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Comparing CzechVR and WankzVR

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Hi friends, welcome to…the original, most singular, congenial, anti-Zeitgeist, VR porn review website on the Internets: the site where VR porn concepts first get formulated before spreading.

Here’s the FindVRporn review foundation, positioning checklist, SOSC supplement, performer checklist, SS Zone, and authenticity component.

If you have a short attention span, I bear you no ill will in saying, this one might not be for you, my friend.

All right, friends, so this piece began today intending to discuss CzechVR’s aptly-titled release, Heavenly Pussies.

Heavenly Pussies by CzechVR is mind-blowing VR

Heavenly Pussies by CzechVR is mind-blowing VR

And, I had included the type of comedy fails that keep you coming back, e.g. “These Czech boys got some titular talents, man!”

And, while writing, something fairly common happened: the focus shifted.

Despite my original intentions, the piece had organically become a comparison between CzechVR and WankzVR.

Both studios produce spectacular virtual porn using significantly different approaches.

And, when I say spectacular, I really mean that. In various articles I’ve sincerely raved about the work from both of these studios.

So, it’s understandable—almost inevitable—how the discussion went that direction.

However, if I’m being honest, I don’t like this clickbait-spirit-of-the-times __________ vs. _______________ approach.

If there’s one thing I find repugnant it’s a Goddamn con artist.

And, here’s the other thing: I’m a guy who often believes that there is no absolute best in anything. And, that’s how these sensationalized pieces generally go: #____ Reasons why ____________ is better than ___________ .

Here’s my thought: there’s something that’s best for you.

Here’s something else to consider about these VR porn comparisons…

They’re Snapshots in Time

Time functions weird-style in virtual porn land.

Not long ago, the discussion here (and elsewhere) constantly compared Naughty America VR, Virtual Real Porn and BaDoinkVR. That went on for a while. And, when the BaDoink boys had their camera breakthrough, I generally cast my vote for them. It was a moment in time, man!

Then, other studios improved. I watched.

Presently, I think the CzechVR/WankzVR juxtaposition is interesting to write about. I mean…I’d rather be drunk clanking dice in one hand with $500,000 of chips in the other; while a statuesque Goddess in heels hands me a martini with violet light refracting from its sparkling rim…but, um…yea, if I can’t be with the statue Goddess, and…yea, nevermind, still not funny

Star Wars XXX VR porn parody graphic

The Star Wars parody beautifully created a fantasy world while displaying some fancy special effects. Perhaps the most Hollywood professional virtual porn released to date.

And, as I’ve commented elsewhere, when it comes to the virtual-reality-world-creation with Hollywood-style special effects: the VRcosplayX Taylor Sands, Star Wars outing is as good as it gets.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything close from anyone else…including VRcosplayX (in respect to the world-creation/effects part). I’m just being straight with you.

About Opinions attempts to objectively consider movies and evaluate what type of consumer desires will happily match the work.

But, there ain’t no way around me, individually, having my own opinion/preferences: what exercise guru Richard Simmons has referred to as the alienated individual’s unique sense of the outrageously horny.

Richard Simmons

One can learn a lot about VR porn semiotics from this gentleman

Not even close to being funny

And, sometimes it’s best to just explicitly state your opinion so ain’t nobody getting mislead.

If a dude wants heterosexual VR porn, you can choose either studio and be fully happy-fappy. Honestly, you can’t go wrong either way. And, if you got extra cash, get both.

Okay, so people always are going to ask you, “Which one’s best?”

That’s a natural human question, but in this case, there is no correct answer.

I’m willing to say this…

My opinion on January 5, 2018 is that the Czech style just kind of resonates a bit more with my individual sense of horny aesthetic…I ain’t saying it’s better…I’m just saying it sort of synchs with my personal erotic sense a bit more.

And, in the next breath I’d say that I could easily imagine someone making an argument for WankzVR, VRcosplayX, Virtual Real Porn, Yanks VR, Virtual Real Gay or another studio.

But, why do I say this about CzechVR’s porn horny? How did I reach that conclusion about their porn horny? Why do I keep using the stupid expression porn horny?

Well, if you’re really interested, you can read the article from yesterday about how they shot the missionary footage (hoverface style). But, that’s just a small piece of it…and, to be fair, I’ve also written extensively about fantastic camera perspectives by Team Wankz. So, there’s something here beyond the technical excellence that both studios possess.

To answer comprehensively: there’s really a VR porn horny Gestalt. That’s to say, a lot of individual factors combine to form a whole greater than the part’s sum. And, because my brain doesn’t work properly, this is why I started putting pieces together in the VR Porn Standards Project.

I wanted to see, among other things, what amount of subjectivity could be removed from these judgments. But, it’s really impossible because I’m still proclaiming what I want to see with positioningwhat I think makes a great porn actress, etc.

So, as I’ve been saying, there just ain’t never no way around these judgments being opinion. And, anyone who expresses his opinion as fact should be avoided.

One can't help but wonder what in the heaven Ms. Baldwin's doing making a cameo in a weird article that's sort of about virtual porn, but is really sort of... just rambling-oddness...

One can’t help but wonder what in the heaven Ms. Baldwin’s doing making a cameo in a weird article that’s sort of about virtual porn, but is really sort of… just rambling-oddness…

What are some of the parts?

The performers: that’s huge. The other big thing is positioning of cameras/bodies. And, another huge piece is the technological competence.

If you watch the virtual porns from WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, Virtual Real Porn, Virtual Taboo, Reality Lovers (and others), you’ll readily see that they’re all quite skillful. You’ll quickly conclude that these are first-rate professional operations.

I’m just being honest with you. Those studios put out totally legit movies that are worth the money.

So, what is it about CzechVR that sets them apart for me?

As hinted earlier, it has a lot to do with this really rather intangible idea of authenticity.

It’s difficult to say what authenticity means, but just like Brooke Baldwin’s captivatingly stoic stare: you know it when you see it!

The best you can say is something like, “It feels real.”

But, there’s much more to it that can become difficult to discuss. For instance, this is why I felt compelled to write out The Authenticity Component.

All right, so I’m going to quote a relevant chunk from that article:

Perhaps what I find most VR porn powerful is a convincing performance where the contextual set-up is reduced to pure sexual need/lust. In other words, the horny is not dependent upon transgressive relationships and such. That’s to say, you’ll notice an awful lot of porn unimaginatively draws its charge based upon doinking between people who shouldn’t be doinking…

…So, it should be unsurprising that virtual porn…a medium which by its very nature celebrates realism (VR does stand for virtual reality)…that authenticity would shine like a million suns.

…Simply put: in VR porn the woman’s authenticity is everything.

All things being equal: That single factor can make the difference between a mediocre release and’s VR Porn Movie Of The Year.

…And, I think there’s dozens of barely tangible factors which combine to create VR porn’s authenticity Gestalt. You know, the camera must be close to the woman’s face. There’s the eye contact: but, there’s also that minuscule eye magic that you can’t explain, but when it’s there, everyone sees it.

There’s the realistic moaning/sounds: and, we’ve read complaints about fake moaning…people don’t want that. Ain’t nobody ever said, “It was a good porn movie, but the moaning just wan’t quite fake enough.”

There’s the physical execution of sexual sequences and whether or not a horny-desperation is conveyed.

And, as I keep suggesting, there’s the stuff you can’t put into words.

And, a lot of this does hinge upon stuff that’s difficult to put into words.

I thought about this some more…

And, I also can’t help but wonder if it might be the amateur performers; the sense of the anonymous; simple, no-frills sets; lack of cliche porn set-ups; really lack of any narrative in most cases; the solo casting efforts with “regular gals”…I have to think that all of these things help to create the sense of realness I’m trying hard to describe. Those are some of the more tangible factors I can name.

And, it doesn’t hurt that the video clarity is excellent and the camera placement is so often creatively-horny. These two characteristics, of course, are shared by Wankz also.

So, if this authenticity perspective leads me to Czech: you can see it’s subjective, individual preferences that have final say.

I mean, in final analysis, I’d say, “The Czech stuff feels authentic to me. You watch the movies and there’s just a feeling of realness.”

And, even after all these paragraphs, it’s still hard to say what that means! But, it means something, man! Just because it’s hard to explain don’t mean it ain’t real!

But, that raises a few final questions:

1. Who’s to say my thoughts about authenticity apply to anyone else?

2. Who’s to say that authenticity should be the gold standard in the first place? Some people love losing themselves in role-playing type fantasy! Fantasy, in some ways, is the other side of that same coin.

This is all true. That’s why I say there’s no right or wrong to these discussions.

The choice is yours:

Take Me To WankzVR! No, Take Me To CzechVR instead!
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