisfaction in saying (prior to the award) that I considered it VRB’s best release.

I’d like to see them do another outdoor cosplay that contains similar cowgirl diversity and basically templates that effort. I mean…hey, take what works and repeat, man!

At this point, when considering the VRB oeuvre, I’m basically seeing most of the things I want (and, even some stuff that I wasn’t looking for that forced me to several times update the positioning checklist.)

Now Bangers has to just sort of combine it all: which is what I’m expecting to happen.

I’d encourage you fellas who like 3D with conventionally beautiful gals (in mostly hetero action) to check out some of their free previews and give these folks a shot. In my opinion, they’re worthy of a subscription. And, I’m particularly curious to see their future efforts.

Here are some Ella Knox VRB pics.

You can see the free Ella Knox preview and other Banger’s samples to get a feel for their style.

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