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The Breakout Bangers Release I’ve Been Expecting

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February 9, 2019

If you read these posts, you know that I recently took a second hard look at the VR Bangers studio.

And, I quickly realized my mistake in ignoring them the past year or so…

In their releases, I was now seeing much of what I needed: along with some horny positioning that I’ve never really requested (e.g. a lot of the cowgirling variations).

And, this release compels another two additions to our VR porn positioning checklist: that may be the greatest endorsement I can personally give a movie.

My previous takeaway impression was that VR Bangers wasn’t quite on the top-tier yet; but, they were on the verge.

And, I’ve been at this long enough to sense when a studio’s major breakthrough moment is imminent.

And, now it’s happened with their recent La Saint Valentin release: starring one of my absolute faves, Ms. Christiana Cinn.

Yes, this is VR Bangers’ major breakthrough moment.

VR Bangers…you fellas must now duplicate this Christiana Cinn quality level release-after-release… and, why wouldn’t they?

This Christiana Cinn release will force a lot of fellas to reevaluate the Bangers studio

This Christiana Cinn release will force a lot of fellas to reevaluate the Bangers studio

This present release…I’m reviewing things in my mind…and, it’s at least on par with anything I’ve seen in 2019. And, there have been some damn great releases this year.

There’s definitely room for improvement still: most notably by smoothing out and slowing down the moving camera’s path. There’s still room for a more general overall polish, so to speak. And, as is the case with all contemporary studios, there’s all sorts of imaginative potential still floating in this universe untapped.

But, when I factor everything together: the creative positioning (bodies and cameras)…this is its greatest strength; the willingness to truncate; tight and low frame positioning; the 6K; the camera movement (even if not perfected yet, it’s still good to see); the general optical quality; the Christiana, the overall horny… yea…this release can at least compete with anything out there.

As I said previously about Bangers’ Marley Brinx Wonder Woman scene: I felt fine that it won AVN’s best scene award. That seemed fair and reasonable to me.

And, my conclusion is that VRB is now a top-tier, world-class VR porn studio.

And, while I expected Bangers to jump levels; I was not expecting it to be done with such an exclamation point.

Going over some positioning and camera techniques…I’m going to list two things this release actually does better than anything I’ve personally seen. (I haven’t seen everything, of course.)

1. They truncate the reverse cowgirl (sort of sideways truncated). Slipping in-and-out of truncation with Christiana’s ass bouncing off the frame’s bottom. This is how it’s done, son! I don’t know why there’s a resistance to this…but, just keep executing this Bangers.

Christiana Cinn truncated reverse cowgirl

Why isn’t everyone doing this?
This Christiana truncated reverse cowgirl was Goddamn horny!
A really interesting realism is created.

2. Spread-eagle blowjob: I don’t think I’ve seen this before. And, if I have, not positioned with this (low-frame) level of general excellence. I’ll let the picture below be the explanation. Pure VR porn gold. Period. Perhaps CC’s hand was blocking the view a bit more than I would have liked: that’s what we’re interested in Christiana! …but, this was great stuff!

Christiana Cinn spreadeagle blowjob

This new camera positioning was GODDAMN HORNY!
Bravo Bangers!

And, here are some other things that are just done really well.

1. Missionary Hoverface: Yea. There are some subtle differences here that make this work. For one, the male hoverfacing (camera perspective) very slightly breaks a strict POV. And, that’s a good thing!

Christiana Cinn missionary hoverface

Oh, man! I’m giving some heavy praise, but when you frame shots like these… you’re going to get heavy praise at EVERY TIME!
Outrageous missionary hoverface!

The effect simply works. That they’re filming gal Goddess Christiana with her legs spread wide: that don’t hurt either! Oh, Christy baby! I’ve been a fan since her 2015 NA outing.

2. Moving Camera: this is what I really wanted to see from VRB. At some points, it’s going a bit too fast. But, yea… keep doing this. Bit slower. Bit smoother. No… um… quick and jerky: leave that to the viewers!

Christiana Cinn's pussy

Classic Christiana Cinn pussy posing…

3. The general low-and-tight camera framing on Christiana’s gorgeous gal face, gorgeous pussy-posing, and gorgeous dildo action. And, yea…when Christiana reads this she’ll probably think it’s too much, maybe embarrassing…but, I don’t care. She’s the sort of gal you look at and immediately want to fuck. Hard. For hours. Gorgeous. Few things I appreciate more than a beautiful, female face.

Update November 2021: check this out guys…Christiana did actually read this and this is what she posted on Twitter:

That made my day Christiana…thank you! Great stuff…. keep blushing you beautiful thing!


Keep an eye on these guys. Because, as I’ve been predicting, this is going to be a huge year for VR Bangers that forces a lot of fellas to reevaluate the VR porn landscape.

If you think I’m going over-the-top…if you think I’m tripping…if you’re doubtful… simply go to VR Bangers and check this movie’s free preview.

See for yourself.

The truncated reverse cowgirl is at 1:38. The spread-eagle blowjob is at 1:10. The missionary hoverface is at 1:05. And, it’s a preview, so the segments are quick. But, you can see them for yourself enough to get the idea.

Nicely done Christiana and VR Bangers.

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