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Meta Quest 1 Set-up and First Impressions For VR Porn Guys

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Note: In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to META…and, everyone quickly adopted this. As for me, my brain just ain’t that nimble, and to me it’s still the Oculus Quest…but, not according to…nevermind…Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms Inc…and, everybody is calling it the META QUEST now, and I should too, I guess, because that’s what it’s called, but…my brain just ain’t very nimble…but, I’m at least changing/updating the titles in the old articles…findvrporn June 2022

Update December 2020: There’s now an Oculus Quest 2 on the market. I haven’t bought that yet. Why? Truth is…I’m actually still pretty damn happy with the Quest I have. I will purchase a Quest 2 simply so I can review it here, though. The reason I’m moving this post to the front page is because now there’s some huge discounts on the initial Oculus Quest that I review below. I’ve seen some going on eBay for as cheap as $150. So, if you’re giving the first Oculus Quest consideration, here’s some pretty detailed impressions. Thank you.
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Below: Original article June 2019

So, I bought an Oculus Go the other day and wrote up some impressions. Today, I picked-up an Oculus Quest (128 GB) to see what’s up with this latest 2019 gizmo.

Oculus Quest batteries instructions

Let’s just add this pic for the hell of it

And, I’ve since tried it out a bit.

Here’s some first impressions and information.

This is not intended to be an all-encompassing analysis. This article is meant to be a convenient way to throw some introductory and basic information out there for VR porn enthusiasts who are considering whether the Oculus Quest is a worthy investment.

So, before getting started, I’ll ask you this question: Have you ever gotten something and thought, “Holy fuck this thing is awesome!

Well, honestly, that’s my first impression of the Oculus Quest.

So, the following info might seem more gushing than critical. But, you know, on this website I try very damn hard to give my honest impressions of things…and, the truth is: Holy fuck this thing is awesome!

And, I’ll just give a numbered list of impressions and info that I think might be relevant/useful.

Is The Quest Investment Worth It For VR Porn?

First, though, I know that most visitors here mainly want to know if it’s worth investing in the Quest for VR porn.

So, I look at it this way.

You can get the Oculus Go 64 GB for around $250. You can get the Quest 64 GB for around $400. So, if you’re going to be using it to watch VR porn at least a couple times a week, then fuck yes spend that extra $150 and get the Quest. It’s worth it.

And, about the Gear VR route… well with the cost of new Galaxy S phones these days, this could ultimately save you money.

I mean…truth is regular dudes who use phones for calls and texting don’t really need a Galaxy S10. And, the Gear VR will cost you a couple hundred bucks. And, when you’re using your Gear VR headset, your phone’s tied-up. Battery draining. Walking around with 50 GB of porn files on your phone. I’d say keep using your GS 7, 8 or 9…save that upgrade money and just buy an actual VR headset.

Personally, I’m at a point where I want VR porn and the phone separated.

And, as I often say concerning VR porn files, I’ll also say about devices. I don’t care about what the specs say. I go by what my eyes see. And, the visual experience with the Oculus Quest is better than the Oculus Go. There are some intangibles hard to explain…but, the depth and look is just superior. But, more than that…it’s just the general feel that’s superior. That’s the intangible that’s very difficult to express.

Numbered list of Oculus Quest First Impressions

1. Beautiful and well-conceived packaging: You open the box…I can’t put this into words. Oculus does a great job with their packaging. I’m including pictures in this, but my pictures suck. My photography skills are terrible. But, I’m telling you…just unpackaging this is a pleasure.

To illustrate this, click the video below which shows Tony Skarred Ghost doing an OQ unboxing. Skip to 1:55 on the timeline.

2. Beautiful device: This gizmo feels good. It smells good. It looks good.

Oculus Quest with box open

Hi there OQ…

And, I was expecting it to be terribly heavy. Everybody’s talking about how heavy it is… I honestly didn’t think it was heavy at all. It seems pretty fucking light to me. I don’t know…why’s everybody saying it’s so damn heavy? I was expecting to feel like I had a Goddamn cinder block strapped to my head based upon the reviews I read!

3. Cool controllers: Hey, I ain’t some guy with much VR controller experience. And, these controllers are fucking next-level cool to this fella. There’s little hidden functionality like how the joystick clicks down.

Oculus Quest with controllers

Oculus Quest with controllers

4. Need a phone for set-up: I fired-up the headset, put it on, and the screen indicates that you need the Oculus app. There’s the Google Play store icon. Man, I was definitely spaced-out and preoccupied. I pointed the laser and clicked the Play Store icon! Oh, man…I just set-up something similar the other day. Man, this life is enough to make your brain malfunction.

But, I could picture someone else getting confused, so I’m typing about this. See, you download the Oculus app on your phone!

And, as far as setting-up your Oculus Quest, I’m not going to step-by-step that because the phone Oculus app walks you through the whole thing. You turn on bluetooth, enter your WIFI password into the phone, etc. The Quest downloads some updates.  The whole thing couldn’t be much easier. That is…when you remember that a phone’s needed for set-up.

5. Introductory demo: This is called First Contact. And, it’s described as an introductory playground to get acquainted with the Quest. And, this is a fucking trip, man! This was my first actual VR experience. And, it really suggests what’s possible in VR porn’s future, man!

I mean, incorporate this 6 degrees of freedom magic with the ability to move your hands around in the VR porn world…and, Eureaka…the collective man mind will explode!

Watch this embedded video below which shows some of the First Contact introduction.

I was launching bottle rockets, hitting rubber rectangles with a ping pong racket, dropping cartridges into some mysterious slot, dancing with a Goddamn alien creature…did I mention launching bottle rockets!

6. USB C: Be mindful about this part. I have a little doo-hicky adapater.

7. The Basic Specs and Such: Rather than me screw this part up, I’m just giving you verbatim from a genuine VR expert. I ain’t a VR device expert, man! This stuff gets damn complicated! So, here’s some very reliable info:

Platform: Snapdragon 835 VR reference design;
Display resolution: 1,600 × 1,440 per eye
Display type: OLED
Refresh-rate: 72 Hz
FOV: more or less like Rift CV 1 (circa 100° diagonal)
IPD Adjustment: hardware
Storage: 64 GB / 128 GB (depending on the version that you buy)
Tracking: inside-out with 4 cameras
Mixed Reality: the cameras allow for some kind of black and white passthrough
Audio: integrated speakers and microphone. 2 x 3.5mm audio jacks
Connectivity: USB, Wi-fi, bluetooth connection. USB should have OTG enabled.

back of Oculus Quest box

Back of Oculus Quest box


The Oculus Quest has knocked my socks off all the way to Hazard County where they landed on Daisy’s head. Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway!

*There’s now a second part to this written after messing around with the Quest for 11 days

I Want An Oculus Quest! NOW!!

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