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Oculus Meta Quest 1 Second Impressions

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Note: In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to META…and, everyone quickly adopted this. As for me, my brain just ain’t that nimble, and to me it’s still the Oculus Quest…but, not according to…nevermind…Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms Inc…and, everybody is calling it the META QUEST now, and I should too, I guess, because that’s what it’s called, but…my brain just ain’t very nimble…but, I’m at least changing/updating the titles in the old articles…findvrporn June 2022

So, I’ve been seeing people pontificating about the Oculus Quest vis a vis VR porn use.

And, I ain’t telling nobody they’re wrong.

I mean…if everything’s in good faith…and, it’s the Internet, so you already know that a lot isn’t…but, if it’s in good faith, then your eyes see what they see. You experience things the way you experience them.

So, I’m finding my experience differs from several consensus views.

Many feel the Oculus Quest provides a very similar experience to the Oculus Go. Some even—much to my surprise—feel that the Go gives a better experience.

Well, this certainly hasn’t been true for me.

Oculus Quest with controllers

Oculus Quest with controllers

Now, on the Internet, anybody can type in anything…and, you’re always left wondering about agenda, hidden motivations and the like.

As for me, I don’t have a cock in this orgy horse in this race. I don’t own stock of Oculus, HTC, Samsung or any other tech companies. In some cases, if you purchase via my link, a commission is made. For me, that means I mostly discuss things that I actually do like and sincerely recommend.

You’ll get attacked anyway. I mean…sometimes I get the impression that many in this VR porn realm subscribe to a communist ideology. It’s weird. Comrade Douchie is on a crusade “exposing” anyone who makes a dollar online. Stupid bastard hasn’t figured out yet that everybody already knows people do websites to… GASP!… make money… THE HORROR!


I’ve been reviewing and analyzing VR porn movies since 2015. I don’t know how many movies I’ve written about. I don’t know how many I’ve seen. Certainly over 1,000. The things written here have been influential and even inspired the formation of a new studio.

So, I’m just adding that to indicate…

Cartman authoritah

All right.

Let’s Do The Numbered List Thing About Oculus Quest Second Impressions

All right, so I wrote up some first impressions of the Oculus Quest when I purchased it eleven days ago.

Oculus Quest batteries instructions

Pop open the box it lay it all out…

I’ve since messed around with it a bit…let’s just start the list.

1. The guardian can be a pain in the ass. Even when I set it for sitting standing, occasionally I get the red boundary lines when I move around just a bit. I mean, even just lean forward a bit. I find it actually works better to just draw out a bigger boundary around the area where I’m sitting. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, MAN!

2. There are a fuck of a lot of very Goddamn cool VR experiences on the Quest beyond just 3D porn! Some damn great stuff! So, I can’t just do a Fleshlight-to-Fleshlight apples-to-apples comparison of the Go or Gear vs. the Quest. It’s not fair. The Quest opens up experiences that you can’t get with those other devices. The additional degrees of freedom so fundamentally change other non-porn VR experiences.

3. Speaking of that…when will we see a VR porn movie that incorporates 6 DOF capabilities? This will be the game changer that I’ve been waiting for. Who will find a way to deliver this first? So, in other words, during a missionary sequence truncation isn’t really strictly necessary. You—the viewer—lean in and the illusion is created of your face getting closer to the woman’s face. This coupled with an expanded field of view are what await us down the line…

4. Why the hell is everyone talking about how heavy it is? I don’t find it heavy at all. I find it extraordinarily comfortable. That’s actually one its selling points in my opinion.

The actual device on a physical level…as a constructed item…the feel of it literally and figuratively…is really quite spectacular.

This is another area that gets into intangible/visceral impressions…but, you pick up the OQ and hold it…you put it on your face…and, you simply sense that this is a high-quality gizmo that a great deal of thought went into.

4.5 The controllers. Love how these are designed! It’s fun having a controller in each hand and doing stuff.

5. About THE VISUAL EXPERIENCE: above were caveats, etc.

pretty face Vanna Bardot

Vanna Bardot: fine as strawberry wine on the OQ

And, I don’t give a damn about device stats (FOV, 4K, 5K, 6K and all that sorta stuff). I go based upon what my eyes see. And, for me the Quest VR porn visual experience is better than the Go and I can also say it’s better than the Samsung Galaxy S7/Gear VR combo.

Not only are the colors better…just the general look of everything is better. Although it sounds abstract, the overall gravity feels more correct. The image is a bit clearer. The illusion is more convincing.

Discussing why something looks better to your eyes isn’t always easy. The variables include color and clarity. But, in judging simulated 3D images there’s other stuff hard to name. The term immersion often gets used in these discussions. I mostly have kinda sorta disliked the term. But, it’s appropriate for me to use it now. The Oculus Quest is just more…immersive. The visual experience feels more real.

I just noticed that an actual virtual reality authority, Tony Skarred Ghost, told me on Twitter that in a Go/Quest comparison, he “prefers the Quest because of better colors.” Additionally, he added, “For VR porn actually I think that 3DOF 4K/8K headsets like the one of Pico are better, since they have more screen resolution.”

Are those positions contradictory? I don’t fucking know, man! But, I was pleased to see the Skarred Ghost had the same impression as me in respect to colors.

6. Skybox VR video player is great. And, free. So, thank you Skybox! And, I like the click/4 second advance. But, I’m looking for a player where the timeline slider works a bit better and differently. With Skybox, it takes me multiple clicks to grab the timeline slider in the first place. Then, what would be awesome is if you could get the preview image as you dragged the slider. That would be helpful!

7. 128 GB: I like this, and you ain’t getting this storage option on the Go. And, don’t tell me about streaming, etc. I don’t want to Goddamn stream. I want the files on my device and played directly from my device!

8. That’s it…I’ll be back at some point to probably post another update to what life has been like for this fella since getting this magical gizmo.

I Want An Oculus Quest! NOW!!

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