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Flashback with Kayla Green

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July 5, 2019

Findvrporn likes covering overlooked things.

And, lately I’ve been trying hard to do that even a bit more than usual. Sometimes I feel tempted to make this site about nothing else but things that I think deserve greater acknowledgment.

Often it’s a studio that’s not getting much recognition. You may have noticed the recent string of posts about the Lethal Hardcore VR gang. (By the way, they will shortly be releasing an Alex Coal movie…)

Sometimes, as in this case, it’s a particular movie that seemed to come-and-go without much notice. This happens a lot. There’s so much stuff coming out these days. It seems like there’s a popular mentality that puts primacy on…never mind…you know where I’m going…

I was clicking around the MilfVR oeuvre yesterday. And, my head got hit hard by some heavenly horny 3D. The July 19, 2018 Kayla Green release, Hostess With The Mostess.

What was so noteworthy about Hostess With The Mostess?

Kayla Green MilfVR promo picture

A very fine VR porn release featuring Kayla Green.
The missionary was great. And, even more noteworthy, the doggy and lean-back from behind action rocked the horny meter with authority.

Well, it’s a beautiful blonde in lingerie. But, there’s more to it…

The missionary was shot very well. However, MilfVR/Wankz generally nails that. See for yourself in the embedded preview at the page’s bottom.

What really stood out for me, though, was the doggy and from-behind action: particularly the sections—pictured below—where Kayla gets pulled upright.

Kayla Green leanback doggy VR porn


Kayla Green tight doggy VR

Rather spectacular stuff here. The pull back doggy gets really pulled back baby with some tight and captivating camera antics.

That’s great stuff, man! That deserves a flashback! And, what impresses this fella is how the from-behind/doggy action changes distance. Nice. In my opinion, Wankz/MILF often do a good job with this positioning. But, I think the from behind fucking is shot with a particular excellence in this Hostess release.

Kayla’s quite a beauty and—although rarely mentioned—something of a VR porn pioneer. She was in some very early Virtual Real Porn releases: such as their 2015 Glamour Wife series.

Kayla Green Virtual Real Porn

Kayla Green in some very early VR porn action for the Virtual Real Porn studio

And, I’ll tell you: as long as I’m doing the writing, anything about Kayla gets a particular tag added: pretty face. She would be an excellent candidate for some face fetish VR action.

Anyway, here’s that Kayla MilfVR Hostess flashback preview. Enjoy. The preview doesn’t have the from behind hump-and-thump, but, as mentioned, you can see the skillful missionary execution.

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