Jennifer White Diving In video and review

Jennifer White Diving In

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I was going through things and looking around and contemplating…and, I figured that even though it came out a few weeks back, the Jennifer White MILFVR release is something that deserves to be mentioned here.

Ms. Jennifer White is diving in for MilfVR

Ms. Jennifer White is diving in for MilfVR

So, I’m now mentioning Jennifer, man!


Well, have a look for yourself.

Jennifer White in bikini bottom

Oh, Jennifer baby! Some gals just look other-worldly in nothing but a fancy little bikini bottom!!!!!!!!!!

Why else?

Well, below is the extended length Diving In preview.

Skip to 4:35 on the timeline. This is what I call truncated missionary.

And, when I see footage like that, I generally say, “This is how it’s done, son!” Plain and simple…

At that 4:35 mark, you can see all the necessary elements converging into the VR porn horny Gestalt.

What are the necessary elements?

I’d say there are 3 primary factors:

1. The general technical optical rendering (lighting, sound, color, etc.)
2. The truncated (tight) camera framing.
3. And, Jennifer’s poignant emotiveness (expression, VR instincts etc.) that all combines into what we call the authenticity component.

As I’ve been saying for a long time now, MILF VR is on a horny roll…and, in my view, an extremely reliable studio that doesn’t seem to get the full credit they deserve.

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