Marley Brinx My Neighbor's Daughter is a Cock Slut

LHCVR – Here’s an idea: punch through the illusion

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So, just the other day I encouraged everyone to take another look at the Lethal Hardcore VR studio. That post came about because I watched their Vanna Bardot release.

Vanna Bardot LethalHardcore VR

Vanna Bardot LethalHardcore VR

And, to put it simply, it’s shot quite well (framing, SS Zone, etc.). And, it’s been my feeling that LHCVR doesn’t get the acknowledgement they deserve. Truth is: not even close. This is a world-class VR porn studio that—for whatever reason—just doesn’t get its proper props.

So, I actually followed my own advice and took another look at a few of their previous releases.

And, I re-watched My Neighbors Daughter Is My Cock Slut starring Marley Brinx.

Marley Brinx My Neighbor's Daughter is a Cock Slut

Marley Brinx My Neighbor’s Daughter is a Cock Slut… the simple truth is that Marley’s one hell of a porn actress.

This is highly-accomplished—dare I even say, artistic—VR porn for two main reasons.

1. The camera positioning (particularly during missionary and some of the from-behind action).

2. Marley’s performance. Now, in the porn universe, Marley gets considerable acclaim. In my view, it’s quite deserved. And, concerning porn fame, this sure as fuck ain’t always the case!

The term porn actress is often heard in this industry. Well, in my opinion, this characterization actually applies to Marley. She actually is a porn actress who understands male sexual psychology, how to play a role, and—most importantly—how to engage directly with the unseen male viewer through her camera-oriented intuition.

So, to put this in a less wordy way, to give just one example, there’s a missionary section (pictured below) in which Ms. Brinx delivers a dialogue stream. She looks squarely at the camera and says things like, “Look me in the eyes while you fuck me.

Marley Brinx missionary in virtual reality

First-rate porn performance by Marley Brinx.
I’m really putting the emphasis on the word “performance.”
I just give credit where credit’s due, and Marley clearly understands the general male sexual psychology.

This is VR porn gold. And, somewhat surprisingly…rarely executed.

Marley reaches right through the lenses of your VR headset and grabs you. Really…bravo.

So, LHCVR here’s the idea

To continue with the Marley example…

I could give a long, written-out dialogue example, but with someone like Marley, I think you could just give her the gist of it and she’d take it from there.

Here’s the gist: She acknowledges in the movie that a man with a VR headset is wacking as he watches her, e.g. “Look me in the eyes. You’ve got your VR headset on, and you’re pretending you’re fucking me. And, don’t I look so real? Doesn’t it seem like you’re really fucking me? This Marley Brinx VR porn movie’s really tricking your mind!”

So, there’s a VR porn idea for you. I toss out movie ideas on this blog occasionally. Sometimes they get used. Sometimes they don’t. But either way, it helps you get through another day. Hey, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway…

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