Alecia Fox guitar in VR porn movie

SexBabesVR With A Guitar

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Props to the SexBabesVR studio for their recent release, Sexy Guitar Solo, starring Alecia Fox.

Alecia Fox pussy and guitar sexbabesvr

I call this artistic picture above: Alecia Fox Pussy and Guitar, SexBabes VR.
I also want to acknowledge SexBabesVR for the concept and execution of this movie.
Hope to see SBVR continue trying things in this direction.

So, a few thoughts about this:

1. SexBabesVR is another one of those studios releasing completely competent VR that doesn’t seem to get the credit they deserve.
2. Major props to SexBabes for the innovative idea and concept here: the guitar action along with some Alecia musing about her abstract expressionist painting. I was not expecting that! This is great stuff! And, I actually really like that fucking painting, man!

You know, when the Fleshlight meets the weenie, a B/G VR effort needs to have horny fuck action with proper positioning of everything. Of course…that sorta goes without say.

I mean…sure, personally, I want some creativity and new things tried and etcetera. But, before it’s over, you better have some of this included:

Alecia Fox legs spread fucking SexBabesVR

In addition to guitars and paintings, you do get Alecia with her legs spread wide getting the good ole bump and pump. Oh, Alecia baby!

Now, with that said, I’m always going to appreciate it when a studio introduces some novel and interesting elements. I’d like to see a lot more of that. If this release didn’t have the guitar/painting stuff, it’s unlikely I would have mentioned it… I mean, Alecia’s action is damn good stuff, but there’s so much  cowgirl VR porn these days that one person can only touch upon so much…

SexBabesVR is a studo I’m keeping an eye on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue churning out some interesting little twists on things. I’d say as long as the actual 3D sex stays on-point, they should be able to successfully continue with the interestingness part. Hey, this writing sucks, but  I never said I was Ernie Hemingway, man!

Here is the Alecia Fox preview. You can get a little glimpse of what this fella’s jiving about.

gotosexbabesvr graphic

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