VR porn missionary hoverface explained

Next Level VR Missionary Hoverface

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Breakthrough virtual porn missionary position – missionary hoverface!

Truncated missionary with Patty Michova VR porn Czech VR

Patty Michova in a Czech VR release shows off a truncated missionary technique that is horny!

All right, friends, thank you for joining me to discuss a breakthrough in virtual porn missionary we’re dubbing the accurate, albeit corny, missionary hoverface. To be clear, what makes this interesting is the manner in which the man’s face hovers above the woman: the perspective this provides.

Previously we’ve discussed (and named…) truncated and push-forward missionary in VR.

Good example of very immediate, push forward missionary VR

Good example of very immediate, push forward missionary VR

And, FindVRporn enthusiastically endorses both of those things. You can read much more about that here.

New Chick in VR with Ssindy Rako

I want to discuss one segment in CzechVR Casting’s recently-released 105th effort: New Chick in VR, featuring spectacular Ssindy Rako.

The best missionary VR porn segment I’ve seen anywhere runs from 14:28 to 22:26.

Hey man, I just tell it like it is… I’d say the same if this were shot by Hush or Wankz or Metaversexxx or VRP or Harold’s Horny JOI Whores. I don’t care who does it…

realistic missionary vr porn pic with Ssindy Rako for Czech VR

This is a very realistic way to shoot missionary for virtual porns.

As it happens, unsurprisingly, it’s CzechVR who shot it.

Online sometimes I stumble across various statements from CzechVR. And, the thing that I gleam from their remarks is perfectionist tendencies.

When you’re pulling out your credit card for a VR porn subscription, you know, this ain’t a bad quality in a house.

The camera positioning AND Ssindy’s expressiveness manifest magic in my man mind: via a phone stuck to my face. This is some crazy voodoo, man. I think about how far this stuff has come since 2015.

And, I think to myself: What the hell is this going to be like in 2025, man! Marriage and girlfriends: I’m not sure if those things will even exist at that future date!

Ssindy Rako VR porn missionary fucking

Notice the emotion of this missionary hoverface perspective

Pretty damn amazing missionary camera positioning, and Czech VR…

This is how it’s Goddamn done, son!

Now, I concede there’s some cornyness to the hoverface term; however, you can’t tell me the term don’t very accurately describe the visual…

Let’s really talk about Ssindy now

All right, let’s talk about earth-angel Ssindy Rako.

I’ll tell you, after seeing the emotional, sexual authenticity of this performance, I think this casting newcomer is one of the very best in the porn game. Now, you can tell me I’m wrong. But, you can’t tell me that I don’t mean what I’m saying…

The authenticity component for pornstars

Ssindy ranks as high as any porn performer vis-à-vis the authenticity component framework.

I’m going to be honest here. When I see something like this release; I think that the hype, Twitter followers, marketing, press releases…all that means nothing, man. Horny just don’t care about agents and AVN awards.

I might argue the naturalness, rawness and even anonymity ramps the whole damn thing to new heights of horny.

Now, I’ll emphasize, as I always do, that erections are powered by subjectivity! By that I mean that I’m just one dude and not the final word on anything…

So, why am I bolding text and being excitable?

Let me first drop in some more screenshots of missionary VR shot from the perspective of a man’s hovering face.

So, none of this is accidental.

The Czech boys have been experimenting with camera position since Katy hopped on a chair with her carrot almost exactly two years ago. And, looking back at the article, I see I called that Katy release a masterpiece also.

By the way, been meaning to mention an idea to Team Czech. It could be interesting—knowing what you know now—to remake that Katy and Her Carrot effort.

Squatting cowgirl hoverface

The other mind-breaking bit of camera positioning was how the Czech boys framed-up the squatting cowgirl hoverface (pictured below).

Ssindy Rako squatting cowgirl hoverface

Honestly, I’m being straight with you: at this moment in time, VR porn doesn’t get much better than this.

The 2D picture inevitably warps a bit, but this is spatially horny-proportional in the headset. The only impediment right now is the equipment: e.g. no eye-tracking yet and limited headset FOV.

So, as I was saying…one of my favorite things about the Czech boys is their natural inclinations for camera experimentation.

I think this way of filming missionary—from both a technical standpoint and experiential (the viewer)—is sort of the inverse of squatting cowgirl hoverface.

Now, here are my instructions: CzechVR, please include this missionary method in every release! Ideally, I’d say shoot one ten or fifteen minute long missionary segment, which smoothly transitions from 1. truncated to 2. push forward to 3. hoverface.

CzechVR is pure rock and roll

Like I said on Twitter: You guys are pure rock and roll.

And, as to Ssindy Rako…you’re on our Best Actress list.

And, that’s the one that matters, baby!

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