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CzechVR Officially Confirms Forthcoming Face Fetish Filming

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Hi friends,

Alex Black little face picture

Alex Black’s being requested

Right now there’s an awful lot of online chatter about Face Fetish VR.

And, there’s big face fetish news also. But, first…

What the hell is face fetish?

Okay, let’s do a quick recap:

1. On November 29, 2018 we put out an open letter to CzechVR asking for a VR release that did the following:

a. Select a woman with a beautiful face.
b. Keep the camera exclusively within the sweetspot zone distance.
c. The woman’s face fills the screen the whole time.
d. The woman—without speech—can do a lot of coquettish things/expressions and even some non-phony moaning…
…That’s the basic idea that was proposed. We’re using the term face fetish VR porn to describe this type of movie.

2. This face fetish request was well-received by the subreddit.

3. CzechVR told me on November 30, 2018, “Thank you! We will do this type of fetish.”

4. I put out another holler on the subreddit about which particular gals the fellas wanted to see get their face fetish on…Many responses were received.

5. RedditSaila expressed a bit of skepticism replying, Would still feel a lot better if we got an official confirmation from Czech.” And, I get it…these days it can be hard to trust things you see online.

6. CzechVR has just provided official confirmation to us—in the thread RedditSaila posted in—that “Yes, we can confirm it 😉

7. Hot damn. Ask the CVR boys and you shall receive.

8. The header picture features Tina Kay’s face. I chose her pic because she’s being requested for this upcoming face-centric content. But, the truth is… a lot of different women are being requested. This particular VR porn desire appears to be much more prevalent than I imagine many previously thought.

So, there you have it friends.

Gal gorgeous Nancy A is one of many women being requested for CzechVR's forthcoming face fetish release

Gal gorgeous Nancy A is one of many women being requested for CzechVR’s forthcoming face fetish release

My impression of what happened?

1. CzechVR is a first-rate studio that listens to their customers and potential customers. I’m not trying to hide my bias. I’ll flat out tell you I’ve been a CzechVR fan since the start.

2. The subreddit response confirmed to CVR that there was sufficient demand to make this viable.

3. Somebody didn’t like it that my posts were so popular so they made a series of asinine statements to try and hurt findvrporn’s reputation. Better luck next time toxic toilet.

4. I’m gonna tell you honestly…no hype bologna…this is significant because I believe these first face fetish/ face-centric releases will change VR porn output across all studios eventually. And, regular heterosexual fuck action 3D will include a FF segment. We’ll see.

So, friends…if all this face fetish stuff has stirred your inner horny, visit this thread where people are telling (link removed) the Czech boys exactly which gals they want to get their face fetish on withadd your suggestion. Don’t be a sideline guy. Participate in VR porn history, man.

Face Fetish VR Update 12/7/2018

On December 7, 2018: CVR releases a free, full-length face fetish movie starring Jennifer Jane. And, it’s pretty damn cool. It’s something new and exciting. Right about now it’s seeming pretty damn amusing that I was called a spammer for coming up with this idea and promoting it. Don’t you think?

Face Fetish VR Update 2/9/2019

An entire new studio/website is launched based on this idea.

Face Fetish VR Update 4/3/2021

Czech VR has been steadily cranking out face fetish VR porn releases under the VR Intimacy brand, and this shit is fucking awesome. Plain and simple. Wonder what these Oculus NSFW scumbags think about this…this is what you call the last laugh, scumbags.

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