Stacy Cruz in VR Intimacy's debut release

First Look At VR Intimacy

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Here are the important points about this brand new studio, VR Intimacy.

1. It’s done by the CzechVR folks.

CVR has established a well-deserved reputation for VR porn excellence: since New Year’s Eve 2015 when they gave Katy a carrot and…let her go! These Euro 3D maestros have held my attention ever since…

VR Intimacy CzechVR studio


2. The distinguishing feature of this studio—its niche (face fetish/face-centric)—is the intense intimacy. A very close camera positioning is one primary way this  is achieved. The particular model, of course, is extremely important. And, this type of VR also has a lot of intangibles in play.

Intimate teasing from Stacy Cruz in VRIntimacy 001

Intimate teasing from Stacy Cruz in VRIntimacy 001

3. Let’s just say…I’m a fan of this approach. But, rather than reading my analysis, I’d rather encourage you to simply visit VR Intimacy where you can download a FREE, 16 minute VR Intimacy release. It’s their very first effort: featuring Ms. Stacy Cruz.

Stacy Cruz face and holding sex toy VR Intimacy

Excellent work, Stacy.

So, download and load-up the free movie. See it for yourself. Bookmark and check back. Enjoy.

Good luck and many thanks to VR Intimacy and CVR.

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