Stacy Cruz in VR Intimacy's debut release

First Look At VR Intimacy

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Update May 11, 2019: VR Intimacy has subsequently released 5 free, full-length movies. Major props and thanks for those five. We were blessed with face fetish from Stacy Cruz, Victoria Puppy, Cindy Shine, Lucy Li, Lady Dee, and the most recent, Cara Mell.

Cara Mell face for VR Intimacy

Ms. Cara Mell: where the hell did you come from young lady?
You look like a Goddamn Victoria Secret model…
…or some gal on the cover of Vogue magazine!

Beginning with Cara’s movie, these releases are no longer free. They are now included in your CzechVR subscription. CVR is not promising a regular update schedule for the VR Intimacy releases. In the Czech Republic region, it’s difficult to book these type of solo models. The agencies there have far more B/G sorta models.  It might seem, these days, that, for these purposes, it might be more advantageous to shoot MetArt models like Cara: rather than just traditional porn actresses.

CVR is encouraging subscribers to consider the VRI movies a bonus. Oh, man…this is one fuck of a bonus, man! HORNY!

If somebody wants just this Cara video but not a full subscription, it will be available as an individual purchase on the Sex Like Real site and possibly VRporn.

You know…just major gratitude to these fellas for all the free VR they offer!

And, honestly… a CVR subscription is looking even more appealing these days: it gets you everything from regular CzechVR, CVR Casting, CVR Fetish and now VR Intimacy.

This latest Cara Intimacy artfully blends the face fetish elements with other intriguing close-ups such as Ms. Mell posing doggy in her red panties!

Cara Mell doggystyle red panties

Oh goodness gracious Cara! My Goddamn head is about to explode!

February 14, 2019

Here are the important points about this brand new studio, VR Intimacy.

1. It’s done by the CzechVR folks.

CVR has established a well-deserved reputation for VR porn excellence: since New Year’s Eve 2015 when they gave Katy a carrot and…let her go! These Euro 3D maestros have held my attention ever since…

VR Intimacy CzechVR studio

CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGE… it’s a tremendous honor for to have been the inspiration for the VR Intimacy studio!

2. The distinguishing feature of this studio—its niche (face fetish/face-centric)—is the intense intimacy. A very close camera positioning is one primary way this  is achieved. The particular model, of course, is extremely important. And, this type of VR also has a lot of intangibles in play.

Intimate teasing from Stacy Cruz in VRIntimacy 001

Intimate teasing from Stacy Cruz in VRIntimacy 001

3. Let’s just say…I’m a fan of this approach. But, rather than reading my analysis, I’d rather encourage you to simply visit VR Intimacy where you can download a FREE, 16 minute VR Intimacy release. It’s their very first effort: featuring Ms. Stacy Cruz.

Stacy Cruz face and holding sex toy VR Intimacy

Excellent work, Stacy.

So, download and load-up the free movie. See it for yourself. Bookmark and check back. Enjoy.

Good luck and many thanks to VR Intimacy and CVR.

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