Mia Casanova VR preview for download article

Mia Casanova Czech VR Video Preview

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Here is a video I love: The Mia Casanova Czech VR preview. It’s embedded below.

Friends, here’s the bottom line: this Mia Casanova VR is Goddamn HORNY!

Mia Casanova VR preview for download article

I’m now officially a Mia Cassanova fan!

Oh, sweet Creator of this universe: your work is a magnificent thing!

Mia Cassanova doggy style picture small cropped


I watched this release earlier today. It has everything you expect from CVR: clothed teasing, smooth moving camera techniques, various solo poses, facetime closeups, squatting cowgirl hoverface, and even some sideways cowgirl action. I’m now a Mia fan.

Listen up Team Czech: Mia Casanova —> VR INTIMACY! 🙂

Also, you know…for VRI, some additional suggestions: Lola Bambola! Ssindy Rako! Elizabeth Romanov! Blanche Summer! Jolee Love! and, for the love of God, LOLA MYLUV!

Lola Myluv cowgirls

I think Lola would be fantastic in a face fetish!

What’s interesting about this CzechVR release is it’s actually incorporating the face fetish element quite heavily. And, let’s face it: while the general resistance to this has been difficult to understand, it’s exactly what most VR porn consumers want. That’s been evident since the start. This is a lonely fucking world, man…filled with lonely people who just aren’t getting their deepest needs met…


cum on Mia Cassanova's face

Mia Cassanova for CzechVR

Even amidst dozens of excellent releases: this Mia release stands out. Oh, Mia baby! Please do more CVR releases, my darling!

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